Carlino on IU, Crean, Bloomington South and AAU

I’ll say this about Matt Carlino: he’s a gym rat.

Drove by the Bloomington South gym earlier and noticed a car with Arizona plates. Went inside and Carlino was playing pick-up with a host of people, including Spencer Turner.

I sat down with Carlino for five minutes and asked him about a lot of things. Below is what he had to say.


“I just wasn’t 100 percent on Indiana and I just felt like I had to open up my options and see what else is out there. … I just wasn’t 100 percent sure. I was back visiting my family in Arizona last week. It was rough on them this year getting out for games. When I go to college, it could be a factor on where I play.”


“Not in particular, right now.”


“There have been schools that have contacted people around me and shown interest in the last couple of hours.” (He declined to name schools because he had not personally talked to them.)


“It doesn’t affect it at all. I am going to be here next year and we’re planning on having a good season next year.”


“I talked to coach Crean yesterday after school and he already had known. My dad had talked to coach Buckley. He had already kinda known I was second-guessing my decision. He was great about it. They’ve always been great. It’s a thing I had to do with myself on what my decision and where I end up was. He just told me the things I need to improve on and that he hoped the best for me.”


“For right now, it’s not (an option). I like IU a lot. But right now, coach Crean said — he told me that he doesn’t need any players there that aren’t 100 percent committed to the program and everything, and obviously he knew I was thinking that way. He told me that it was good for me to tell him now, instead of being there and having those kind of thoughts. He respected my decision.”


“I am just going to go out and play. If a coach likes what you’re doing, he’s going to notice it. You just have to play the way you play. I am just going to come out and play.”


“I am sure we’ll be fine. When a lot of good players play together, they usually make each other better.”


  1. Arizona plates ?? “visiting my family in Arizona
    Does the IHSAA know any of this or do they care??

  2. Wish you well kid. But Crean nailed it…we don’t need anyone on the team who isn’t 100% committed. It’s going to be a tough enough job without having players whose heads/hearts are not in it.

  3. What is the story behind him moving to Indiana if his family is in Arizona? Was it 100% basketball or something else?

  4. Glad that he personally talked to CTC- sounds like a good kid- hope that he continues to improve and is happy with his eventual college choice.

  5. Sorry Chris K. but don’t you have 60 days to get Indiana plates after you “move” into the state?? Jusk asking !!

  6. Thats hilarious Hugh…I’ve been out in Raleigh for over a year now and they just got me for my Indiana tags.

  7. why would he leave btown south, its a great ball program and he will use it to gain even more exposure. cant blame him for milking btown and the recognition he got from IU. good luck out there kid, cant blame you for looking for more pt

  8. John Galt, I agree. I wish him good luck and hopefully he does end up at Butler, but I am glad Crean said ‘See ya’. If he wants to go elsewhere I have no qualms with that, but we don’t need to be holding a spot for him.

  9. Matt and his dad lived in a residence seperate from his mom and sister so he could play for the team his dad coached in AZ. When he moved to Bloomingtonz, he moved with his dad and they vacated the home they lived in. His transfer to Indiana was looked at and investigated by the IHSAA and deemed 100% legal.

    As for the plates on his car? Who freaking cares? He is a minor, the car shouldn’t be in his name. Since his parents still own a home in AZ and his dad still practices law there. Guess what? He can legally have a car registered in AZ while living in Indiana and isn’t breaking any laws?

    Is that good enough for you Gary?

  10. Seems like a good kid. His parents have sacrificed quite a bit to make his basketball dreams come true. He might as well pay them back by playing closer to home. Looks like either U of A or ASU is going to be getting a very good guard.

  11. Anyone hear anything lately on whether Zeller seriously considering IU? Same old rumor around that his brother leaving NC to come here and they will play together?

  12. jj,

    When I was younger, I was told that the arrival of robins in my hard heralded the coming of spring.

    I know now that only Zeller rumors truly foretell warmer months.

    What I know is that IU is seriously recruiting Zeller, and that Cody, like any kid whose seen his brothers go through it, is being quite patient and not acting on emotion.

    We’ll talk to him plenty in coming weeks — starting tomorrow at the state championship — and have updates then.

    As for Tyler transferring . . . I’ve yet to hear anything along those lines at any point.

  13. Good bye! If he doesn’t want to be here – See ya. He wouldn’t have been a great representation of a Hoosier anyway. Toodles – Tweetie bird.

  14. IU’s incoming class is nothing special and we need Carlino. The comment about we don’t want someone not 100% might have sounded good 10 years ago but wake up – we are not an elite program anymore. Kids often have trouble making big decisions-save the rhetoric for the 1976 team not the sub .500 ones.

    Other teams fans make much better use of the internet than Indiana faithful. They post great things about their schools on CBSSportsline ESPN and all the others – while IU is mainly silent. Kids – recruits read that stuff.

  15. I look at it like whether IU has been good lately or not…something is fishy. The kid obviously likes Crean and IU and his family does too so they move here last year so he can play high school ball in Bloomington at the elite level. They are in Bloomington and he is around IU, Crean, Assembly Hall, sees the new facility built, campus and everything else. Now, after ball season he decided to look elsewhere, please. Something has happened and we will hear about it least through the grapevine. He is just a kid I know but after all of this I feel it was a slap in IU’s and Creans face to verbal and move here and then pull out…a slap in my face as an IU fan. If you are not sold, go back to Arizona, please! We need kids that want to play, that want to work hard to get IU back on top. Bye bye Carlino!

  16. JPat this is “a slap in the face” are you serious?
    He is from AZ.
    His mom and sister (and I assume a number of buddies) are still in AZ.
    It is virtually impossible for them to regularly see him play.
    He just went through the first crappy winter in his life.
    My money says he plays out West and it is no reflection on IU/Crean/Bloomington.

  17. weather? come on. How’s the weather in Lansing, Kansas state, Northern Iowa, U of Kentucky, Butler, West Va, Etc,. But, good question, what else was going on in Bloomington? Acromany, frustration, unhappiness, sadness, might that be enough to cause a youngster to look for blue sky.

  18. You are right on J Pat. What really happened has not yet been stated. But it will be exposed. My own take is you do not voluntarily decommit without having some forward plan and do it only a year+ after traveling across the country to be close to your choice. It is good for IU and the scholarship need for 2011. I cannot bring myself to be unhappy about this event.

  19. I know I came off harsh but it is how I feel. I am only going by what the kid has said and he is just a kid. It is strange though. I wish him luck, I really do but IU must move on and he is history.

    DCDave, don’t feel sorry for him. Reading between the lines, he is from a wealthy family and it was his and/or his dads choice to move here in the first place. It was strange from the start and ends strange!

  20. SteveNTexas:

    IU fans don’t talk much on ESPN or CBSsports because they have so many better sites to post to. For instance, check out

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