Definite interest from IU with Marrero

Veteran sports writer Lynn Houser caught up with Bowman Academy coach Marvin Rea a few moments ago for his column on the return of the Region at the state tournament. But he also asked Rea about Indiana’s interest in 6-foot-5 sophomore DeJuan Marrero.

This what Rea said:

Coach (Crean) is at practice, making phone calls. They are definitely showing interest. DeJuan Marrero has to do what’s best for DeJuan. If it’s the Black and Gold, so be it. If it’s the Crimson and White, so be it.


  1. “Crimson and White.”


    All I know about this kid so far is that he likes to get technical fould and his coach is ignorant.

    Not encouraging.

  2. Casey… seriously, if you’re regarding the play from last year you are so uninformed it’s not worth the time to go into it with you… the kids got a good head on his shoulders from all accounts and would be a terrific get for the ‘crimson and white’ – that said it’s touch to get any kid from the region down to Bloomington… Purdue owns that area, major plus for Painter and Co.

  3. iudj, ect.,

    What I’m “informed” about is the fact that regardless of circumstances, he received two technicals in a row — good for a one-game suspension when his team really needed him.

    Flash forward to this year, and he gets a technical in the state tournament for taunting an opposing player.

    I’m sure he’s just a normal kid, but I don’t think IU can afford to have a player like that just yet. Sportsmanship and unselfishness seem to be two things the IU fan base value.

    And I’m sorry I’m not more “informed” on the life of a sophomore in high school.

    You say he has “a good head on his shoulders from all accounts.” What accounts are you speaking of, specifically?

    And finally, my other point was that his coach doesn’t even know that IU is referred to as “Cream and Crimson,” and was quoted as saying “DeJuan Marrero has to do what’s best for Dejuan.” It just seems like Marrero’s potentially cocky attitude paired with a coach who speaks like this has the potential to produce a big-headed player.

    Every team needs a player with an edge, but I’m just wondering if this is the one we want.

  4. If we were smart, and had interest our coaches would be at the games! We have no clue, and it is an insult to the INDIANA HS BASKETBALL players and coaches. Painter has it figured out, and that is why they will be the ones with the banners soon.

  5. goiubb,

    They have a visit today…..for a guy who can help us inside next year…..they will probably be there tonight….settle down.

    We don’t have much of a shot at the kid from Bowman, and they were in the front row last weekend for Yogi (only 2 worth watching this morning)…..tonight…there are a lot more.

  6. Jubilee- I can’t think of a guy who could help us inside next year who is still available. It must be a Tijan-type player (a 2 star hacker).

  7. Marvin Rea ignorant….isn’t this the same guy who won the trester award in high school…YES!Marrero got a tech this year for telling a kid to get that stuff out of here….meaning he actually plays defense. IU needs kids with some edge, they need kids that have some passion, they need kids from the region, and they need kids who are 4-5 star potential like Marrero….

    You know the kid goes to Bowman academy, the charter school that requires community service and a 3.0 min GPA to play. The school that focuses on leadership in their curriculum.

    I rarely post on here because of moronic statements like Casey jubliee that are Purdue fans
    for certain. Let this one go….seriously….Matta and Painter love to hear that….

  8. FYI John Wilkins…..very skilled similar game to Christian Watford….NOT the inside guy you think he is, would be a good get for IU, but don’t expect this major post presence….

  9. region guy,

    I dind’t say he was dominate….I said he could help..
    Also, in the 2012 class…I would much rather have Perea than the bowman kid……you are entitled to your opinion but I think Perea is much better

    I agree IU needs kids….but saying we need kids from the region is stretching……I think we need kids from NYC….they are tough.

  10. TheRegion,

    I think you’d be advised to go back to rarely posting on here.

    To assert that I’m a “purdue fan for sure” simply because I’m cautious of recruiting players solely for their talent, without consideration for their character, is ridiculous. Any regular poster on this site can testify to the fact that I’m opinionated, but respectful and open-minded.

    Congratulations to Marrero for maintaining a 3.0 GPA (at least). As you’ll see above, I said nothing of his intelligence. I never argued he’s not a hard worker.

