Crean secures visit from Abraham

Moses Abraham is pushing back his college decision so that he can take a visit to Indiana, a source close to the situation said Tuesday.

Abraham, a 6-foot-9 center originally from Nigeria but living in the Washington, D.C. area, met with Hoosiers head coach Tom Crean Tuesday evening on the first day of a week-long period during which coaches can visit recruits. He agreed to visit Bloomington in the coming weeks. He is also considering Georgetown, and has visited Tennessee and Maryland.


  1. Nice work, CTC. And excellent choice, Moses. Hopefully the new practice facility is in shape for a tour.

  2. For some reason this makes me worried. If we couldn’t get a commit out of him now…I think Moses taking the time to visit only gives more schools the opportunity to get in the mix. Think about it…IU got in late and look what happened. What’s to prevent other schools from doing the same? I hope I’m wrong…it’s just a gut feeling I have.

  3. too bad he didnt visit the NW game, i believe he would have committed that day. the atmosphere was electric, and the campus was beautiful. if he comes soon, he will have a huge reception by the students

  4. I’m not worried about others getting involved. Moses is ready to commit, he’s already pushed it back a couple times. I have to think this is good for us, because I’m sure he’ll be impressed with Bloomington/IU. I’m just nervous his mind is already mostly made up, and he’s checking out IU just to satisfy Crean and/or anyone else saying he should “at least take a look”. Hopefully he really is considering IU and this will push him over the edge.

  5. You are the man Tom Crean! Even if he doesnt come you are our man to turn this program around! You can do it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Excellent. Bloomington should be beautiful in the coming weeks. He’ll love the campus and the facilities and the team.

  7. Good work TC. Really TC has done his job. He got in there, got the kid to take a hard listen to what he had to say, delayed his commitment date, and finally has secured a visit from the legend himself. If he decides still not to come to Indiana then its definitely not because Crean didn’t do everything humanly possible to change his mind. Way to dog it coach. Hopefully your persistence pays off, personally I feel really good about this. Let it be, let it be!!!

  8. The kid just wants to know what IU is all about. All the speculation from posters is really getting insane. Just glad Moses is doing due diligence before he makes a life altering decision. In the meantime Crean should be checking into the big who just decommited from NC State and is ranked 45 on ESPN 100.

  9. What worries me is the scholarships available in coming years.
    How can we sign anyone from the loaded 2011 high school class with no scholarships available?
    We need to sign players from with in this great state,like we used to do in the glory days.
    I think CTC is doing a remarkable job in recruiting MA,and I hope that he signs with IU.
    I would hate to lose out on a chance at getting Zeller,Plumlee,or some of the other great players in this class because of no scholarships.

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  11. We should all want what is best for the young man. IU offers a fantastic opportunity for him but who knows where he will end up. Great job TC and staff. Thanks Chris and staff for such wonderful follow up on this story. You guys do a great job. My brother-in-law was in the practice facility yesterday and took some pics for me he said. Can’t wait to see them. Hey STlhoos, who is the kid who de-committed from NCState?

  12. Note: I didn’t realize it was a member/subscriber website($19.95/year)….I was teased and allowed to open the first few pages. Sorry about that.

  13. Can we hold off on all the praises until he actually closes on the kid? It could end up like the Irving situation. I hope not.
    We don’t need spam around here.

  14. The NC State decommit is Luke Cothron. He’s 6-8 210 lbs. Rivals has him ranked 33 overall and 8th best power forward. Looks like Kentucky, UConn, Alabama, Tenn, and Ole Miss have already offered. Probably a long shot for Crean to get in on a player this highly ranked this late but it’s worth a shot. At this point I think Crean realizes he can’t be too worried about the scholorship numbers. He should be smart enough to know that it’s higher priority to fill out a roster that will never make IU nation sit through another 20 loss season. If that means kids get pushed out of scholarships so be it.

  15. Actually it is most commendable Coach Crean has been able to reinstate the visit which was not taken a couple of weeks ago. What a tenacious spirit it takes for a recruiter to continually create opportunities to win over someone he prizes. His activity this week has been high class, high caliber while in high gear.

  16. My biggest concern is always the “advisors”. Not the mom and dad. It’s the friend of a friend or that uncle that has some connections. I think the hangers on have way too much influence. I’d like the player and his parents to feel good about their decision based on what they personally see and hear and not what someone else is telling them. I’m glad Moses Abraham is coming to IU to see what it offers.

