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Christian Watford and Derek Elston watch the end of Indiana’s 74-55 loss to Purdue on Wednesday. David Snodgress | Herald-Times





The Fray’s “We Build Then We Break.”


  1. I have a feeling transfers are going to be massive. Crean has no control over these guys. He should do the right thing and admit he can’t handle the big time and resign.

  2. I was impressed by the play of Elston,he played a good game for the most part.He shows signs of toughness that his teammates lack..Hopefully it will catch on with the others..
    Why don’t you naysayer, so call IU fans GET OFF THE D— IU BANDWAGON..

  3. Why do people think Elston will not be one of the transfers? He’s the most obvious one. He plays the same position as Watford and Crean is still recruiting his position (Yeguete)

  4. I don’t think we can rip on Crean for still recruiting guards…….Sheehey and Oladipo have to be an upgrade from Dumes and Moore…

    I haven’t brought up this point yet, but the person who hated to lose the most on this team was Maurice Creek. I recall him being emotionally upset after one of the games early in the year due to a loss; I mean over the top emotional (I think I heard his interview and read it in the Indystar).

    We need players like this in our program, and I think Victor will add this to (just from his game against the #1 team in his region).

    Crean is right, IU needs a player like Chris Kramer.

  5. The rebuilding process simplified…

    Step 1: field a team (last year) b/c you at least need 5+ guys to even play a game.

    Step 2: field a more competitive team (this year) where you can increase your pool of guys who are willin to stick through the adversity…transfers are inevitable and inherent in today’s college ball.

    Step 3: continue to field an even more competitive team (next 2 years) until you find the pool of guys you hoped for in year 1.

    This turnaround wasn’t going to happen in even 2 years and there’s no fool-proof manual for rebuilding in these circumstances. Bottom line is the players have a lot to learn, as does Crean, but he knows what he wants…once he gets the players he wants for his system, if he doesn’t produce wins, then we’ve got real evidence to call for a change.

    Until then, try to be patient and stay away from the edge of the balcony.

  6. I am wholly onboard with the idea that this is going to take time. There are very few programs that have been where we are right now. ‘Bama football in the early 2000s; Kentucky basketball in the late ’90s. We might as well be coming back from the death penalty for how bare the cupboard was when Sampson left.

    My concern right now is more around how the team just does not seem to be fighting for Crean. It reminds me of football season and how we talk about the players looking like they quit. It also reminds me A LOT of the General’s final years as coach when the team would just quit fighting the last month of the season because they were tired of getting beat up every day.

    So, I’m not saying Crean is the wrong guy or anything like that, I’m just wondering if he only has one mode…acting unhinged…and that may not work for every player. Every good leader / coach / boss / manager I’ve ever known recognizes that each person in their team needs to be led in a different way. I’m wondering if Crean is there yet in his thinking.

  7. For those of us who were around…The NCAA had put all the recent tournament games online! I’m currently reliving the glory days. Seeing our team play with guys like Coverdale, Netwon, Moje, Fife, Hornsby…Makes me happy!

    I miss Jarrod Odle.

  8. I used to play on Jarrod Odle’s summer league team. I never thought he would be much of a player for IU. He turned out better than i thought by his senior year.

  9. 4gourds-

    Good for you. Now you’ve made yourself forever credible by mentioning another name of a former Hoosier that doesn’t belong in the fouled air of your words.

    Are you also friends with Gene Hackman? Did you try out for one of those Hickory High School bench-warmer spots in the movie Hoosiers?

    You’re a disgrace to this blog. A disgrace to the game of hoops and what it represents in the state of Indiana. A disgrace to Steve Alford’s accomplishments. A disgrace to the young men on our Hoosier team. You couldn’t hack 1/100 of the adversity they’re going through. You’re a stubborn pimple on the middle of our collective backs. The kind of zit we’d love nothing more to pop but can’t see, nor reach, to find where two fingers placed could squeeze you forever to stop.

    Take me off the blog, Korman. I really don’t care. My only regret would have been to tell that meaningless pimple what I really think of it.

  10. What are you rambling about?
    You make absolutely no sense on anything you say.
    Are you mad because I used to know somebody who at one point played for IU? Please explain.
    You obviously are one of the people who hide behind multiple user names.

  11. Honestly, I’m more concerned with bringing in more pure talent than I am with finding a Kramer at this juncture. Let’s get the talent level to where it should be and then we can start being picky about our energy and role players.

    It’s a lot harder to find a really good player than it is to find a Kramer-esque player. I feel like all you have to do is find an athletic, hard-working kid who’s not naturally gifted in basketball, and flatter him with an offer from a school he’d never thought he’d play for.

    I see where Crean’s coming from but let’s not act like Kramer is the most integral part of Purdue’s team. Energy guys don’t do much if there’s no talent around them to inspire.

  12. SMU in football and USF in basketball are still working at it and it’s been several decades. And I like that Kramer kid. Heard he’s coming back next year for the Boilermakers only this time he’s gonna play some football.

  13. SPE – thanks for the NCAA link.
    Those guys put on the cream and crimson, and made us all proud. They played their hearts out, and played to win. That is all we are asking for, ins’t it? Every one of those guys improved each year, giving their all. Stepping up with upperclassmen graduated. Wow – those were the days.

  14. Yeah. I don’t mean that Crean has to replicate the style of play, but the feeling from that game is just astonishing. I found myself cheering even though I knew the outcome. Maybe one of the best things that would describe a Hoosier team I’m proud about is one that makes me lace up my shoes and shoot around. That team had a feeling of togetherness and heart. I pray that Crean can get a team that does that. I have faith and more importantly, patience.

    4guards, Just curious, did you play a big or are you one of the 4 guards in your name?

  15. Before you all get too carried away, I think you need to take a look at the court 4guards played summer league ball with Odle. I understand it was quite a few years ago. He played more of a 3, but could easily spring to the post. The importance of a good board game should never be underestimated.

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