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Indiana coach Bill Lynch walks off the field with his son Billy during fall camp last season. Chris Howell | Herald-Times


  • Much like Indiana installed the pistol offense last spring, Bill Lynch is looking to bring in elements of the 3-4 defense during spring practice, Dustin Dopirak writes.
  • Moses Abraham is expected to take his official visit today, Dustin writes.
  • D’Angelo Roberts, one of IU’s top targets, got an offer from Cincinnati Monday, I wrote.





Old school. 2Pac’s “Changes.”


  1. Is there any possible way to have a live camera to follow Moses around all day?

    Maybe 4guards can wear one of those secret spy cams and follow him around all day.

  2. The weather is beautiful today. I wouldn’t be surprised with a verbal from MOAB by the end of the day.

  3. Crean should introduce MA to 4tards…..and then tell MA that 4tards is a new assistant at GU and will be in charge of all the bigs. This should secure a commit from MA about, oh I don’t know, 30 seconds after that ?

  4. The update is:

    Moses came on down to Bloomington. He saw some stuff. He spoke to some people.

    An Indiana source tells me the visit has gone well so far, but I can’t really see a way it wouldn’t.

    We’ll know more when MoAb leaves town and is able to share his thoughts.

  5. According to Hutch, we are also bringing in Wilkins for an official.
    Are we doing some more house creaning? The scholarship situation will always be a mess here under Tan. So much for the abundance of Indiana talent in the 11,12,and 13 classes.

  6. 4tards and his Crean attacks are about as funny as his idol Alford getting burned by a much lower seed.

  7. 4guards,

    So if he holds those scholarships and we have another bad year next year are you going to give him a pass?
    Can’t have it both ways. He needs more big guys to win, and you have said this.

  8. Is that the best response you have when your almighty Alford crumbled in the tournament? You hyped him up all year, yet he had problems and showed he’s human, just like Crean. People won’t let you off the hook with this one. 4tards is the forum punching bag, and you’re too ignorant to know it.

  9. Jubilee,
    The guys he is going after (except Abraham) are not going to help next years team. This includes Oladipo and Shehey. He was out of passes with me after year 1. This is his 3rd recruiting class.
    What is going to happen is what he has done his entire coachiing career. Bring in a bunch of mediocre talent and have transfers every year after they don’t work out. That is a bad model for many reasons.
    Bad reputation at Marquette for transfers. First year here resulted in mass exits. Second year he lost Williams and Story. Third year…..

  10. AARP,
    Alford made it to the second round of the tournament with a hobbled New Mexico team, while we sat at home watching with one of the greatest programs in college basketball history.
    Not sure of your point.

  11. Half the time you slam Crean for trasnfers, in the other half of your posts you beg for the trasnfers of players. Typical troll behavior. Yet more excuses for Alford. Going with your logic used against Crean, Alford should have been able to coach around injuries, or have developed his team better to handle the injury. Izzo did it, even Painter. Excuses excuses.

  12. AARP, I “beg” for Crean to stop signing people who don’t deserve scholarships. This way we can avoid the transfer problem. There will always be some transfers, but not to the outrageous extent Crean deals with. Muniru and Capo didn’t deserve scholarships last year. Oladipo and Shehey don’t deserve scholarships this year.
    We are going to be oversigned for next year before this class is even done with. How do we go full throttle after Teague, Zeller, Plumlee, and Davis?

  13. Crean has made this very clear for some time now that we might have trasnfers. He has also made it very clear that when you rebuild, you have to take chances on players that normally wouldn’t suit up for IU. We need to field a team before we can sign any of these 5 star kids. You’ll spin anything he does into a negative, so there’s no point explaning anything to you.

  14. 4guards in reference to your post at 10:52…only you could be out of passes for anyone (except the one you have a one sided bromance with in NM) that was put in the position that Crean was put in the first year he was here, hell he was lucky to get anyone to come here and play with what was going on. So last years group of freshmen were really his first and only group of recruits, which by the way just about everyone regarded as a top 10 recruiting class nationally and as far as the current class goes it is still a work in progress but yet you call it a failure without even knowing for sure what it will look like when he is done with it let alone know how they will fare on the court. Jubilee was dead on when he said what he did about the schollys and you.

    You remind me of a woman with a nonstop case of PMS no wait a minute that is unfair to any woman with that problem as they have no control over that while you are that way by choice. Yet another example of your brillant decision making.

  15. 4guards,

    You have a right to state your opinions, which you do. Having said that, how can you expect that anyone believes that you know more than anyone else? You make unequivocal statements but don’t substantiate any of them.

    I am going to use one word to describe you. Now, this word would not have been my first choice but it will not get me in trouble with the powers that be. STUBBORN. By the way, I stole that word from Mr. Korman. Can you guess who he was referring to?

  16. Millport,
    You and Korman are correct. I am stubborn on this topic. Quite frankly, I am stubborn because I know I am right about this guy.

  17. 4guards, just for the record, why don’t you tell those of us that do not believe that the sun rises and sets on Alford’s a$$ exactly what YOU feel like is acceptable progress in any or all aspects for the upcoming bball season, short of Crean leaving.

  18. You can either be opposed to numerous transfers OR you can be a fan of Bobby Knight but you cannot be both. Nobody had more transfers than RMK. There is a third option. That would be hypocrite.

  19. You are in a some kind of wierd little dream world that only you can be in if you think anything less than a NCAA birth is unacceptable. While I believe it is not completely impossible I am more than just a little bit more realistic than you and understand that it is more than likely not going to happen. Only the great one out west could assure us something of this magnitude would take place but then again he would be looking at it as playing in his sad little conference out there and not in the B10 and if you try to compare the records of IU and NM you only serve to further prove that your knowledge of bball is smaller than even that of a pUKe or purdon’t fan but then again that may very well be exactly what you are.

  20. so how many years is it going to take Tan Cream to get us into the tournament? 3 is not enough?
    His first class will be upper classmen.

  21. Coach 4disreguards is the ultimate expert in D1 college BB. He is so revered that his wisdom earns him the respect and admiration of all the BB world. Do not disagree with his hoops wisdom for he can cause transfers and defections and loss of scholarships with the blink of an eye. He is all to college basketball.

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