Indiana 88, Northwestern 80 (OT)

Jordan Hulls had a season-high 24 points — all on 3-pointers — as the Hoosiers ended an 11-game losing streak on Senior Night.

Hulls hit 8-of-12 from 3, and this here box score proves it.

[3:10 UPDATE]

After an emotional Senior Day ceremony, Tom Crean has entered the press room.

He’ll need to take a look at the video to see what went wrong on IU’s last possession in regulation, but his initial reaction was that something broke down and the movement wasn’t there.

He’s proud of how his freshmen fought today.

On Hulls: “He hit some huge shots. He also had that airball that Bobby (Capobianco) turned into something.”

On Hulls and Derek Elston, the two Indiana kids on the team: “Neither one of those are just program guys. … They’re going to have a hand in turning it around.”

On effort: “I would put their effort and their desire to get better with any team I’ve ever coached. … That’s why it’s going to turn.”

On the overall direction of the program: “I know exactly where we want to go with it. It’s not always clear how we’re going to get there, but it’s getting clearer.”

[3:45 UPDATE]

Some audio for you to give a listen to when you get the time:

[5:26 UPDATE]

More audio

AUDIO: Tom Crean talks about winning with four freshman and a sophomore on the floor

AUDIO: Verdell Jones says this shows IU has actually been working

AUDIO: Bobby Capobianco tells the tale of Jordan Hulls’ airball and his putback

AUDIO: Christian Watford calls it a “sign of hope.”


  1. Incredible win for the boys. In spite of all the struggles this year, we managed to beat a 23-win team, a 19-win team, and a 17 win team All the more impressive considering we are one of the worst three-point shooting teams I have ever seen.

    There is one area, though, where we will never measure up to Northwestern:


    F – Luka Mirkovic, NW
    F – John Shurna, NW
    C – Mike Tisdale, ILL
    G – Brendan Cougill, IA
    G – Alex MarcoTulio, NW

  2. Yeguete seemed like he enjoyed the game. Was taking lots of pictures and taking everything in. He was sitting next to Chris Reynolds, and just happened to sit by former IU great Ray Tolbert as well. I hope the experience made a difference. I doubt we are getting Abraham.

  3. Well, this means that 4guards won’t be posting for a couple days. He just can’t stand it when the Hoosiers win.

  4. The youngsters took a big step toward growing up today. I am very proud of the whole bunch. Great win for the team–they really needed to win. Also the coaches did well adjusting to the changing defenses by NW in the 2nd half…particularly the full court press. Nice job.

  5. Chet,
    You must have missed my post in the other thread saying this was a nice win and saying this is a prime example of why we need to recruit and play Indiana kids. You can even get a good laugh at some idiot saying that was a racist comment somehow.

  6. Great win vs a great team. Looks like TC has addressed the issues of this team. Now we can get on with the rest of our season in style. Looks like everyone blindly following TC was right. He is the best coach for IU. We will continue to hand it to NW every year while TC is here. I predict we will lose only one more game under TC this season.

  7. …”blindly following TC” (?) I don’t know who you are trying to blow smoke at but it is only blinding you.

  8. Does anyone who went to the game have any more details of the Crean booing? It sounds like it was pretty brutal.

  9. There were some in Devan’s fan section who were pretty upset that he wasn’t in for the final minute. That was the only Crean booing I heard.

  10. I was at the game, stayed for all the speeches, heard no booing. I was not near the Dumes section.

  11. Also, Jobe’s speech was awesome. Very emotional, I pray for his family and that he continues to be very strong in life.

  12. Ah, unsubstantiated claims of unrest from the ever obsessive 4guards. I love his diversionary tactics: IU wins a game that demonstrates solid coaching, hustle and execution, so he has stretch for something he can pin on Crean. I know you were desperately hoping we’d get blown out in the game so you could wear your skirt and bounce your anti-Crean Pom Poms with glee. Don’t worry sugar, IU’s last game in the tourney will likely produce a tough game for us, so you’ll get that opportunity one last time. I hope you have a new cheer ready as regular stuff is getting rather stale.

  13. Jordan Cohen is the one who brought it up on the live game chat. I was not at the game and he was. He said Crean was getting boo’d by the crowd.
    I just asked if anybody had any more details on this. I didn’t expect the Crean Apologists crowd to own up to it. I was asking the objectionable people.

  14. What is funny about 4guards is all of the inside information on transfers, coaching changes, even the crowd booing Crean. All this while not even being at the game. That must be some crystal ball 4guards has.

  15. It was actually Zach Osterman.

    Zach Osterman: OK, I swear this is t
    he last time. They’re showing a montage of great players and coaches on the big screen hear. Tom Crean received a … cold reception.
    4guards: Zach, did they boo him?
    Zach Osterman: Very much so, 4guards. Lustily, even.

  16. Osterman was at the Bradley Center, bud. Now do some research: Why would Crean ever be booed at the Bradley Center?

    I’ll give you a hint- it’s not because people were glad he wasn’t there.