    My points were that he has a track record of technicals, and his coach doesn’t know anything about our school. The chances of him coming are slim, and frankly, I there are so many other good players in that class without any record of suspension that I’d much rather pursue.

    Disagree with me — that’s fine. But don’t refer to posts that you don’t agree with as “moronic” simply because they don’t align with your supreme opinion.

    Go back into your hole.

  11. If Crean get a kid from the region…like Dawson or Marrero that is one more part of the state he could have a foothole in. That is an areas where Purdue has had a lot of success recruiting and for some reason it seems to be their own little recruiting ground. Perea is a very nice player, not even close as to which player is better and more skilled….

    Perea has offers from IU and baylor only….Marrero has offers from 4 big ten schools IU, PU, OSU, Ill.

  12. Marrero is a good kid, and a GREAT athlete.

    I’d be thrilled if Crean brought him to IU. There are a lot of good options in 2012, and he’s one of them.

    There’s nothing wrong with charter schools.

  13. Casey I eagerly await your post about how IU should not recruit Marquis Teague who also has multiple technicals this year and last year and was also suspended.

    His coach doesn’t know anything about our school because he doesn’t say cream and crimson…wow…what standards for calling someone ignorant like you did.

    Since you may not be aware of this MOST school districts requirement for basketball is a 2.0. To maintain a 3.0 or HIGHER is something the kid should be commended for and not crucified for a technical….

    Again tell us all how we should not be recruiting marquis teague?

  14. TheRegion,

    I did commend him for maintaining a 3.0 or higher, in my most recent post.

    Any casual IU fan knows it’s “Cream and Crimson.” No, it’s not the end of the world that he said it incorrectly, but it does reflect his lack of knowledge/appreciation for the history of the school.

    I don’t know the nature of Teague’s technicals or suspension, so if you could fill me in I’d love to respond to that. I’ll refrain from doing so unless I have more information.

    If I recall correctly, Marrero was forced to sit out the championship game last year because of his two technicals in the previous game.

    With that in mind, my point is that I’m not interested in having a player here who puts his own pride or desire to “prove something” by way of getting a technical over the well-being of his team. As I stated before, I’m sure he’s a normal kid, and I’m sure he’s nice. But right now it seems risky to take a player who’s already shown that he’s willing to cost his team points (and perhaps victories, in his absence) just to get something across on the court.

    Maybe I’m putting too much stock in those slip-ups. But if you can’t at least see where I’m coming from, I think that’s unreasonable.

    I just want players on our team who play the game and don’t worry about anything else. There’s no need for taunting and very seldom does a situation warrant getting a technical. Certainly not two. If Marrero ends up being exactly the type of player I just described, then awesome. I’m simply treading with caution on this one.

  15. Sorry. I’m a bit biased due to the countless hours I spend trying to help the academic train wrecks coming out of “innovative” charter schools so they can function academically in real schools.

  16. We aren’t getting Marrero or Dawson. And I dont really care that much. We need Zeller and a PG for 2011, then DSR, Perea and another player in 2012.

  17. OK,

    I was finally able to find some info on Marrero’s technicals. I will go on record as admitting that they’re not as big of a deal as I initially thought.

    His second technical that resulted in his ejection was for “slapping the backboard” on an attempted block. That’s lame.

    If these technicals are simply the result of an overbearing sense of competitiveness, I won’t complain anymore. I think we need a player with a chip on his shoulder. Perhaps he just needs to work on picking his spots when it comes to revealing that attitude.

    My apologies if it came off as me ripping into this kid. That wasn’t my intent.

    In a “normal” year of IU basketball, I probably wouldn’t bring up any sort of concern with this kid. I think it’s just vital that we bring the right types of players in to lay a foundation for this program. I’ll be interested to see how this all plays out. That class is loaded.

  18. I was at the game last year when he got the technicals, first was for hanging on the rim, and second was for slapping the backboard, even alot of the hometown fans thought the techs were a little ridiculous, especially since it disqualified him for the championship game that night. There was no sort of bad attitude from the kid, he just happened to be playing a game in a small Indiana town of 1,500 people where they don’t take kindly when kids from the region hang on their rims and slap their backboards.

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