Carlino reopens recruitment

Matt Carlino, a junior guard at Bloomington South High School and verbal commitment to Indiana, has reopened his recruiting according to his father Mark.

Mark Carlino confirmed a story reported on the recruiting website late Thursday night. He said he wanted Matt to handle any other questions himself, but that he had already gone to bed for the night.

Carlino originally committed to Indiana in August 2008. He transferred to South this year from Highland High School in Gilbert, Ariz., near Phoenix. He averaged 13.3 points per game and 4.3 assists this season at South, which went undefeated until the regional finals when it lost to Jeffersonville.

“Coach (Tom) Crean and his staff have been great to me,” Matt Carlino reportedly told “However, I feel I committed too early, and although I like Indiana, I felt it would be good to explore other options.”

Carlino, listed at 6-foot-2, 175-pounds, was ranked the No. 122 recruit in the nation by


  1. of course not. one day he will want him because hes an indiana kid, the next day he will trash another player for being a 3 star as well. 4turds is all over the internet bashing crean for trasnfers, yet on other days hes crying for current players to trasnfer. whatever fits the bill for 4turds he will use it to trash crean. 4turds is the joke. calino didnt have a great season and maybe the staff decided to pull their offer. there are better kids still available for 11 and 12 so whos to say crean isnt refocusing on them

  2. I have never bashed Carlino. He was our best commit. I have never bashed Etherington. I have bashed Oladipo and Shehey because they are the 3rd best players on their high school teams and not worthy of a scholarship.
    Carlino is a 4 star. I dont want transfers, I want Crean to never offer scholarships to people who aren’t worhty of them to begin with. Hi Bawa.
    If they pulled the offer, that is the 2nd time in this class. Are you ok with that?

  3. 4guards, the problem is you are judging Sheehey and Oladipo on what? What you read in a short write up or what you saw on youtube? Hulls wasn’t the best player on his HSteam either and he’ll be a good 4 year big10 player. Personally I am looking forward to seeing what Crean can do with Oladipo and Sheehey, because athletically both are legit D1 talents. If Crean can coach them to improved skills, we’ll have something. If Crean can’t raise their level of play/fundamentals then I will agree with you and I’ll start to believe that we are in trouble with Crean. But I’m giving him these two guys, 130 something level recruits, to prove he is a top flight coach. Izzo takes these same types of athletes and as Jrs/Srs they become legit play makers, we’ll see what Crean can do…but yeah the fact that we have no real evidence of any high level recruit coming to IU and Crean has been here 2 full years, is troubling to say the least, yeah we have a steal in Creek, but Painter is owning the Indiana studs at this pt…

  4. You just lost all credibility when you said Hulls wasn’t the best player on his team. You do understand he was Mr. Basketball?
    Carlino is a huge loss.

  5. Yes, I’m OK with them pulling the offer if they think that’s the best thing to do. You bash our 2 incoming guys because they’re not from Indiana. If they were- and especially if they were good shooting white boys from rural Chestertonfieldville or New Castle- you’d be ready to get on your knees….and thank the Lord for them.

  6. I think this was IU saying they didn’t want Matt. I remember Crean tweeting right after the season something about having more recruits than scholarships, and that changes needed to be made. That post has disappeared from his page.

  7. watching all the sampson recruits tearing it up in the ncaa’s makes me wonder. what were the magic words sampson whispered into the ears of these players that made them all so eager to play for him?

  8. These last few days have been really interesting in terms of recruiting. What is the Scoops take on all this? Does Crean have recruits lined up to take the place of Abraham and Carlino? His hit and misses are adding up unfortunately.

    I guess I’m curious to know if there are any grumblings from current or former IU players, rumors of transfers, something that would cause these unfortunate turns in Crean’s recruiting. I think it is fair to ask if these are both coincidences.

    Hopefully we’ll get some insight on this from Korman and company. Sure we will, they are always on it.

    By the way Dustin, funny that you just spoke to Tom Coverdale. Seriously out of the blue I googled him earlier this week and thought about him as the possible new IU assistant. My search did indeed lead me to Tyler Junior College in Texas. Only two coaches on that staff though? What’s your take on that career move. From ULM to Tyler?