  17. Clarion- Right on. Very high class indeed. Crean’s success in getting the kid to reconsider is already almost as impressive as Sampson prying Gordon away from Illinois, because he’s done it without extra phone calls and tote bags.

  18. Didn’t Crean & staff meet with MA’s parents yesterday? Also, will they be making the visit to IU with them?

  19. 4guards-

    We don’t need spam around here.

    I couldn’t agree more. Please forgive me. We need hundreds of more posts that offer nothing constructive about the direction of our basketball program. We need constant criticism of our coach. We need our current prospects to read the comments by the most prolific blogger on this popular Hoosier basketball website..We need them to think hard and serious about signing with Steve Alford when they are talking to Tom Crean.. Abraham Moses and all prospects interested in our basketball program, a program in a critical stage of rebuilding, need to realize this is all going to happen again..IU basketball will once again be dismantled in favor of allowing our new coach a minimum chance to prove what we hired him to do. This is an inevitable destiny they must know. But they must keep faith in our higher purpose..When they commit to IU and Tom Crean, they are committing to a divine lie. Make no mistake, we think Tom Crean is making excellent decisions in evaluating your talents as a basketball player, we just want you to realize the man has no idea what he is doing as a coach..He is not our chosen leader..He can’t stop the true greatness that shall soon be upon our Bloomington village. And just a note to Moses and the rest of the recruits: Coach Crean probalbly doesn’t read the Scoop basketball bible like the rest of us..He’s a busy man..He’s working his tail off to try and bring Indiana basketball back from the ruins..And heaven forbid if our busy little inconsequential basketball worker bee had three minutes of a day to read the Scoop bible, we could only pray to our Indiana basketball god, Steve Alford, he would not be tripped up by the worthless, one unintentional dropping of the devil’s hoops spam placed on this website by the intentional distractor and nonbeliever known as “Chill”..For we could only believe Tom Crean has already felt the true burning fire that is singed upon the pages of every thread on Scooop scripture from the past six months..For we already have faith he is purely and devoutly inspired to sell you on Indiana basketball because he is on a mission of a higher light ..He has seen the 4guards light!..He has seen the divine prophesy brought to us on behalf of our true Hoosier Moses…He has read the tablets and the commandments given to all by 4guards. He speaks to you knowing the first commandment of truth resting in his heart.. Though shall not coach a Hoosier basketball team unless you are a disciple of Bobby Knight! He’s on a higher mission of sacrifice..Because it’s Indiana!…We shall crucify him of job and he shall deliver us to Alford! Drop to your knees and bless him..Bless Tom Crean! Bless him for his ultimate sacrifice for he carries the word and the light delivered by 4guards to those that die for his sins on Scoop!

    Now will you kindly sign this letter of intent?

  20. I heard that IU president Michael McRobbie is convening a special “Operation Save Indiana University” task force to devise and implement a plan to ensure that Abraham’s visit to Bloomington will result in a commitment.

    So far, McRobbie has commitments from the following to serve on this mission: Bill Cook, Nobel Prize winner Elinor Ostrom, Jerry Yeagley, Evan Bayh, Dawn Johnsen, Jared Jeffries, Pulitzer Prize winner Douglas Hofstadter, the ghost of Herman Wells and, most critically, task force chairman A.J. Moye (clap, clap, clap, clap, clap). We can only pray that they succeed.

  21. I understand there is a new roll of red carpet on order and slated for delivery “in the coming weeks”.
    I have to ask: Does that gibberish nonsense that 4nads posted above actually say anything at all? I could not even get thru the entire opus before I found myself totally immersed in horse dung. Does someone have an extra sock we can use to silence this voice?

  22. That was some serious Chili from Chill (notice how shifting one letter at the end of the word “Chill” from “l” to “i” produces a shift in temperature from hot to cold).

    I only wish that 4tards/4nards/Aruss/Anuss/Garuss/Ganuss was smart enough to comprehend his own stupidity.

  23. History has shown that Chill shoots back when attacked. A 70 to 1 word count advantage is massive fire superiority. After taking the heat, all that’s left is to go home and have some soup.

  24. Don’t limit yourself to just soup. What better to go with your soup than some fresh-baked homemade bread? Don’t settle for pre-sliced grocery store crap. It is filled with high fructose corn syrup and other nasties.