  17. Yeah, 4guards, check your facts. No one booed Coach Crean yesterday at Assembly Hall. In fact, the alumni were on their feet more for this game than any other this season.


    5. Excavated a tunnel from Bloomington to DeKalb, Illinois. By hand.

    4. Designed a countertop trout-skinning appliance, complete with bone-crusher and composter

    3. Earned a PhD in Physics from MIT

    2. Opened the first successful Starbucks franchise in Kabul

    1. Doggie-paddled to Capetown, South Africa, and back, with a 7-day break in Bermuda at the island’s finest bed-and breakfast

  19. ^fabulous stuff. I can only hope it was written by an old friend named “Julius Peppers”.

  20. 4guards and the rest,

    Zach Osterman was not in Bloomington yesterday. He was in Milwaukee, covering the Notre Dame-Marquette game.

    A video clip of Tom Crean was, in fact, booed at that game.

    The folks in Bloomington seemed pleased with Mr. Crean yesterday.

  21. well thanks for clearing that up for the ones who did so respectfully. I was wrong (not intentionally). I was only in on the chat briefly. That is why I was asking for more details, but I am one of the few on here that will admit when I am wrong like now.

  22. If you would have spun it in the opposite direction it also could have been claimed as unintentional. Your credibility and BS have equal value. You should try writing novels.

  23. Hey 4turds,

    No booing in the building. NONE. I was there.

    Why don’t you come to a game, and then comment?
    The only “objectionable” people around here right now is YOU.

    Spout, and spout all your negative crap, and you’re not even there?!?!


    From now on you should begin every comment/post with “I have no clue what I’m talking about, but here goes anyway . . .”

    That was an awesome crowd, and an awesome day for all of us who were there. Big thanks to team, coaches, crowd, band, cheerleaders, . . .

    The seniors went out winners, the future is bright, and how about the youngsters? Hulls, Elston, Watford, and Cappo? They all played very hard emotional basketball. Kept their poise. NW is not a superpower by any means, but a bigten win is still a win! IU basketball is on its way back.

    Been there, seen it before, BA 1983–MS 1988. Know it when I see it, and here it comes!! Get on board. Gonna be a sweet ride.

    Or sit on the side and Pi$$ and moan and miss it all. Your loss.

  24. KevinKlein,
    I go to games every year. I cannot make it to every game though. Actually I probably will not attend another game until Crean is gone.
    and yes we are on our way back…. we beat NW at home in overtime. YAY! Have we really fallen that far. Come on man, act like we have been there before.

  25. ….and yes Northwestern used to be the laughing stock of the Big10 until Crean came into town.

  26. 4tards really runs the show around here, as people like Kevin continue to remind us. If 4tards wasn’t around, there would only be about 1/4th the amount of posting on this blog.

    Kevin, in the time you just wasted by arguing with 4tards, you could have:

    5. Created a sourdough starter from scratch, leading to some of the most delicious home-made heavenly loaves of bread imaginable

    4. Written a concise and insightful editorial in the Bloomington Herald about the need for more recycling in our community

    3. Sent Christian Watford an e-card congratulating his imminent Big Ten Freshman of the Year Award

    2. Developed an anti-freeze solution for your weed whacker

    1. Complained to the NCAA about the hideous and uber-annoying practice of “TV timeouts”, that is, stopping the flow of a game so that a few miserable frickin’ companies can advertise

  27. I agree, if anyone has posted this past season they would have known 4guards really deserves all he gets. He actually asks for it. If you don’t like Crean that fine, but constantly reminding us is a little mind numbing. Please, move on with hating something else!!! For those that remind us not to argue with him… well, its tough and if a guys willing to constantly put it out there that he hates some part of Indiana’s program I think other people have every right to express there differences in his opinion.

    Kevin K. you make a great point about the officiating though. I was watching the Notre Dame UCONN game the other day and the difference is unbelievable. They seem to do a good job of calling fouls when they are: 1)Deserved 2)When it changes the outcome of a shot/play/rebound etc… and not making themselves the center of the game. The big ten is definitely a rough league, but the officiating is ridiculous. I really think big ten teams struggle in the tournament because of it. They dont know how to play through a lot of the calls that would of normally been called in the big ten. Its an interesting point and I’m sure some would disagree, saying that the big ten lacks talent which is true, but the Big Ten officiating needs to take it easy with the hand checks and 30/40 plus fouls per game. They effect the flow of the game and usually momentum is broken by untimely called fouls during BIG TEN play. What do you think??

  28. RHF-

    No doubt, but here’s the thing: he NEVER listens. I could gather a list of all the requests made to 4tards to be more reasonable or carry his act elsewhere, and the list would extend from Bloomington all the way to GF Dave’s house in Virginia ( typed in 12 point, Times New Roman font).

    NOT ONCE has he made any sort of rational, reasonable attempt to see the other side of the coin or recognize the complexity and challenges of the program’s situation. As far as I am concerned, he is worthless to try to talk to.

