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Derek Elston reaches for a rebound against Michigan State. Chris Howell | Herald-Times





Because I got nothing else and The Flaming Lips are playing the Little 500 this year.


  1. Theres no highly rated player in the country that wants to come to IU to lose.We better preserve those 5 banners hanging in AH because it will be a long time before we see another..However one step at a time..a .500 season is looking pretty good

  2. Hugh or Korman, Crean has us believing there is no leadership at all, I don’t buy it. I imagine Dumes and Rivers voices were heard during the summer and during practice, I’m not saying this is a good thing. Do you think, because of experience, and because of how poorly this season has gone, Jordan Hulls and maybe Mo Creek will team up to help change the culture/voice this summer? I’d say VJ3 also except after his “I’m the man” performance in the Minny game, he hasn’t really shown any leadership at all these past 10+ games…if not Hulls who do you see/guess would be the player who finally shows leadership and helps push IU into a good identity of toughness, hatred of losing, togetherness, etc. Ala Chris Kramer at PU….is that player in an IU uniform yet?

  3. Fab5, I am thinking that it will be Creek next year as far as leadership goes. We miss Nick Williams more than anyone knows in that category!

  4. Creek was very outspoken about wanting to be the leader. He wanted that role and as the guy who was clearly becoming the offense’s No. 1 threat, he was on his way.

  5. Yes, I think Creek might step into that roll. Or possibly Elston. Those two are our most valuable assets at this time, for a number of reasons one of which is their burning desire to excel and win. If we had a half dozen with that fire in their bellies, we would be an upper division team.

  6. Im only going to comment on the Flaming Lips. How cool is it for them to play the Little 500. I have seen the Lips at Bonnaroo and even though Strange Wayne says he doesnt use drugs anymore, something must have been running through his system cause he talked more than he sang. Love these guys though, if you have never seen or listened to the Flaming Lips this would be a great opportunity for you to see some funky, spaced out, rock, heavy metal music. Thats right, they are all over the place and Wayne loves to cover his face in blood some time during each preformance in honor of some old jazz musician who was (I believe) shot and killed on stage. Wayne is a weird one, you would never think these cats were from Oklahoma, but they are true to school and like to funk the hell out. GO IU, GO FLAMING LIPS!!!!

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