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Indiana guard Jordan Hulls walks off the court after fouling out against Iowa. David Snodgress | Herald-Times





Mat Kearney’s “Where We Gonna Go From Here.”


  1. What in the world has happened to this team?
    Last place in the big ten for two years in a row,I never would have imagined that would ever happen.I have watched approx.5 min of the last eight games and couldn’t stand it no more, had to turned the channel.I think the world of coach Crean,but this team has to have internal problems of some sort. Does Rivers play for us or the other team? He needs to take a few lessons from his younger brother.He is playing horrible.. At least last years team played with heart,this team has none!!SAD TIMES FOR A HOOSIER FAN

  2. Not all Hoosiers are not doing well:

    “The one team I’m most confident in is New Mexico. The Lobos are athletic, rebound well, take care of the ball, play good defense and are proficient from long range. Steve Alford was derided for his coaching ability at Iowa, but he has improved as an Xs and Os guy and his team is going to be dangerous in the NCAA tournament.”

    How long will this picture stay there?

    And how about this:

    Q: What kind of relationship have you kept with your coach at Indiana, Bob Knight?

    A: Coach Knight and my father [Sam Alford] are the two coaches I talk to the most. Both my dad and Coach Knight continue to give me an awful lot of support and encouragement. They continue to help me in the day-to-day process of coaching.

    Oh Indiana, our Indiana…

  3. Congratulations to Steve Alford for what he’s been able to do at New Mexico so far.

    There — it’s been said. Can we move on from the Alford topic now?

  4. Not so fast my friend… Speaking of Steve Alford, just saw on Sports Center that he’s under investigation by his conference for an after the game incident which occurred this past Saturday after the BYU game. Apparently he got into a verbal argument with one of the BYU players at midcourt during the handshakes. Profanities were exchanged and tempers lost. Reminds me of someone else with IU connections.

  5. yes, he is in trouble. I saw the clip and it is sad he let a player bait him into that. He could not control his emotions. It is sad!

  6. 1. There is no leadership on the team
    2. Crean should have gotten thrown out games
    ago to try to show some fire–too late now
    3. No hope in sight–all he recruits is guards.

    On to Nascar

  7. Strange thing about SA is I was always under the impression that some of his squeaky clean image was from the fact he never swore.

  8. I remember SA as a player. Loved him. He is long gone from IU. I do not care about him any longer. He and IU shall never share anything again. Why does he continually come up as a topic on an IU site? He is meaningless now.

  9. Those who tell us to have patience with Crean (give him a few years) don’t have patience to wait a day or two to find out what the investigation will reveal. The player (Tavernari) has come after the game and apologized to Alford. Wasn’t that on the news also?

    This could never happen to Crean because he is a coach of such puny revolt.

  10. “What are you going to do about it?” Tavernari can be heard shouting at Alford several times as players shake hands between them.

    Responds Alford, “I’m going to tell you good career and you’re going to act like that? You’re an a*****”

    Good thing Alford didn’t grab Tavernari by the sleeve to lecture him. Here at IU that would get you fired immediately.

  11. Alford forgot to take a most important page out of the book of behaviors his former coach. After a hard-fought victory against heated rival, run for locker room tunnel as if the hostile natives were throwing cabbages at you. Save the hate for the press room.

    Apply all the patience desired. The raging tone heard in the voice of a middle-aged Alford wanting to rip the head off a young college basketball player creates quite the lasting and powerful image. More Bobby Knight Cheez Whiz just went on the crackers!

  12. ^ Come on, let’s forget Alford already. Please write your complaints on a New Mexico Lobo website. This is IU. Let’s talk about all the positive aspects brought on by almost two years of rebuilding under Tom Crean:



  13. Tom Crean left Marquette after 9 seasons to come to IU. He had a 190-96 record.. He was 15-14 his first 2 seasons then he had seasons of 26-7,27-6( final 4 team),19-12,19-12,20-11,24-10 and 25-10. Not one losing team. At the end of nine seasons, Marquette offered him 10 year contract worth a lot of money. They wanted to keep him! He was already a top 10 paid basketball coach in the NCAA. He was in a good conference and had a good team returning. So why did he come to IU? Was it because IU had a good team returning? Of course not! We had 2 players. He started from ground Zero. Was it because he had a lot of time to recruit a new team? Not. Was it because of money or length of contract? No IU started off offering a 8 year contract but in the end he got 10 the same offer as Marquette’s . So Why? He told us all many, many, times why. He wants to win National Championships….. He loves IU traditions and former players….
    He loves the fans……. He wanted to make a home here….. So why are we who had nothing left, ready to throw him under the bus so quickly? I get sick to my stomach watching what was once a proud Basketball program. The games make me sick too. But some so called fans on this site are beyond belief. When the smoke cleared we had one man standing up for IU Tom Crean and if you keep this crap stirring he will leave and we will be back to square one. Anyone who knows anything about coaching, recruiting, or playing this great game who won’t give this coach and the players support when they need it the most is
    not thinking clearly. That includes the media. Coach gets more support from the media outside Indiana than in. Do u think your constant whining will help this team or our recruiting process?
    The wagon is off the road with 2 wheels in the ditch. You have 3 choices 1. wave and go on by. 2. stand around watch and whine.
    or 3. get behind the wagon and push. It has always been the job of true fans to get behind their team and their coaches. If are not a #3 get lost from this site! IU will be better off without you. I love my Hoosiers always did always will.

