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Washington’s Cody Zeller dunks against Edgewood earlier this season. Jeremy Hogan | Herald-Times





A really cool YouTube video using the NBA’s playoffs theme and applying it to Jimmy Chitwood’s shot in “Hoosiers.”


  1. Interesting article by Morrison. While I agree MoAb is not a savior, he definitely gives us a post presence we are sorely lacking and a style of play that would not be found with Zeller or Plumlee. While he may not be a threat to step out and shoot, if he can develop a good enough move or two around the basket his physical presence overwhelms the benefits of the aforementioned. After all, it is the lack of physicality and toughness that made many of our games nearly too painful to watch this year… To me, that alone makes him a potential key piece to speeding up our rebuilding process and makes him at least worth some of the attention his situation has brought, the number of stars next to his name be damned.

  2. I thought the Morrison article was off a little bit.

    No he isn’t going to be a savior, but we need a big man in the middle to help with defense. Calling him just another average recruit could be a stretch, especially with his offer list.

    Somebody explain to him that rankings don’t mean that much.. Rautins was a 5 star recruit, and I’m sure all those guys for Cornell were ranked in the top 100.

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