1. So we should be impressed? I saw a kid throw up about 5-6 “prayers” and made one or two. He wasn’t able to finish against the “strong defense” he was facing.

    Please tell us IU’s not seriously considering an offer. If so we can expect another 3-4 years of “watching” in March.

  2. Dawson is the 6th rated small forward nationally in his class. He is a 5 star player with offers from Georgetown, Indiana, Mich. State, Purdue, UCLA, and Minnesota. Illinois and Kentucky are in the mix too.

    This kid has a high motor and can score points and rebound the ball. Plays bigger than 6’6″. He would bring an edge of toughness to the team.

  3. This just in!!!!!

    Lou Watson’s ghost will be the lead recruiter for Indiana on 4guards staff.

  4. I like Dawson.
    Damon Bailey would be the lead recruiter on my staff. If anybody can recruit Indiana, it would be him. Imagine Alford and Bailey going into these Indiana kids homes.

  5. I do have to say, the kid didn’t look as inept as Mr. Watson’s ethereal remains suggest. It’s not like every player that comes down the pike can be Greg Oden. He probably won’t look like a 42-year-old freshman, either ……

  6. Imagine Alford and Bailey going into these Indiana kids homes.

    I would imagine most be unimpressed. They live for the glory their own spotlight on a self-infatuated stage..They spend more time putting together YouTube clips showing off their mediocre talents than giving much a caring thought for the team of the school they’ll play…Your lack of respect for Crean would likely be more indicative their current uninspired view of IU basketball. So far removed from what you preach..The great Hoosiers from the past you talk of cherished the game and spent every hard-working hour their youth to one day wear cream and crimson. Please don’t mix your arrogant spit used upon our coach with the sweat of a rare humble kid forever wanting nothing other than to be an Indiana Hoosier. The honor of wearing the candy-striped warm-ups should start with respect. You have none.

  7. kids done get giddy like schoolgirls when they see alford and bailey. and if i recall, bailey’s career isnt among the best in IU history. alford yes but bailey never had a shot to live up to the hype. kids arent like you 4tards, keep your dreams to yourself.

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