    Anyway I’ll save some of these q’s for the next lunchtime chat.

    Keep the football and baseball updates coming.

    How about a little press for the IU women’s water polo team? Not doing too bad ranked 16th in the country. One of my former club players is on the team.


  9. Next year it will be Nick Williams’ and Malik Story’s time to shine somewhere else in the NCAA tournament like Jordan Crawford, Armnon Bassett, Ben Allen or Devin Ebanks. That’s the biggest impact Tom Crean has had in his two years at IU (aside from the millions gone that we used to pay him). Nobody wants to play for Tom Crean! And who could blame them? Tom Crean is a sausage. A walking, clapping, lousy sausage he is. Bring a real coach to IU! Bring Steve Alford back to Indiana!

  10. Two things:
    1. Carlino didn’t reopen anything. Crean pulled his scholarship for a loaded ’11 class.

    2.Beyers better get on the recruiting trail FAST! Carlino is as good as gone.

  11. Last night when I went to sleep I felt sick to my stomach. Watching Crawford and Holloway tear it up, not having IU in the dance, and then I read that Moses picks G town and Carlino reopens. I can’t help but cheer for Butler but then I am thinking if I was an in-state recruit that I would look at Butler possibly before IU after this run and what Butler has done lately. I am freaking out! Somebody calm me please!

  12. 4guards,

    Carlino might be the 3rd best player on south after Davis and Fromm…..

    1. 3 star guard
    2. not indiana born
    3. not the best player on his team

    Do you really want this guy?

  13. Jubilee,
    1. scout has him as a 4 star
    2. correct, although embraces IN tradition (even moved here for it from AZ) and plays IN basketball currently.
    3. he is better than davis and Fromm, although I do like those 2 players.

    Yes, I want this guy. He was our best commitment.
    Crean is putting the nail in his own coffin.
    Bring in Alford! (how about Brad Stevens?)

  14. I’m not sure IU really pulled his scholarship, I think it is a case of IU still recruiting top flight point guards and Matt thinking he is a PG.

    What is really funny is the people who bash him for not bringing in recruits, as if Creek, Hulls, Elston and Watford count for nothing. We don’t pay our players here so there is no way we are going to swoop in and sign 3 5-star players every year.

    Also, Malik Story isn’t going to be owning $hit, he wasn’t that good. And neither is Ben Allen. He had one good game, but the rest of the season was nothing to get excited about. St Mary’s is where they are do to Omar Sanhan, not Ben Allen.

    Finally, to the person who said that Painter is “owning the Indiana studs at this point”, really? Could have fooled me. Since Crean has been here what “stud” from Indiana has Painter brought in? Marcius, Barlow, Bade, Byrd? Umm, no. Hale, Carroll? No again. Terone Johnson? Good player, not a stud. Get a clue. 2011 and 2012 will be the decider, and I’ll take my chances with Crean at this point.

  15. J Pat…relax..take a deep breath. Have faith in your leader CTC. He probably knows more about what is going on than these fools on this site. He brought in a top 10 class last year with nothing to sell as far as immediate success and he will do it again soon. Carlino’s departure is a good sign. It tells me that CTC is recruiting over him in the state. He will land some good players. As far as VO and WS next year, every team needs solid role players. Everything will be fine J Pat. Relax and have some herbal tea. IU will be back.

  16. 4braincells,

    1. Rivals has him as a 3 star
    2. Embraces the IN tradition? Really? Apparently not if he is de-committing. And as if out of state guys can’t embrace the tradition (hello, Mo Creek)
    3. He is arguably better than Davis and Fromm, but its not clear cut. I’d say they are about on the same level.

    Bring in Bob Knight, Calbert Cheaney, Isiah Thomas, Steve Alford, Scott May, Kent Benson, and Alan Henderson. Then we can live in the past and talk about the “good ole days”. Of course the head coach would be the man who has missed his true calling in life and has all the answers. Yes, thats right our very own 4braincells…

  17. 4disreguards is throwing more mud on the wall and doing it faster than a man with three arms. Hell he doesn’t understand how potent a 3 or 4 guard offense can be(Butler). He doesn’t recognize the athleticism of many recruits. Then he tells somebody they have lost all credibility when he himself has a credibility image listed in the negatives.

