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Cody Zeller drives to the lane during an AAU game in Assembly Hall last May. Monty Howell | Herald-Times


  • The Indiana staff spent Saturday watching the state tournament. They can do so again this Saturday, with five top prospects playing at four sites, I wrote.





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  1. So, what does Georgetown’s early exit mean for the story of young Moses Abraham? Do they lose some of their luster? Or does it just give their coaching staff more time to focus on recruitment?

  2. It tells me that the Big East is not this super best conference in America like all the experts or so called experts say. They were 1- 3 in games yesterday and in the NIT they were 1-3. They are not the Big East but the Little East. Even Villanova who is a 2 seed needed an overtime to beat Little Robert Morris. Georgetown was a 3 seed and could not beat Ohio! Come to IU Moses and help us rebuild into a great team who will not be over rated like the Big East.

  3. Is this Zeller the best of the three brothers? I’ve read mixed reports about this kid, but I would still like to see him come to IU.

  4. Cody is a hybrid between the two. I have only seen him play a handful of times, but he would be a good 4 man in Crean’s system. About as perfect as one could be.

  5. Here’s the Washington Post Article: Pretty interesting:

    Update on Moses Abraham
    I’ve gotten a lot of feedback on Sunday’s story on Maryland recruit Moses Abraham, so I thought I would provide an update for all those who are interested. For a couple of reasons, Abraham decided not to make his decision on Sunday, the primary one being that Indiana Coach Tom Crean made a big late push while in town to watch Hoosiers recruit Victor Oladipo and DeMatha in the City Title Game.

    Crean spoke with Joseph Boncore, who has looked after Abraham since the player arrived in the United States in November, on Sunday. Crean and two assistants had dinner with Boncore at Mama Lucia’s later Sunday night. Boncore said coaches from UCLA called him Sunday night to inquire about Abraham’s situation. Abraham spent Sunday evening at Georgetown’s Selection Sunday event, according to Boncore.

    Another factor contributing to Abraham putting off his decision was the delayed arrival of Ejike Ugboaja, a Nigerian native who was a second-round draft selection in 2006 by the Cleveland Cavaliers. Ugboaja runs basketball camps in Nigeria and discovered Abraham at one of those camps. He was the one who arranged for Abraham to come over to the United States and stay under Boncore’s care.

    Ugboaja remains an influential figure in Abraham’s life, and Abraham wanted the chance to discuss with Ugboaja all of his options before making a final choice. Ugboaja was supposed to arrive Sunday, but his flight was delayed until Monday afternoon.

    Indiana continued its push into the early part of this week. On Tuesday — the first day of a contact period for coaches under NCAA recruiting guidelines — Crean met with Abraham and implored him to take a visit to the Hoosiers’ Bloomington campus before making a decision. Abraham decided to accept the invitation and visit Indiana. According to Boncore, that visit will take place Tuesday, March 23. So a decision could come in the latter part of next week.

    As for Maryland, Boncore said he spoke to Terrapins coaches multiple times on Sunday, but has had no contact with them since then. At this point it would appear that Indiana and Georgetown are the two programs primarily in contention for Abraham’s services.

    By Steve Yanda | March 18, 2010; 6:37 PM ET

  6. With all the great talent coming out of the state, it’s funny how so many IU fans cling to the belief that signing Plumlee and/or Zeller is the only true sign that we are heading back down the right road for recruiting in-state.

    These guys are future role-players from overly fertile families who have consistently blown off IU, and will probably continue to do so. Yet, the more they shun us, the more we worship them and the more mythical and elusive they become.

    I am convinced that it is solely this “hard to get” behavior that is contributing to their legend.

  7. Tyler didn’t shun IU. He saw the low character of the guys on the team and didn’t want any part of it. I don’t blame him. I am not even sure IU offered Luke.

  8. 4guards-

    If both Zeller and Teague signed, who would you have leave the program? If we get MoAb for this next year, I believe we are overcommitted for 2011 with the 2 commitments we have already… Would you propose that either Carlino or Etherington not actually sign, or would you have people transfer?

    I ask because you’ve been so outspoken about Crean’s past with regard to transfers… You can’t always get what you want, so I gotta ask… What would 4guards do?

  9. First off, Crean should have never put himself in this predicament. Carlino and Etherington are solid and would definitely prefer they sign. Carlino especially. I hope Bawa transfers because he is just a waste of a scholarship for 3 more years. I hope Capo transfers as well. We have 7 people in that group now and Capo is the least talented outside of Bawa. Shehey and Oladipo should have never been signed.

  10. IU is going to have to come up with scholarships from somewhere, or it will just have to do without some recruits

    With Carlino, I don’t think you have to worry about Teague that much.

  11. The moment any of these guys trasnfer, 4guards will be here gloating about how he predicted the trasnfers and how terrible Crean is for letting it happen. Soap opera goes on.

  12. Jubilee-
    Agreed. Only reason Teague is still attractive is it might possibly make us look better to other 5-star talent down the road, especially in-state.

    The reason CTC is in this situation is because he let a bunch of guys go that didn’t play the type of basketball that he wanted to see at Indiana… Can’t say I disagree as I always thought KS’s teams were selfish and lazy underachievers, not to mention the discipline and drug issues. Yes I enjoyed the winning but they really should have been better. I wasn’t ever a fan of KS at all but I’m getting off the point. After those guys left, CTC had to put a team on the floor and I don’t see how to then get around the unbalanced classes… Taking it further, if you don’t sign Ola and Sheehey to save the schollies and don’t have anyone transfer out then it leaves us in a situation where we are insanely thin at the 2 and 3 next year, we will continue to have unbalanced classes, and will run into a situation down the road where we have a year where we can recruit no one because we will have no seniors graduating (barring, of course, the commitment of a one or two and done).

    I think the transfers are necessary in this case (not saying that I want it to become a pattern or to continue past the balancing of the classes) and I can agree with you about Bawa, although there is such limited evidence of his abilities it is hard to make a good prediction of his ceiling… I think I may rather have Capo than Pritch for his outside shot but there are a lot of small things that don’t appear in the box score that Pritchard does well.

  13. We must keep VIII, Watford, Hulls and Elston. Think that Capo’s spirit is needed! VO is a living highlight reel! The rest should be feeling a little uneasy, and rightfully so!

  14. Luke
    I think you forgot Creek on the must keeps, but agree on the rest of the must keeps. You know Capo’s worth when all you can say about him is his spirit is needed. He is expendable. VO may be a highlight reel, but he can’t hit a shot from outside 5 feet.

  15. I am from MD but go to IU. VO is a sick bball player. Dude has offensive talent in a defensive minded style. Crean loves hard nosed D. So do i for that matter. I think a bawa/Abraham tandum could be nasty with VJ3 and Hulls+creak/watford with elston and others coming off the bench.

    At IU, we need talent and depth. Two things which take time to develop. Little less whine, little more faith in the system.

  16. Coach 4disreguards has said so much over this season that it is hard for him to find something he can hang his hat on. Hell he talks about VO as if he has watched every game from the bench. OH the wisdom of Coach 4disregurds.

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