    Instead, mix a cup of whole wheat flour with a half a cup of water. Cover it for a few days and let it sit in a warm place. Watch closely and you will see delightful bubbles begin to form. Add another half-cup of flour and some more water, stir, wait a few more days. Soon you will have a pungent sourdough starter.

    Use a cup of the starter in a recipe where you’d normally use yeast, and soon you will be eating the most delicious, bubbly, rustic country bread you could ever hope for. Pull off a hot piece to dip in your minestrone or chicken noodle soup; be careful or you will fill up on bread before your soup is half-gone.

    Soon you will realize how small and insignificant 4tards/nads is in this great big world of crusty bread and hearty soups…

  25. agree with stlhoos – Cothron is interested in NC st but only if leslie does not go there (another higher ranked power fwd who lists NC st as his top choice). I agree he or Ratliffe would be the final piece of the puzzle – i.e. an athletic power fwd that IU needs to get back to the top. They would only complement abraham (an athletic center) if we could get him and our current roster…good luck CTC

  26. There are a lot of local NCSU fans who do are pleased that Cothron may not be coming to Raleigh. They say he is lazy, does not get back on defense and is a big man who thinks he is a guard. Also, that everything with him is me, me, me. If this is true, would he be a good fit for us? Maybe not.

  27. The Hoosier Scoop did a great job of covering the Moses saga. Thank you guys for all your time and effert.

  28. Chet,
    If you are immaturely speaking of me, I hope Moses signs with us. Not sure why you say that.

  29. Nice adverb. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and guess that everyone else on the Scoop knows why I would say that.

  30. Actually everybody who pays attention knows that I want Moses. He is a beast on the defensive end.

  31. Chet,

    He does want Abraham. I believe his views are Abraham or noone from 2010. Then save it for 2011.

  32. 4guards, why would you support Moses when he’s not a good ol indiana boy? You endlessly rant on other threads about how terrible Crean is for not having a team stacked full of Indiana kids. Where’s your mantra of interjecting Alford into all things IU? Is Moses not worthy because Alford didn’t recruit him as well? Have you been reformed? If you have and entered a phase of respectful discussion and debate, great. If not, go lay in the bed you made.

  33. Jubilee is right on.
    PARPP, I want the MAJORITY of the team Indiana kids, not the entire team. We still need STANDOUTS from out of state to add in. Everybody knows that I want Alford as the coach, but that is not what were talking about.

  34. 4guards | February 26th, 2010 at 6:53 pm |

    The Crean apologists are a little sore because they see the writing on the wall. I feel a former player who put up our last banner and a future coach is quite relevant to an IU site.

    • ronb | February 26th, 2010 at 8:37 pm |

    4 guards, Do you really think that Steve Alford is coming to IU to coach next year? How sad to have that dream and not have it happen. He is not going to leave New Mexico. He is having the best season of his coaching career. He is a good coach as was Bob Knight but they just are not coming back no matter how much we may want that to happen. I never said anything in my post about
    Crean ,negative or positive, nor did I make excuses for him or the team. I am not an apologist. I am just tried of guys using this site for their own agendas, like you! But not to worry you have heard the last from me. I don’t enjoy it anymore.

    • 4guards | February 26th, 2010 at 9:16 pm |

    Unfortunately, no I don’t believe Steve Alford is coming to IU to coach next year. I believe he will be here the year after next. Alford has a stud center (Kirk) coming in next year and only loses 1 player from his roster this year so New Mexico will continue to be ranked next year. And unfortunately IU is going nowhere with Tom. The alumni and fan base are beginning to recognize this and will be fed up by next year, especially with the transfers that are coming. I hope I am wrong and we win the national title next year. I will be the first to admit I have been wrong and will be extremely happy to do so.

    Are we all just being too damn stubborn or is it our terribly short retention?..Isn’t it obvious from the words of wisdom above that 4guards only wants what is best for IU? He is the voice, the bridge, that guides us from our ruin to our glory…Suspended by hundreds of threads succinct and astute observations anchored strongly by his sturdy posts, the Hoosier bridge is soundly built out of The Alford Co. toothpicks.

  35. I do want what’s best for IU. Moses would be good for IU. Steve Alford would be good for IU.
    What is your point?

  36. Nothing like a “good” arsonist only wanting the “best” for a house they burn to the ground every three years.

  37. John Wilkins commits to Iowa State:

    IU had hoped to have him visit. He was intriguing but who knows?. He certainly got the shaft from both the NCAA and NJCAA.