    Our scholarship problems are working out for 2011 and there should be some jubilation. Possibly Roth’s redshirt is factoring in a little to change the originally determined mix. This period of rebuilding and transformation along with that nucleus of Freshman that just finished the season are giving Coach Crean a better view of the needs on the recruiting landscape. This move is a positive because it’s intended purpose is to upgrade talent.

  18. I love the guys like hotel boy. (sarcasm)
    Moses was the greatest thing until he didn’t commit, then we didn’t need him.
    Carlino was great, just the kind of guy we needed…until he decommitted. Now you throw him under the bus.
    If Oladipo and Shehey had committed to Purdue instead of us , you would all be talking about how bad they are.
    The Crean apologists will blindly follow him until he is kicked out the door.

  19. Carlino could not even lead his team past an average Jeffersonville team in the state tourney. His daddy saw the writing on the wall as far as playing time. He’s not as good as Hulls.

  20. Crean and the dad had a little of a falling out, we will say. His scholarship was pulled,(or if you want to say the picture painted for the Carlino family was so dim he decided to pull out) end of discussion. Daddy thinks he is a lot better then what he is. While he is a nice athletic player who can make a shot, he struggles with the mental part of the game. The 2011 class is HUGE for TC and he can’t give a scholarship to a player that similar to the ones he already has and who would struggle to run his offense.

  21. yea….and Kelvin Sampson was reformed. He had just made a small mistake at OK that was no big deal. That is what all the apologists said at that time.
    and yes, Hulls is better than Carlino.
    Carlino is better than anybody else we have coming here though.

  22. 4nipples, maybe you take a break from building your scaled down model macoroni suspension bridge and come out of your parents basement for a bit. You clearly have no grasp on reality. I actually watched majority of Matt Carlinos games this year and I HIGHLY doubt he would have ever seen any significant minutes in his career at IU. He probably saw the writing on the wall. How about you can you say that you watched most of his games? Do you have cable in the basement?

  23. See what I mean? More BS from the tantrum throwing baby we all know as coach 4disreguards.

    He also will be hard pressed to find where I threw Abraham or Carlino under anyone’s bus.

    I as stated earlier this transformation will remain fluid until the right blend of talent is found to mix with these Freshmen.

  24. I did not watch most of his games, but I have seen a few of them. That is all it takes.
    and if you are correct in saying he wasn’t good enough, then why did Crean ever offer him a scholarship? Can he not evaluate talent?
    Can anybody say David Williams? I see a trend.

  25. i see a trend with 4turds, sling mud everywhere, hope that something sticks but it always falls back on his face. if you follow any schools recruitment process, things like this happen. i trust crean more than your stupid posts

  26. It is an absolute coach 4disreguards can’t evaluate talent, or he would have a team.

  27. Crean muscled up and got the most important recruiting class of them all when he landed four 4-star players in Watty, Hulls, Creek, and Elston (Hulls was 4 star on scout). The recent recruiting “struggles” would look a lot worse if he hadn’t already laid the foundation, constructed the frame, and hung the drywall.

    Next season we will be healthier, more confident, and deeper. Our bench is already making me a lot happier: Rivers, Roth, Pritchard, Bawatabawata-bang-tabang-diggy-diggy, Oladipo, and Sheehey.

    No worries here at all.


    Step right up, folks!!! In the last few weeks we’ve seen some great proposals. Let’s see what one is the most popular to date:

    1) 4tards
    2) 4disreguards
    3) 4nads
    4) 4turds
    5) 4farts
    6) 4nards/tards/Aruss/Anuss
    7) Sorenards
    8) 4nipples

    1-8, folks, there you have it. What will it be?

  29. 4Alfords…..or 4Wins, for the total NCAA tournament wins by Alford in 15 seasons of D1 coaching.

  30. I would have to go with…
    1) GooFyDave
    2) AARP
    3) Hotel/Hospital Boy
    4) Chill the Windbag
    5) la la land
    6)jumpin jubilee
    7) FatTom

    and the best of all.. the walking, clapping sausage( I am still laughing over that one this morning)

  31. Four is also the number of wins for Tom Crean’s second year Indiana Hoosiers. Congratulations Tom Crean! You’ve made Indiana into a D2 program, to the liking of “fans” like Husky Tom or Hoosier Clarion.

