Crean on McLeod

Dustin Dopirak is on the Big Ten coaches’ conference call, and asked Indiana coach Tom Crean about assistant coach Roshown McLeod’s dismissal. Here’s what Crean said:

“There’s probably never a good time. You can’t focus on timing. You gotta focus on what the right decision is. That’s the decision that I made. It’s about putting the program forward and putting the program first. We’re going to do the things that we need to do. That’s what it is right now.”

Dustin was unable to ask any follow-up questions due to the number of other reporters on the call. Most of them are working on advance stories for this week’s Big Ten Tournament.

We’re continuing to work on the McLeod story and will provide whatever updates we can find here.


  1. I sure home McLeod wasn’t guilty of any NCAA transgression… quick, grab the cell phone logs…

  2. On the other story someone wondered if McLeod might have swung Irving toward Duke. In Crean’s comments he says “putting the program first”, that would fall in line if McLeod did that.

  3. Mike P, I believe coach is refering to his need to put the needs of the many over the needs of the few, or the one. OMG. A Star Trek reference.

  4. GFdave-

    The fact that you know a quote from Star Trek erases all credibilty you had as sports fan. Go away forever.

    Mcleod wasn’t getting the job done or had made a mistake. Time to move forward.

  5. GFDave a Star Trek fan?, Never would have guessed that (sarcasm).
    Did Crean really say that you can’t focus on timing? That is alarming. Most would say timing is pretty important. I sense something may be very wrong here, especially since Mcleod was the one who got caught making too many phone calls last year and cost us a violation.

  6. 4girls seemed to know this was gonna happen before anyone else. hmmm. that’s sign of an ugly leak. can’t imagine who is willing to feed 4girls information.

  7. I vote for 4tards. He knows all things IU, and he can really help Crean out with all his problems. I mean, with all of 4tards insight, and experience, he can really help Crean hang a banner next year.

  8. Sports fan and Star Trek? Mutually exclusive? Hardly. Such small ideas come from small posters like 4IQpoints and YouWillNeverKnow (you almost got it right btw, should have been IWillNeverKnow, but keep trying, we’re proud of your little efforts).

  9. Surprised 4tards hasn’t suggested bringing Alford in. Sure it would be a temporary pay cut, but it would be part of the transition plan. Alford would be a hit with the instate parents, he knows the state, is an IU man, looks good in a red blazer and could recruit only Indiana kids.

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