  14. If we keep the crap stiring he will leave (Crean) and we will be back to square one…lets see where are we now: Are we better than last year..9-19? Is the year two recruiting class exactly what Indiana needs? This team is micro-managed from the second the ball goes up, no flow to games or control of tempo by IU, players are platooned in as if they can only go 3-4 minutes. Player development – free throw shoting, shots from a fundamentally good position, effective screens or spacing to create gaps, good decisions, yea I see all the improvement. If we stir a little longer we will be sitting hear in 2015 wondering what happened to the good ol days. This University is finding that those running things are acting like they are in corporate America – a pocketbook with a bottomless pit of money and poor decision after poor decision. One more thing..$4.8 million spent and crappy results in corporate America would at least get a start over.

  15. JPat I appreciate the pointer. He was reprimanded: read it here.

    With 52 seconds to play and the game tied at 80, tempers flared between Tavernari and New Mexico’s Darington Hobson after the two players bumped at midcourt. As he was calling a timeout, Hobson extended an elbow toward Tavernari.

    During the timeout, Tavernari remained visibly upset.

    Officials reviewed the sequence on video but no fouls were called against either side. The coaches were summoned by officials to midcourt for a quick meeting. Coming out of the break, Hobson offered a handshake to Tavernari but the BYU player ignored it.

    After the game Alford went to congratulate Tavernari for his career (it was senior day) and because he lost Tavernari didn’t want to hear. So Alford lost his cool when Tavernari kept asking: “What are you going to do about it [I don’t want to hear any congratulations from you now]?”

    Alford said he was trying to congratulate Tavernari, a senior, on an outstanding career at BYU. Tavernari has played in more victories than any player in BYU history, missing out on No. 100 against the Lobos.

    “That’s really what I was just trying to tell him after the game, just how much I appreciate what he’s done over his four-year career,” Alford said. “He’s a competitor. He didn’t want to hear that at that time. Then we just exchanged words. It was unfortunate.”

    Alford also noted it was Senior Day in Provo, where BYU had won 21 straight games, and New Mexico’s victory lifted the Lobos into first place in the Mountain West. Given all the emotions involved, he said the verbal exchange, while unfortunate, can be explained.

    Minutes later, Tavernari was escorted by BYU athletic director Tom Holmoe to wait outside New Mexico’s locker room while the Lobos celebrated. He apologized to Alford, and according to the Albuquerque Journal, Alford replied: “You’re still one of my favorites.”

    “If I could, I’d apologize to the whole team,” Tavernari said.

    “You don’t have to,” Alford replied. “You just shocked me. You’re one of my favorites.”

    “I just lost my cool,” Tavernari said.

    So did Alford. But why is this more important than the good basketball they played yesterday?

  16. “$4.8 million spent and crappy results in corporate America would at least get a start over.”

    That’s freaking hilarious. $4.8 million and crappy results in corporate America gets you a $25,000,000 bonus.

  17. mike,

    I’d argue that neither the incident, nor the basketball played by New Mexico are important — because this is a blog about IU basketball.

    You’d think Alford was still in Bloomington with the way he’s brought up constantly on this site. If people love Alford and want to talk extensively about him, that’s fine. But why not move that discussion to a more appropriate venue, like a New Mexico basketball forum?

  18. it is more important because Alford is a grown man and a seasoned coach who should have been mature enough to walk away. I like Alford but this is how he is behind closed doors from what I have read for a long time. Mike, no big deal but after watching it several times I am not sure but what Alford was messing with him. take care.

  19. Casey, he was never brought up until 4 guards/Alford started posting and then some jumped on the bandwagon. SAD!!!

  20. Some of us think that Indiana basketball is currently under foreign occupation. And that the past and the future of Indiana basektball is currently in exile. So, we bring any alternative presents (where we could have been but we are not) to bear on the usurpers until either they prove themselves worthy or somebody takes away our keyb

  21. I think Indiana basketball blogs are under foreign occupation…

    Hopefully the abrupt end to your post happened because someone actually did take away your keyboard. That would be the best present of all.

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