1. I wish this team all of the luck in the world tonight. Some of us have not given up and will still root like hell tonight. Yes, I am worn down a bit and I am sure they are too but we are the Indiana Hoosiers baby!!!

  2. I will be rooting right there with you. I think we can get it done tonight if Hulls, Elston, and Watford get major minutes.

  3. I’m following the game on Sportsline, and at one point it said Matt Roth was going in. Surely that’s not right?? We wouldn’t waste a year of eligibility for a game or two? Tell me it ain’t so!!!

  4. And Northwestern begins to pull away now, so our season has again ended in the 1st round of the Big Ten Tournament. Hopefully we get near .500 next year.

  5. Where was elston the second half? What in the hell is wrong with crean, is he working on getting us a better first round pick. This man should be fired NOW.

  6. FINAL: NU 73, IU 58.
    IU: Jones 20, 5ast; Elston 10, 9reb; Watford 9, 6reb; Rivers 6; Hulls 5; Pritchard 5; Dumes 2; Capobianco 1.
    IU: 20-46 (44%) FG; 5-15 (33%) 3PT; 13-17 (77%) FT; 26 reb; 19 TO; 15 (21) fouls.
    NU: 24-58 (41%) FG; 7-31 (23%) 3PT; 18-20 (90%) FT; 27 reb; 7 TO; 12 (20) fouls.
    NU: Thompson 16; Shurna 14, 7reb; Nash 13; Curletti 12; Marotullio 8; Crawford 6; Capocci 4.

  7. team will work hard and only be better next year. im looking forward to crean and a stronger hoosiers team. all you ninny trolls can go celebrate IUs loss, like you always do

  8. we’ll get there. the improvement was evident from the beginning of the year to today. super young core, will only get better.

  9. I don’t think the team is pathetic at all. There is talent, and
    some of it is good with great potential. Of course, others more
    My primary concern and confusion is the substitution patterns.
    It has happened all year: They look good, are meshing and here
    come the substitutions. Not usually just one, but 2, even 3. As
    early as 2 minutes into a game. Momentum gone.
    Today they played decently and had a lead. Substitutions were
    made early in the 2nd half and they seemed to just quit. Lost
    the lead, players who helped lose the lead stayed in.
    So we lost.
    I just don’t understand the rationale!

  10. Roth didn’t play. Moore went in for a very short time.

    I agree with everyone who wants to know why Elston sat on
    the bench most of the 2nd half. Like I said, I don’t understand
    the substitutions and why players stay in who are not getting
    the job done.

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