Interesting words from Mark Carlino on IU

Found this on the Arizona Daily Star’s Arizona blog. It was from Mark Carlino, Matt’s father, and in response to a question about whether Matt could recommit to Indiana.

At this point in time, probably not,” Mark Carlino said. “He knows as much as needs to know about Indiana.”There were some things he felt he had some questions about. The program is going through a major overhaul. The coaches were great. Indiana was offering him anything he could have wanted. Certainly, they didn’t recruit over him. But they were not just rebuilding but building from scratch. At the end of the day, the process was something he thought would take longer.”

There is also a report (subscription required) indicating UCLA is in the lead for Carlino. It also suggests Carlino could graduate early and enroll at a college this fall (ala Duke’s Andre Dawkins). That is the first time I have heard this.


  1. Well it more bluntly states what Matt implied! The best thing for the Carlinos to do would be to head back to Az! It will be interesting to see if he still plays with Indiana Elite this summer!

  2. So, instead of being a key block in the “building from scratch” that could land him in the tourney in a couple years and put him up against much better competition, he’s chasing the girls and musty old championship banners out in Westwood, playing against the weakest “high-major” conference in the country.

    Like our PR man BGleas, I would dearly like to know the real reason two kids turned their back on IU within a week…hopefully they’ve given Crean and Glass the real reason so that maybe they can fix whatever the issue is.

  3. If he’s planning on graduating early and reclassifying to 2010, his decommit makes much more sense. He would be behind Jordan Hulls until his senior year, rather than for just two years. It’s less attractive for him as a player and less valuable for IU as well.

  4. Dear John,
    I really hope you don’t think that Jordan Hulls would still be in front on Carlino. You must not have seen both play. Carlino would take his spot today.

  5. The “musty old championship banners out in Westwood”, H.B.? Seriously? I’m as big an IU fan as the next guy, but those who live in glass houses dude.

    Besides, UCLA hung up their last banner in 1995…8 years after we hung up our last one.

  6. Norm- RIght on, man. You don’t call the winningest program of all time a house of dusty banners, dude! Might I also remind H.B. that UCLA was runner-up in 05-06, followed by two straight Final Fours in 06-07, an 07-08? And shall I also add that UCLA tabbed the #3 recruit in the country this year, Bellevue’s (Seattle suburb) Josh Smith? Please, don’t even begin to try to equate IU with UCLA, as if they were both on the same level.

    Heck, I could go on another rant about Arizona, but I’ll save that one for later.

    And just for the record:


    Pac 10: 15
    Big 10: 10

  7. Not sure why UCLA’s record in 05-06, 06-07, and 07-08 are relevant. Pretty sure Kevin Love, Darren Collison, Jrue Holiday, etc aren’t coming back. And maybe you didn’t notice that they sucked last year just like we did. 14-18 record overall last year and that was playing in the pretty weak Pac-10. On top of that they lose their 1st and 3rd leading scorers. Don’t get me wrong, if thats where he wants to play, then by all means go there, but lets not act like UCLA is a step away from being elite. They aren’t. Oddly enough, they do seem to have the need for a point guard. Hmmm…..

  8. so reading between the lines, the losing got to him. He thought the process was taking too long?? I am confused. Why did you guys come here? I think he knew he would have to work too hard to start in a guard heavy system, too much competition. Now I am glad I posted what I did a few days back. Don’t let the door hit ya out of B town!

  9. Do us a favor Hugh and quit reporting on Matt Carlino. If you really believe that Carlino is returning to Bloomington South in the fall or even playing for Indiana Elite this spring and summer I would suggest you wait about two weeks and you will find out that what he told you in your interview with him recently has no merit.

  10. Bartholomew,

    While I agree that UCLA shouldn’t be called a house of dusty banners, I’m not sure why you feel like you can prove the Pac Ten’s superiority by showing the number of titles they have, compared to the Big Ten. Outside of UCLA the Pac Ten has 4 teams each with 1 title, and outside of IU, the Big Ten has 3 teams with 1 each, and 1 team with 2. Seems about equal to me, with one team winning the bulk of the conference’s titles and then a handful of others splitting the rest.

