Headed South

[7:15 UPDATE]

I’ve heard that Tom Crean may be on his way to Seymour for the game tonight.

Not totally sure where Bennie Seltzer has ventured on this gray Saturday, but I think he’s been monitoring Jeremiah Davis of Muncie Central pretty closely.

[3:00 UPDATE]

As someone noted below, Indiana’s coaches are scouring the state of Indiana today according to Tom Crean.

Tim Buckley was in Seymour this morning. Obviously he was here to support South’s Matt Carlino, but he also arrived in time for the Martinsville-Jeffersonville game. His target there would probably be a kid who couldn’t even play: Jeff’s Darryl Baker is one of the better 9th graders I’ve ever seen, but he has missed most of the year with a knee injury.

Tom Crean was in Washington, where he saw 2011 target Cody Zeller score 29 points despite double- and triple-teams in Washington’s win.


Not for spring break.

Who could leave the state this time of year?

We’re headed to bucolic Seymour, where about 8,000 people will cram into a gym (and then the town’s Max and Erma’s) for a day of basketball revelry. First up, we’ll watch that miracle Martinsville team play Jeffersonville. Then, Bloomington South v. Evansville Harrison. Championship game will be at 8 p.m. tonight.

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  1. It’s very close to I-65 exit on the south side of 50. I believe it is behind a new white castle and in a strip mall next to a chinese buffet and health club (go figure!). I’ve been there twice… once for lunch and once for carry-out dinner. both times, it was packed to the brim.

  2. How did we let Scott Wood from Marion get away last year? That kid is a flat out stud for NC State.

  3. Actually, the china buffet is gone, but that is where it’s at. Hope you guys enjoy my hometown.

  4. Knowing Scott Wood personally, IU was never in the picture for consideration. If anything, he was a Purdue fan growing up and really just wanted to play on Tobacco Road.

  5. Wow…Houston vs. UTEP. Coleman and Lewis on Houston…What a great looking pair of guards.

    Houston is in!! First trip in 18 years..I like Houston..They play loose and with high energy.. They shall be my Cinderella.

  6. Travesty what happened to the M & E’s here.

    BW3 was….well, BW3. There’s not much variation there. Solid.

    As for Zeller…sure, I think he’s at least listening to what IU has to say.

  7. What a season for the nerdy Zeller brother at UNC. I’d take Mike Tisdale over that guy. If we are recruiting Cody, I hope he brings more to the table than Tyler

  8. Wait a second, all three of IU’s coaches are out recruiting in the state of Indiana? But…I thought Crean didn’t recruit Indiana….Hmmmm. Guess some people need to get a clue.

  9. Went to the Bloomington South game vs. Jeffersonville in Seymour and it was crazy. Great game, Jeffersonville won it by two with two game winning free throws with like 8 seconds left. And Crean was there sitting in the front row on the baseline with Jordy Hulls. Also saw Tim Buckley there earlier this morning.

  10. Buckley was in Marion tonight to watch Jeremiah Davis. Davis didn’t play all that well. Carroll from Fort Wayne beat Muncie Central.

  11. I like what I am hearing from Crean today. It appears he may finally be ready to recruit Indiana the way he should be. If he takes back Indiana and starts hiring IU guys as assistant coaches, the next step will be to change that playbook and get some movement.

  12. Tyler Zeller was injured for a large part of the year. Missed almost all of last year with a broken wrist. He’s a hugely talented big in a system that runs up and down the floor, can pass, has some range. I’d love to have Cody if he brought the same skills to the table. Only problem, we need help in the post, and none of the Zeller brothers were really true post players.

  13. Crean has been recruiting indiana for years. remember that guy dominic james. he was decent. also from richmond indiana………

  14. Gents,
    You are right on. There is no doubt TC has been heavily invested in recruiting Indiana talent for some time as a HC. Although I am not surprised as to who is surprised by that fact.

  15. Well lets see. Tom has brought in 3 recruiting classes and including the 2010 class for next year we will have a whopping 2 scholarship guys from Indiana on the entire roster. One of those was committed to Sampson. Whatever could have gave me the idea he doesn’t recruit Indiana well enough?

  16. Hey IQof4, how about going to the New Mexico basketball blog and leaving this one. Everyone is tired of hearing your non-sense. Your next logical post will be your first. And by the way, congratulations on the PU assistant job, now you will finally be able to use all that knowledge you think you have. HA

  17. While Crean was out recruiting Indiana boys yesterday what was Painter doing? From what I saw it wasnt coaching??????????????????/

  18. Top ten reasons assistant coach Roshown McLeod was fired:

    10. Referred to Tom Crean as GooFyTom one too many times.

    9. Secretely a huge Lobo fan.

    8. Actually fired by Jeremiah.

    7. Lately he was spending 50+ hours per week on the Scoop spewing nothing but venomous comments about Crean under weird, wacky pseudonimes

    6. Loyalty: as a thoroughly depressed Crean actually tried to fire himself, McLeod jumped between Crean’s pen and the paper and simply “took one for the boss.”

    5. Alford bobble-heads everywhere you look in McLeod’s office.

    4. Crean likes to play mind games with journalism great Hugh Kellenberger of Hoosier Morning fame. (“Why was mcLeod fired, Hugh? Hmmm… I guess you will never know, buddy!”).

    3. McLeod moving to Rice (“The proof is in the pudding.”) where newly appointed AD Greenspan is planning for sudden greatness.

    2. Switching to American Idol format this week was simply Roshown’s time to leave us.

    1. Turns out the coaching staff was perfect and we need room to grow.

  19. Who has at their fingertips (or memory bank) the number of offers made to Indiana HS ballers for years 08-09-10-11-12 by TC?

  20. Don’t do the research for him HC, he never ever is bothered by facts and is way too lazy to produce them for himself. He just “knows” stuff.

  21. Who cares about how many offers? He offers everybody with a pulse. I care about who he can actually close on….and that is only 2 from Indiana. Sampson closed on half of those for him.

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