Hardy’s courage recognized by teammates

*Thanks to Swampy, top poster in HTO and Scoop history, for passing this along.

**Yes, he’s a Bills fan. That’s why I feel the need to be so nice to him. Every person deserves to have something right in their world.

James Hardy, the former Indiana receiver, has been awarded the Ed Block Courage Award by his Buffalo Bills teammates.

We wrote about Hardy’s difficult upbringing on numerous occasions during his career with the Hoosiers.

He told BuffaloBills.com that his troubles as a child and young man inspired him to work with children — he helped the city celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday, among other things — and that work, in a season when he also battled injury, earned his teammate’s admiration.

The award, which is presented to a Bills player that exemplifies a commitment to the principles of sportsmanship and courage, also recognizes dedication, professionalism and community service. For the third-year wide receiver the award carries special meaning because the Ed Block Courage Foundation serves to promote the prevention of child abuse by raising awareness and assisting agencies that provide care and treatment of abused children.

“Being through a lot of the hardships I had as a child, going to see children and talk to children that makes me release all that I have in me from my childhood,” said Hardy. “That’s why I’ll always volunteer for that. I love doing it. It takes me back to a time when I was that age. They call us players an inspiration, but I get inspired when I see those kids to not give up and not quit.


  1. “**Yes, he’s a Bills fan. That’s why I feel the need to be so nice to him. Every person deserves to have something right in their world.”

    Following IU Basketball, IU Football, the Bills, and the Buffalo Sabres has started to feel more like punishment than entertainment: “Wide right.” Henderson’s torn ACL in ’93. Brett Hull’s fat foot in the crease in ’99. The Music City Miracle. Zero Tolerance. Kelvin Sampson. No playoffs in a decade. I could keep going, but I won’t.

    If I wanted to be this disappointed by something I love, I’d have children.

  2. I love James Hardy. Only game-changer we’ve had here at IU for at least 5 years. It was a pleasure to watch him dominate CBs, especially in the end zone where it counts the most. I hope he has a good career.

    There is also a part of me that is very resentful towards him, though; for he is the only reason Bill Lynch still has a job right now.

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