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NCAA Minnesota Xavier Basketball

Xavier’s Jordan Crawford drives and makes a scoop shot during his game against Minnesota on Friday. Associated Press


  • Indiana high jumper Derek Drouin is the best at his sport in the NCAA and is closing in on the Canadian record, Dustin Dopirak writes.


  • Jordan Crawford is an assassin, a highly trained scorer who destroyed Minnesota on Friday, the Cincinnati Enquirer’s Paul Daughtery writes. He played so well his stay at Xavier could very brief.

Here, by the way, is Crawford’s ridiculous shot from yesterday, a driving scoop that evoked Dr. J.



I bought a car yesterday. A family car. A nice Saturn wagon. Driving back from Greenwood and the Ray Skillman dealership, I noticed a CD was already in the system. I pressed play and this is what came out: Neko Case’s “This Tornado Loves You.”


  1. Sadly, no discussion would be complete about the former IU players under Sampson without mentioning wanting to see their drug test results…

  2. Watching the Minn/Xavier game, an CBS announcer said that Tubby Smith ” all but taken the coaching job at Auburn.” Is there any truth behind this ??? Can’t find any info on the websites.

  3. It is sad. It also casts aspersions on their new programs. One commentator mentioned the great coaching job that had been done with Crawford this season. He said that Crawford began the season overweight, selfish, and with a generally bad attitude. One wonders what was going on that a member of CBS Sports would make such a comment.

  4. My thought watching them was that I bet Eric Gordon was miserable that year knowing now what was really going on. He seemed like a straight up kid and I’m sure in the end regretted he came to IU. So hard being a hoosier fan and not being a part of March Madness. Starting to worry if we ever will be good enough to be a contender again. Sad. So Sad

  5. I am glad that we are doing it the right way and not the Kentucky way. I would have felt ill if we had gone from KS to another sleaze like Calipari. Kentucky fans are used to it, though. They don’t care.

  6. Once again we have an Indiana Basketball site devoted to former player who transferred after he was part of the bringing down the program along with others. Why the love affair with these guys? Don’t understand it. So the kid scores a billion points. So what? Other kids have had good games in the tourney, but we have to report on the former players and then play the what if game. Absolutely ridiculous.

  7. Jadlow,

    Not a whole lot going on right now in the world of IU, especially when it relates to the purpose of Hoosier Morning (bringing you IU news from across the Internet). We’ve rarely, if ever, mentioned the former IU guys during the season. But they are playing very well on a very big stage, and IU is a part of their story.

  8. I choose to see the positive in the cases of Bassett and Crawford: these are two 3-star guards who, now in their 3rd year, are experienced veterans leading their teams deeper into the tournament.

    They are good examples of what upper-end 3 star recruits give you once they have some experience. They definitely show us the value of patience. If we were to be like 4tards, and judge both of these players based on what they did in year 1, we’d never develop anyone.

  9. I was a big proponent of Bassett and Crawford until I found out about their off court and attitude problems. I was a major fan of theirs on the court. By the way, Crawford is only in his second year of playing such as Jones and Pritchard.

  10. Crawford’s chronological age is the equivalent of a Junior, there is a difference. Jones and Pritchard will also be better next year as Juniors.

  11. People inevitably believe what they want to.
    Bobby Knight gave Jay Edwards a chance to get his act together. We sent these kids off with a lot of labels attached to their names. What most do not enjoy is that they are proving many of those labels to be wrong. I hope these guys are staying away from drugs and have found people that choose not to give up on them. I certainly had my share of problems as a teenager and believe it to be exceedingly cold-hearted to not want these kids to have a better life because they haven’t lived a mistake-free life. If wanting these kids to have a little success makes me any less a Hoosier fan than the rest of you, then so be it. I thoroughly enjoyed watching Armon light it up against Georgetown…Thoroughly enjoyed it.

  12. Sour grapes. We need to stop trying to smear the names of former players with internet gossip and take our medicine. The last two years of IU hoops has been beyond awful and many different groups can point to many reasons as to why we deserve it.

  13. Don’t forget about Ben Allen. Playing for Saint Marys and is in the Sweet Sixteen. He improved a lot since leaving here. Also no drug speculation going on with the Australian.

  14. What happened to the great Alford? Getting blown away. He must be a terrible coach. No way he’s replacing crean now like 4tards claims

  15. Bob-

    In Alford’s defense, he ran into a juggernaut today. Even Tom Crean couldn’t have beat the Dawgs tonight.


  16. Hell Bloomington South would play .500 ball against every team in the MW. SA is coaching right at the appropriate level of competition.

  17. 4tards must not have worn his alford red blazer, prayer beads, and candy stripe pants, chanting and praying to his alford altar.

  18. A few more bits of wisdom related to the Huskies’ junior center from London, England…

    “The Huskies led by as many as 23 (68-45). The Lobos (30-5) didn’t have an answer for center Matthew Bryan-Amaning (15 points and nine rebounds) and never mounted a serious comeback.

    For the third time in six years, Washington advances to the round of 16.

    “It feels good,” Bryan-Amaning said. “Feels like a dream come true.”

  19. Butler won their game by going to a 4 guard lineup. That’s 4 guards. Just saying that an Indiana team, with Indiana players, used a 4 guard lineup to win the game and go to the sweet 16.

  20. GooFyDave,
    Butler won that game with Howard and Hayward both in the game for the defensive stop. Butler was forced to use a 4 guard lineup for part of the second half due to foul trouble. They do not usually use it. Don’t manipulate the facts.

  21. Coach 4disreguards, Butler played all but 6:04 of the second half with 4realguards. If that was such a disadvantage to them why in the hell didn’t Murray State take advantage and take over the game.

    ANSWER: 4realguards would not let them.

    Read some books, study game film, attend some seminars and clinics. Maybe it will be of some help, maybe. But all of your past posts do not indicate such.

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