    Two years after Sampson left Oklahoma Jeff Capel was 23-12 (9-7). Two years after Sampson left Indiana Tom Crean has completely sunk the ship.

    The sausage left Crawford go away. Unbelievable!

  32. Yep coach 4disreguards is the favorite target for everyone. GooFyTom looks to be running a close 2nd. Keep it up boys the hilarity from you is beyond measure.

  33. 4guards, don’t pay attention to trolls like Hoosier Clarion or Jubilee and others. Also, HuskyTom is no Hoosier fan — his best moment this spring was slobbering all over himself in front of the TV in a game against… Steve Alford. You see the irony? Let them go away.

    Any normal person realizes Tom Crean should have tried to keep Crawford here. At least. What kind of coach is that? (Answer: TWCS)

  34. that sausage post wasnt funny at all but youre used to being the last picked kid in gym class, laughing all by yourself

  35. Coach Crean has said “there is no blueprint” for IU’s post Sampson period. But he missed it-there is one. Baylor, now Coached by Scott Drew, son of Valpo’s Homer Drew. Dave Bliss, former IU Assistant Coach under Knight, destroyed their program with lies, deceit, murder by a player and NCAA violations. Scott started in March-April of 2003, like Crean at IU in March-April 2008. He is now finishing his 7th year. The results are: yr 1) 8-21; yr 2) 8-20, yr 3) (I could not find the year record but they were 4-13 in the Big 12 Conference); yr 4) 15-16; yr 5) lost in NCAA first round; yr 6) lost in the NIT Championship game to PN ST; yr 7) now in Sweet 16 of NCAA. The key was he recruited a MacDonalds All American point guard and built his team around him, I think he is now a junior. I wish Matt Carlino well in the future. I think he has seen that he is not a top 50 point guard like Marquis Teague or Jeremiah Davis, nor is he a college scoring machine like Maurice Creek or Jordan Crawford. These are the type of players IU must have. But there are a lot of good basketball teams in the US where he can be a difference maker, get a great education, and develop his skills-like Butler, Cornell, Princeton, Davidson, Harvard, etc. Ryan Whittman’s recent success proves the point (do you remember that 1 of IU’s 6 victories came against Cornell last year? boy did their coach get the most of their talent this year!) Good luck Matt and look at all of your options!

  36. Goofy, are you serious? I’ve never heard that Crean didn’t try to keep Crawford. He left on his own, as he recently confirmed with the story about watching Brandon McGee run stairs in the rain for being late for study hall. Maybe Crean didn’t do enough to keep him, but I seem to recall that Crawford had basically made up his mind before he was even hired.

  37. Crawford watched McGee running the stairs on Crean’s watch. So how again was his mind made up before Crean was hired?

  38. What it means is his mind was made up to leave, it doesn’t yet mean he knew where he was going, big difference.

  39. hey 4turds so now youre for having kids on the team that dont understand punishment for not following coach’s rules? funny how you like bobby and alford who would never had tolerated the antics from many of sampsons players. hypocrite!!!

  40. Crawford said in the above mentioned article that he didn’t really want to leave IU until he saw the incident with McGee, which was on Crean’s watch. So apparently Clarion knows more about the situation than Crawford himself. Shocker.

  41. Crawford like all kids many times say things to throw blame from themselves and cast a shadow on someone else. Actions are what I use for criteria to make fact based conclusions. Whenever you consider is Crawford’s timeline for his decision, the action he took was to decide not to knuckle under at IU and he found a convenient and timely opportunity to say so. But what he did not say was I will have to knuckle under at the next school I go to as his action has so proved. I hold no harsh feelings for Crawford other than he was not of strong enough character to refrain from running with the wrong bunch(like Gordon). There is no blame for Coach Crean.

  42. Wow, I need to take some time and read everyone’s post, but my first thoughts as that this is not good. On they other hand, if a kid doesnt want to be here than he shouldnt be here. I always thought that Matt commited way, way, way too early. This has been an interesting few days for sure. I still feel there is more to come.