    In terms of front line help, unless IU gets into the mix for someone else, it’s down to Yuguete and some guy named Abraham.

  38. Chill,
    How many years should we go on losing 20 games a year just because we don’t want to admit we hired the wrong guy?

  39. Anyone that has worked a professional job, knows that it takes at least 1 to 2 years to really get into the flow and contribute to the company. Anything less, and you are working a grunt type job that doesn’t require you to learn a new culture and business practices. Why should things be any different with Crean? CEOs are given multiple years to produce, and most rational IU fans know that Crean inherited a tough job. Two years of 20 plus losses are expected, but I think most fans will expect at least an NIT birth next year. Of course no one wants or is happy with 20 losses, but our program is in a poor state that we can’t control. Crean can control where it goes from here, and I’m willing to bet that it will only get better. When this happens, will you be man enough to be back on the forum to admit that you were wrong about Crean? I doubt it.

  40. 4t,
    When given the choice of possibly being right or wanting success for Hoosier basketball you consistently choose the former only to end up with neither. It does sound like a very happy existence.
    I give endless support to the things (and people) I love (particularly the Hoosiers), I don’t mind being mistaken, and I take great pleasure in poking the self important and all knowing in the ribs (OK, sometimes the eye). I’m the happiest person you will ever encounter.

  41. I will be happier than anybody in here if Crean leads us to the national championship. And yes I will be in here admitting I was wrong. Unfortunately that is not going to happen.
    How many years of this crap will the Crean Apologists take before admitting they are wrong? This is a man who has 1 tournament win in his career outside of the D Wade year.

  42. Can you not read? Who said we are sitting with our thumbs up our butt thinking that a 20 loss season will be acceptable for 3, 4, 5, 10 years? I can’t speak for everyone, but outside of dense folks like yourself, people respect the fact that Crean needs at least one more year to make significant progress, especially when we took a huge loss in Creek this season. Creek and Roth he will be back next year, along with a more experienced team, which leads me to expect better results. Let me remind you, Crean has been here all of 2 seasons. The team made tangible improvements this year, even though Crean made mistakes along the way. No one can rebuild a program in IU’s situation, the right way, without some bumps in the road, not even your Stevie.

  43. Perhaps the saddest thing that 4tards has done is to generate disdain for a relatively successful mid major coach who is a legend among Hoosier faithful. Before 4tards, everyone would be cheering on Steve Alford, now many folks are tired of hearing his name.
    On a similar note, I once read a well reasoned article on why SA should never be hired as the Hoosier coach. To sum up the article, the author stated that, because Steve is such an Indiana legend the AD could never fire him, however badly he performed. This could lead to a decade of downward spiral. I think we’ve been down that road.

  44. Very well said, Chet. I used to have some good basketball memories of Alford. The completely possessed 4guards has turned those thoughts into Linda Blair vomit.

    The power of Knight compels you!..The power of Knight compels you!…The power of Knight compels you!

  45. I’ll say it again. Nobody is, or needs to be, apologizing for Crean because he is doing a good job. This is one of 4guards false premises that is just meant to keep his flaming alive.

    BTW, I believe it highly likely that 4guards and Arruss are the same. Both attack popular coaches to stir passions. Both try to use the Scoop staff as tools to dispense their rubbish. Both use cut and paste “fly by posts”. Both seem limited in their intellect.

  46. GooFyDave,
    Are there no Star Trek conventions today?
    Crean is doing a good job? I will be laughing at that for weeks. You are the ultimate Crean Apologist. It has already been proven that I don’t post under Aruss. You were probably watching Star Trek at that time or making excuses for Tom.

  47. Language is my profession. It’s a good living. You’d be surprised how easy it can be to identify someone by the manner of their posts. It is not as accurate as a fingerprint, but it’s pretty reliable. The Crean fans are a wide and diverse bunch. As for 4tards and Aruss…just take a good look at their posts.

  48. Out of curiosity, I went back and looked at Aruss’s posts. For one this guy hardly posts anything, and for two I do not see the similarities at all. You guys are really reaching on this one. But I guess if you believe Tom is the right guy for the job, you will probably believe anything.

  49. PARPP,

    Key word was rational. It can’t be used in the same sentence as 4disreguards.

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