Because it’s Friday, and IU’s season is over

So, after Indiana’s loss to Northwestern in the opening round of the Big Ten Tournament, Dustin and I moseyed on over to a party being thrown by the conference. It was a solid time, and we happened to have Inside the Hall’s Zach Osterman with us. We ran into good friends from the IU beat, including the terrific and hard-working IUSTV crew as well as the media relations gang from the university. It was a good time.

At this particular event, the Big Ten Network was doing some work/building some hype for an intriguing project it is working on right now. It will name 50 “Big Ten Icons” and produce shows about these people to run in the Fall. They asked for input, but also gave away bobble-head dolls depicting some of the nominees.

These trinkets were inside unmarked boxes, which were packaged in fancy black bags. As we left the party with a plan to meander through town to see what was what, Osterman grabbed one.

Later, when, with our good friends from the News-Gazette in Champaign, we had taken our seats in a classy establishment, Osterman unpacked his icon.

This is what he found:

Steve Alford

Seriously. You cannot make this stuff up. Or plan it.

There it was: Steve Alford — of all replications — staring right back at me.

Regular readers of the Scoop will know why this is hilarious. For others: let’s just say Mr. Alford has been a topic of conversation here.

I looked to the sky and found, I must admit, very little hope or meaning or peace of mind/soul.

Enjoy the weekend. We’ll have plenty of reflection on the year that was in the coming days, as well as news on what comes next.

Thanks for joining us throughout the year.


  1. You heard here firt:

    Pritchard and Roth will transfer.

    Crean is upset with Roth. Thinks he has milked his injury and hasn’t played because he has planned to transfer and wanted to save the eligiblity.

    Pritchard just hasn’t developed. In fact coaches feel he has gotten worse.

    And REMEMBER these are Sampson guys not TC’s.

    Just a little food for thought.

  2. Neither of those guys will transfer. Roth would be the most likely but Pritchard will get the PT so he won’t.

  3. Wow, that is all I can say other than I wonder if he will have a normal first rd exit this year…thanks for the laugh! Oh, does it have a cord you can pull and hear him cursing out that dude???

  4. Let me be the first to congratulate the San Diego State Aztecs for knocking off Steve Alford’s Lobos. And also to Kansas for putting Pat Knight out of his misery.

  5. No one is transferring and the only one “seriously” considering it, is Pritchard. Leaving it at that.

  6. Unlike most of you, I was around to watch nearly every game Alford played as a Hoosier..

    Top-10 Oxymorons

    10. Controlled chaos
    9. Open secret
    8. Organized mess
    7. Alone in a crowd
    6. Flight grounded
    5. Jumbo shrimp
    4. Plastic glasses
    3. Working vacation
    2. Exact estimate

    1. Alford bobble-head

    From base of skull to sacroiliac, I’ve never seen a more rigid vertebral column move freely about a basketball court….The guy looked like a dribbling zombie on magic mushrooms just left hair salon. I may be blogging while legally drunk, but I think Osterman has been given an instant artifact of irreplaceable junk. Just wondering..Will the Van Arsdale bobble-heads be offered as a twin set? Trinket Tom and Bobble Dick?


    “I’ve had a perfectly wonderful evening, but this wasn’t it.” — Groucho Marx

  7. Let me extend a warm welcome to all the Aztecs fans on this board. Meanwhile I don’t see Alford playing Rivers even if Doc (Jeremiah’s dad) were to ask for it repeatedly, and explicitly (in person). The more likely outcome would be with Alford immediately wishing “good career” to Doc for everything he did so far with the Celtics.

    Meanwhile, unfortunately, Tom Crean apparently is once again more flexible than that, to the extent that his backbone sometimes appears to be completely expendable… ?!

    But: Rick Greenspan should hire Tom Crean NOW!

  8. Good Lord that was funny Chris. I needed that. We are leaving and taking the kids to vist relatives and the beach for the week. That will get me through the 12 hour drive tomorrow. take care.

  9. I am sure all the Crean lovers like GFDave and BeatPurdue are very satisfied with this season. We are right on schedule with our 20 year rebuilding process. Now if MO is able to come back strong next year we may be able to beat NW and Iowa at home. Football season never looked so good.

  10. I’m very satified with our coach. I’m not satisfied with the season as anybody with any understanding of the situation – leaving you out of the equation – would realize.

    You’re list of posters supporting Crean was woefully short, btw.

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