1. I am hoping as much as anybody that this guy decides to come to IU, but who is to say he is any better then the many “next great big man” Iu has been bringing in since the mid-90’s. Todd Lindeman, Richard Mandeville, Jason Collier (he was decent but obviously didnt work out), Ben Allen, Marco Killingsworth and etc… I will believe it when i see it.

  2. Yea, this is getting a little crazy. If he is having trouble making a decision (which he clearly is) just say so and let everyone know that you are not ready to make a decision at this time. This is actually the third time he has said he will say where he will be going. Your right, its not like he’s having a press conference, but a lot of people where waiting around last night because of his supposed commitment statement. If he’s not ready to commit somewhere then just say for crying out loud, I actually think this is exactly what the TC (Indiana) camp is telling him. This is his decision to make and its a huge decision, if he’s not ready to do this then he shouldn’t. This whole thing has been really strange. It’s as if someone wants him commit now, get it over and done with. This was my impression from the first few articles I read from his guardian. Early on he made it known that MA was going to make his decision early in March so he could concentrate on his exercise regiment he was going to begin sometime in March. This has got to be the weakest thing I’ve ever heard. Is that his idea or his guardian or someone else? He explained that he didn’t want MA bothered by this decisionin the later months, he wanted him focused on his progression during the summer. This guardian sure seems to have all his ducks in a row even though he has said its “his decision to make”. I’m not sure it is. I think this kid is being pressured from a lot of people to make a decision and I think he’s obviously not ready yet. Hence, all the confusion. I really think TC is telling him that if he’s not ready then not to do it. If this kid knew 100% where he wanted to go this would be a no brain decision, but its not. It’s a huge decision and I’ve been very critical of his “crew” from the very beginning. I wish everyone would give this kid some space and most importantly some time so he can make one of the biggest decisions currently in his life. This whole process has been odd and unlike any other recruiting process I have ever heard of.

  3. sign up for twitter, find and follow Dustin and set his updates to SMS text you. You don’t have to stay up and check in, you’ll get a text when he send the tweet.

  4. Hoosier Nation recently spoke with MA. I would not be surprised if he waits a week or even possibly several weeks to make this decision, as this is what was reported. He said he is not ready to commit at this time and doesn’t know when he will be ready. He said he really liked TC cause he told MA that he could really help the Hoosiers out. Bonocore, MA’s guardian, also said that he was impressed with all of Indiana’s passionate fan’s who have been intently waiting on him to make a decision. Supposedly this has made a huge impact on MA. Thats freakin AWESOME you guys. Obviously were are making some noise clear from Indiana over to the Capitol. Keep it up cause I really think this kid needs to come visit the campus and check out the facilities before he makes this decision. IU fans are the best. Over at the Georgetown site yesterday I read where many fans where poking fun at us because of this. Saying, we had no chance at MA and they had him locked up. Apparently their wrong, lets see what happens but it obvious these loyal/crazy fans have made an impact on him. http://indiana.scout.com/2/954272.html

  5. And yes, this guy is worth it. Great talent, his talent is untapped and when John Thompson Jr. says he is the best shot blocker he has seen since Pat Ewing I think people should listen.

  6. @IUFAN
    Yes, we want him. IU desperately lacked interior size and strength last season.

  7. It is so obvious that this moron Boncore or whatever his name is, is trying to force him to georgetown. what have they been discussing for 3 days now? Either commit to georgetown, or say you are gonna take a visit to IU.

  8. If Moses waits on a decision, it could mean good news for IU.

    Supposedly, G-Town was in the lead for Moses for awhile but Crean was in DC yesterday and may have made some inroads for him.

  9. Ben Allen will be playing in the NCAA tournament this week.

    IU has had it’s ups and downs with big men over the past couple decades. Probably a little worse than most teams. Jeffries, Newton, Leach, Haston, DJ White are some of the better ones. Then I think of Mike White, Haris Mujozinovich (sp?), Will Gladness (RIP) and Andrea Patterson who with the exception of one dominant preseason NIT game against Duke never played up to expectations.

    I don’t know where Moses Abraham fits in but he’s got to at least be as good as Capo and Pritchard and ahead of Muniru.

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