    You know the religious whackoes on campus who scream at you that you are going to hell? Do you stop and try to reason with them? Of course not. They feed off of your feeble attempts to use reason and logic with them; it makes them feel stronger. Such is 4tards.

    DO you know that out of the 30-something posts on this thread, all but one have a reference to 4 tards?

    By the way, I am disappointed in myself. In the time it took me to write this post, I could have changed my cat’s litter box, which, by the way, is a far more gratifying experience than arguing with 4tards.

  29. Julius, You are wrong once again. I even went as far as to change my username to appease some of the Crean Apologists. I guess maybe I did listen to a request after all. Get your facts straight.

  30. This should answer some of the questions about the booing above. I was at the game in section L Row 20. There was one individual the was booing crean and he was a member of the Dumes family. Most of there group had already gone down to the floor for Dumes speech. After he booed CTC he went down as well. Something tells me there family didn’t agree with the amount of playing time he receives. Everyone else in the area was loudly cheering for CTC.

  31. I think it hilarious that 4guards wants us to believe that he joined in the chat yesterday just in time to be confused about the booing. Pathetic. Rumor mongering is beginning to be a speciality. Crean being booed at the Hall. McLeod being replaced by Tolbert (I loved that one). Transfers galore. HA. What a boob.

    Also nobody is apologizing for Crean. It isn’t required. That’s your premise, not ours, and I for one reject it out of hand. We have a good coach who will be with us awhile. But I can guarantee you that you owe all of us an apology and you should issue it as you escort your sad ass out the door.

  32. Last nights win was CLEARLY an indictment on the coaching staff. Where would this team be if he had started playing the young kids earlier in the season. And don’t give me the BS about them not being ready. The team was awful! They needed the experience. I remember somebody saying that less Dumes and Rivers would equal more W’s. Who was that, oh right ME. Coach Crean should have not wasted a season playing Dumes and Rivers, who are less that average big ten players. I also love all these people who are happy with a team that won 4 games in the big ten. I’m sure your the same people who think we shouldn’t keep score in little league. If you have never been in a competitive situation in your life, then you should not be allowed to post. HC-GF-JP are among them. You guys couldn’t have made the intramural teams, and they don’t cut anybody.

  33. ‘4tards’…I like that. It is both poetic and extremely accurate in description. It has staying power. Henceforth, all references to the individual commonly referred to as Sir Poopershoot shall refer to him as ‘4tards’. Something has been accomplished today.

  34. Did anyone notice that 4tards said he will not be attending any games for the next 2-3 decades?

  35. I will actually agree in that I wish CTC had gone with the younger players a little earlier in the season. Even had we still lost, it would have been nice to see if the younger guys could have developed their games better than Rivers and Dumes. I can see the point that Rivers is a maddening tease with his quickness and athletic and defensive abilities but he seems unable to do anything about his decision making and turnovers. I also think CTC did the right thing all year with Dumes, he came off the bench the majority of the season and there were several times when he’d have a bad first half and barely see the court in the second. If you wanted even less playing time for him than that, though, were you prepared to accept the reality of Daniel Moore being one of our first options off the bench?

    As far as being happy with a 4 Big 10 win team, I don’t think there’s a single person in here that thinks it would be acceptable for the program to remain stagnant and see no improvment past this mark. However, there is a difference between that and understanding exactly how flat our program was steamrolled after KS and staying optimistic about the future, even after ungodly losing streaks like the one broken yesterday. We’re all fans here and we’re all suffering the same. CTC certainly hasn’t proven anything yet, but what did you honestly expect given the situation he walked into?

  36. youwill, I work in sports for a living, played high school and college for a while as well as…yes you guessed it…tons of intramurals. In fact, my intramural team played on Assmebly hall court for the Championship, we won. Of course I am not happy with this season but Crean has not been here 2 full seasons so I am cutting him and the team some slack. Next year as I have written on here will be a different story on how I view the team with wins/losses. take care and I will take you on the court or field any day, ha!

  37. 4tards, you are retarded. nice try stiring up something that doesnt exist. go cry because IU won with Crean as coach. dont you have some PU or New Mex games to cheer for?

  38. GooFyDave,
    It looks like Mcleod is being replaced after all? Who called it first? your old friend 4guards.

  39. Hell even a blind sow finds an acorn by luck. You have no vision. You are like any pretender of fortune telling. All you do is throw all the negative mud in the bucket on the wall and hope something might stick. Dam glad you won’t be back in AH for decades.

  40. Now if he would just agree to stop posting for the duration!


    I rewatched the game on video after I got home saturday night/sunday early morn. And at the end of the game there was a possession when VJIII got called for 5 seconds and you can watch it–the official did not even finish the 5th arm pump counting before the call, and he was pumping pretty fast, also near the end with NU at the line, on the rebound Watford was pushed in the back completely across the lane. The official is directly behind him and swallowed the whistle…watching the ball? Is he going to call a foul on the ball???

    I probably should not surmise that–as pathetic as it has been that might happen yet during the league tournament. I’m sure they would credit the fouls to TP. Disgusting.

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