  43. Okay….I’m going to be the voice of reason today…..(in james earl jone’s voice)…really, read it like it is him……


    1.) Our scholarship situation has become much clearer. In all reality, a combo guard is something we can afford to lose if anything.
    2.) not really much else….but we can get a better recruit

    1.) Lose a Smart Player and need to recruit another pg to help hulls (teague or cook would be fine).
    2.) makes it look like IU is falling apart

    1. What actually happened, and which side is responsible for this.

    Thanks for listening.

    On the nickname thing, I thought 4guards calling clarion, hotel boy, pretty funny.

  44. Here’s a shot of Engel or 4tards (you pick) and how they spend each day at home.

    Now here’s a shot of a young 4tards when they tried to make him stop his Crean-bashing online.

  45. I’m trying to get through all of this and I’m equally depressed.

    But all I see is this 4guards guy again. Dude, what is wrong with you? Why do you get a boner sitting there and slinging bs on a good website?

    Dude, no one wants to be the blogger you are trying to be. It’s friggin embarrassing. Find a girl or an XBox or something else that gives you jollies.

    In other words, get a friggin life man. Good God.

  46. OK…honestly don’t understand the hatred going on for 4guards. Yeah he hates on Crean and can be annoying with all the Alford talk but jeez this blog has become like an angry mob with pitchforks and torches. Some of the comments seriously childish…just sayin. We all love Indiana and I don’t think anyone has the recipe for success including Coach Crean our situation is crazy and I don’t really see it getting much better next year.

  47. BeatPurdue-
    Loved the Scott Drew comment. I’m originally from Valparaiso and all the Drew boys are heroes up there, and rightfully so. Hopefully, our timeline for recovery will not be so extended as Baylor’s as we would seem to have a lot more history and clout in the basketball world, but I think at the worst we should compare our rate of improvement to theirs. And if we can’t keep up, maybe Scott would like to come back home to Indiana…

  48. I rarely post in this or any other online IU forum, but something about 4guards/nads/braincells et al just make my blood boil. The bottom line is that there’s really no way anyone can know for sure at this point whether or not Crean is the guy for IU. But what’s the point in being so critical and outrageous at every opportunity? Why have you made it your mission in life to trash Crean? It just doesn’t make any sense and with every subsequent ridiculous post your credibility further declines.

  49. 4-guards you ought to blog on the purdue sight and change your name to 4- boils,cause you wouldn’t make a good boil on a donkeys nutsack.
    Quit bashing Crean

  50. Coach Crean is NOT perfect and these posts that constantly blast anyone for disagreeing with his decisions are ridiculous. It reminds me of everybody trying to rationalize the Sampson hire and look where that got us. I agree its too early to tell if CTC is the “right” guy for IU but I too question him for crazy substitution patterns and lack of offensive sets. These freshman have shown glimpses of greatness but it when it happens it seems more like they’re having fun versus any offensive genius from Crean.

  51. Spring is here and we all need manure for our gardens. We are lucky to have a free unlimited supply this year. Just collect it from the head of coach 4disreguards or GooFyTom, fertilizer is the only thing they produce. Which head is your choice to make.

  52. Clarion: you will never need to contact us (GooFyTom and 4guards) for manure since you have more than you will ever need produced by your own head, and in excess. And I hear you’re servicing the entire town of Bedford and extending down south as far as Jasper so — don’t worry, buddy, nobody, nobody can compete with you in the BS market, so no need to panic, or worry. You’re still #1 BS producer around here.

  53. It is so funny how mad apologists become when they hear the truth and they know it. It just infuriates them.

  54. goofball tom I wuz da spellin be champin n da 2 grade, i alwayz wunderedd wy i cudnt go 2 INDIANA. aftr 15 yers in hi skuul and 1 yer playn basqetbal at purdoo univircity,I am kurently playn bal in urope.I dink u ar da wretard.

    I am so glad that you corrected me goofy SOB Tom .Thank you and god bless

  55. Dustin, you seriously need to start policing this site. I visit you often to check up on where IU stands on certian topics etc.

    But after reading this thread I’m just turned off. You have too many good things going to allow a few morons to muddy the water. It isn’t fair to you or the readers.

  56. Crean has more recruits than scholarships? Yeah right. He’ll keep on whiffing and fill the scholarships with warm bodies like Oladipo and Sheehey.

