1. Umm … make a new Twitter account? But, I just took hgdownunder so you’ll have to pick something else.

  2. so what’s the deal with the bad attitude? Crean lecturing Rivers on the bench and Rivers waves him off after Crean turns his back. Dumas standing around the court doing nothing, not moving in any sort of offense. Why can’t Crean see this and sit these guys down?

  3. Thank goodness for STEVE ALFORD. What a disaster Crean has let this season turn into. The offense is so out of control. These players don’t fit his system. Out of control play game after game. That is why the fans are starting to turn. Major pressure on the recruiting front due to all the players Crean and staff have missed out on for 2010. The bottom is starting to drop out!!!

    Send help!!

  4. FINAL: PU 74, IU 55.
    IU: Jones 15, 4ast; Elston 13, 7reb; Hulls 8; Watford 7, 5reb; Rivers 6; Capobianco 2; Pritchard 2; Muniru 2.
    IU: 23-59 (39%) FG; 5-16 (31%) 3PT; 4-5 (80%) FT; 33 reb; 18 TO; 12 (25) fouls.
    PU: 24-49 (49%) FG; 5-13 (39%) 3PT; 21-31 (68%) FT; 24 reb; 8 TO; 6 (11) fouls.
    PU: E.Moore 21, 6reb; Kramer 18, 6ast; Johnson 14, 7reb, 4blk; Jackson 9, 5ast; Grant 5; Hart 3; Barlow 2; Bade 2.

  5. OK, defense or not I will finally say that Elston should be playing a lot more than he has. I am tired of losing, wow! I will stick with the coaching staff until next season and then I let it all hang out!

  6. I see no bottom falling out. The loss of a big shot of scoring power from Creek, and the extra deep threat provided by Roth, changed dramatically the numerous options/ schemes for attacking defenses. This is a very young team. Their bodies have worn down as season progressed. Their hearts have worn down. The nucleus of a very good team is in place. I’ve actually gained more respect for Crean as the season nears its conclusion. He has kept his optimism and done his best with the thin experience and fragile spirit of kids going up against players with time-tested toughness built from repeated demands of a deep and balanced conference. I hope we don’t lose a single player to the transfer rumors. These hard times will be rewarded. The cream and crimson will be back.

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