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Former Hoosier Damon Bailey goes for the tipoff against Concord in the 1990 state championship game. It’s been 20 years since Bailey and Bedford North Lawrence won the title. Herald-Times photo


  • Twenty years after more than 40,000 people packed into the RCA Dome to watch Damon Bailey and Bedford North Lawrence win the state title, Lynn Houser caught up with Bailey and the other members of that team for a retrospective.
  • Jared Sabourin has steadily built up one of the best hitting careers in Indiana’s history and, this season, has added the long ball to his bag of tricks, Dustin Dopirak writes.





The New Pornographers’ “Crash Years.”


  1. Damon had a great attitude,and what Indiana basketball once was.I hope TC can get us back to them days when the players were passionate about playing at Indiana.I agree with 4guards on this one.’GOOD MEMORIES’

  2. Interesting. Bill Beck did this story for the Elkhart Truth some weeks back, except from the other side…talking to ex-Concord players. They all said Bailey should have been called for a charge with three (?) minutes left in the game, which would have been his fifth and final foul. Instead, it wasn’t called, and the rest is history. Hmmmm

  3. I will take it to my grave that if they were all healthy they would have beaten Duke down in that final 4 game many years back…

    I have never been more proud to be a Hoosier watching those guys play team basketball. Nover, G Graham, Cheaney, Bailey, Leary, Reynolds, Evans, Henderson and many more. Wow, it does bring back great memories!

  4. J Pat-

    I believe we were healthy in the final 4 game against Duke (I’m assuming you are talking about ’92). The way I remember that game was Ted Valentine fouling out all our players. That was when Leary nearly brought back with his late 3-point shooting. In ’93 we lost Henderson before the tourney and fell to Kansas in the elite 8. I have no doubt we would have won it all that year either.

  5. That game became the summit to long standing belief Duke gets the calls. In one game Ted Valentine single handedly destroyed my decades held notion officials were impartial. Even though he never touched the ball and his name did not show up in the team statistics he was the sixth man on the floor for the Duke the whole game. In my mind Valentine has always been a scoundrel first and a very poor official second.

  6. thought Baileys back was bugging him at that time buy maybe I am wrong. Remember Laetener stepping on people, cannot stand him.

  7. It is correct that the ’92 Final Four against Duke was when Greg Graham, Calbert, Alan Henderson and maybe Damon fouled out. Valentine was determined to take the baseline drive away from IU by calling anything in which the Duke player was below the FT line a charge. Of course that was Calbert’s best move, driving the baseline.

    ’93 was when we lost to Kansas in the Final Eight. I have hated Kansas ever since (and didn’t like them much before). I danced around the living room Sunday as Northern Iowa made the Jaysucks cry on the sideline. This hatred has been extended to Roy Williams at UNC (though I didn’t like them much before either).

    A friend commented a while back that Damon must have been one of the most disappointing players Knight ever had. I responded by showing him my ‘Hoosier Handbook’ that shows Damon in IU’s all-time top ten scorers, assisters, stealers and 3-point shooters by percentage, number taken and number made when he graduated. Discussion over–Damon had a great career!

  8. The bar was set so high for Damon that anything short of multiple championships (NCAA) was going to be considered a disappointment. He was a great college basketball player.

  9. i agree there was no way damon was going to live up to expectations.i admit, i expected more from him but he was still one of the top 20 players in history.

  10. Hugh-

    I don’t get out much. Cello adds a nice deep mellow flavor to the upbeat. Enjoyed the few notes of cello.

    Thanks for introducing me to some new sounds.

  11. Korman, Hugh, Dustin,
    Has there been any talk/evidence/rumor recently of two things: 1) possible Zeller/Zeller combo at IU. Chance/hope of Cody coming to IU as a frosh and Tyler transferring from UNC. Tyler is rumored to be somewhat unpleased there, Cody is being heavily recruited by Crean. In two years they could be heroes together at IU…2ndly, What is the latest on the assistant coach position, Dopirak have you submitted your application? haha

  12. Fab5,

    There have been rumors ever since Tyler arrived in Chapel Hill that he was unhappy. He has repeatedly denied it, and it really seems like just wishful thinking back home.
    I covered UNC for several seasons, and their players are always guys who love competition. They crave it. They want to earn their spot. The only transfer during the Roy Williams era, I believe, was Alex Stepheson, who went to USC so he could be close to his sick father.

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