    Crean’s in over his head. That’s becoming more and more obvious by the minute.

  57. The scholarship situation was getting a little iffy anyway.

    We clearly have the basis of several years of great – yes great – guard play ahead with with Hulls and Cheek onboard. Jones, Rivers, Olidapo and Roth will add to that. We’re good next year, especially if Rivers gets back to being a defensive stopper.

    We have an athletic 7’C, who we knew would take time to develop; and, two players, in Pritchard and Capobianco, with big bodies who anybody can see will be effective Big-10 type post players in the years to come. IU, like every NCAA team, should be recruiting for a true center. You take ’em when you can get ’em; but, we don’t actually need one right now. 2011 or 2012 would be better.

    I wouldn’t judge any of these players on their Big 10 play in their Freshman season. Seriously. Center is not our biggest need right now.

    Our biggest need over the next 2-3 seasons is to wisely invest the available Scholarships that come available to help now, but moreso, to cover some of the holes that will occur when this Class graduates.

    If I were recruiting for this team, I would be looking at the two main cogs – Watford and Elston. We need to back them up soonest. That’s where we are thinnest. Etherington is a 4star recruit and is a 2011 pickup, so maybe that is good. And, maybe Capobianco can backup Elston at the PF, but a 6’10″+ type here would be the most welcome of recruits, whether this year or 2011.

    Coach Crean had to burn all those Scholarships with this recruiting class – he did not have a choice. And, he clearly did an excellent job.

    Too bad that they all had to play with under classmen and as Freshmen. You cannot compete in the best College conference with Freshmen. This will be a terrific team as Jr an Srs. Unbeatable. I can hardly wait.

    I like the two guards he is bringing in for the 2010 class and, unless he can fill our most glaring need – not a Guard or Center (like Etherington does), I’d be happy if he does not recruit another 2010 eligible player. Pick up a PF and or a C for 2011 your recruits.

    Recruit to fill available Scholarships in 2011 and 2012.

  58. JB- I agree that Crean may not be the guy. Hell, we may never be good again no matter who the guy. However, it is way too early to pass final judgment on Crean. And, 4guards reaching such an obnoxiously overconfident conclusion that Crean is completely and totally incapable after about 18 months is absurd. That may be the end result; I don’t know. But, it’s just not reasonable at this point. I think that’s why people begin to hate him and consider him a pest. And, usually when someone makes a rational, legitimate post that questions his logic or confidence as opposed to a flaming ‘screw you idiot’ post, he ignores it. He only feeds on the negative of Crean and the mud-slinging. Throw in his overly confident worshiping of Alford, who may or may not be able to bring IU back if he had the opportunity, and it’s just ruining a good blog. I’m not a blind follower, I see problems, I’m open to dissent. But his brand of dissent is unreasonable and ludicrous about 99% of the time.

    Whatever, I’m over it. He is an anonymous, unknown, irrelevant nuisance to me. In the meantime, all I have to say is….Go Duke!

  59. Not to betray IU but I really hope that PU, OSU and MSU all win tonight. That would be 3 in the elite 8. That might shut down the experts, at least for a while.

  60. Screw Purdue. And O$U for that matter. Hope Sparty wins though.

    I don’t really see too much importance in what people are saying to the pro or con of how a conference does in any given year anyway. It’s just water cooler/blog/radio talk.

  61. Wisco,
    You don’t believe that 2 full seasons and 3 recruiting classes is enough to see the writing on the wall? I mean it is not like we are even mediocre or improving. We are the doormat and it is embarrassing. Look at the tremendous amount of talent Crean had at his disposal on arrival. He was not able to keep any of it. The NCAA really did not do anything to us, and our sanctions are not that bad. Why do I keep hearing that as an excuse? Crean blew our program up on arrival. On the other, I keep my posts about basketball and it is some of the other users on here that start the name calling and mudslinging. I try to avoid it, but will not completely ignore it when they strike first. I think people are just so frustrated with IU basketball and its coach that they need an avenue to take it out on.

  62. Just some more of coach 4disreguards who is still full of BS. He has no ability to recognize anything close to good coaching talent. SA showed what he had in this years 64. Lick on 4disreguards!

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