  11. Taking too long??? Did he think we could buy players in free agency??? We aren’t Kentucky.

    Carlino seems like a bigger jerk than anyone who played under Sampson. He abandoned his high school team in arizona and now he left IU before he even got here. Get lost, loser.

  12. Is Carlino concerned his talent will not raise the level of performance needed to rebuild IU.

  13. Carlino is not happy about Crean’s lack of progress. He probably sees that we are not improving and then took a look at our recruiting class.

  14. Carlino also looked at some of the guards we are recruiting…….he knows that he would not be “the man”.

  15. I am over Carlino already. He is a forgotten memory. We currently have five players on the roster better than him.

  16. Brad- If you cannot see why UCLA’s recent history of success would matter, then you probably also can’t see why 11 championships and a consistent winning tradition would matter either.

    We’ll see about UCLA being a step away from being elite next year. I would put money down that they challenge for the Pac 10 title, with a 5-star center coming in and Reeves Nelson and Malcolm Lee developing nicely towards the end of last season.

  17. This is now turning into he said, she can’t say. The guy is gone, case closed. I believe it is a combo of things: home sickness, IU’s guard heaviness, lossing, he commited when he was a freshman. He wasn’t a top 20 player, so let’s move on. We need to find the next Gordon Hayward.

  18. Not a big follower of the star sytem. I saw somewhere that he is 3 stars and 122 in his class.

  19. I honestly wasn’t that excited about him in the first place. He was once a top 10 overall recruit and he keeps falling, falling, falling.

    We were all waiting for good news last week, and this just compunded the dissappointement. But I am with Rob, I’m moving on. He won’t be a Hoosier, have a nice life.

    When we get a better player to fill his scholly, we’ll send a note thanking him for sacrificing his lesser potential for the greater Hoosier good.

  20. Later days homeboy, hit the road. I’ll be completely honest. I watched several videos of Carlino and was not really impressed. He seems like a really good all around kind of guy. Doesnt have height, doesnt have a lot of speed, just kind of bla bla bla kind of deal. I think Indiana can do better than Matt Carlino. Honestly can we do much worse? I dont think so. It amazes me that he knew this much about the program going into it, its like he just realized what’s been going on. I really hope the Hoosiers can get to the 15 win plateau next year. Would kind of make him and his dad look like somewhat foolish. I think this whole thing was set up from the get go. Committing to Indiana got him so recognition across the country. Move to Indiana, get inside the program, speak with the coaching staff, etc… Now after they have had a first hand look at everything and Matt’s got his name out there he’s moving back West. I have a feeling this is how it was going to end the entire time as far as the Carlino’s are concerned. Yea, there was a chance that he may have stayed and played, but Indiana doesnt have to prove anything to this kid to keep him around. IU has won championships before he was born and they will continue to win championships in the coming years. How well off is UCLA’s program anyway. Not a whole lot better than IU’s, so what are they talking about??? I was way more bummed about MA not coming to be completely honest, way more bummed. Hit the road Jack and I honestly hope we dont have to hear about this for much longer. He made his decision so lets move on.

  21. RHF- I like your approach, and agree with you almost 100%. The one part where you are wrong is with UCLA. TO say that they are “not that much more well-off than IU” is insane. They had one “bad” season last year were they won “only” 14 games and “only” one game in the Pac 10 tourney. But two years ago, they won 26 games, and the year before that, 34 games. They are still drawing 5-star talent and will be back on top in no time.

    IU has it a lot harder. 14 wins would have seemed like a national championship this year, and we are struggling to recruit 3 star players.

    The good thing is, Crean got the studs when he needed them, and next year we will be playing in the postseason as long as there are no injuries.

  22. I’m not really concerned about matt….I don’t think he will pan out anyway….I want a real Indiana kid…not a fake one. We need some real talent not Matt Carlino.

  23. MATT-wrong——Carlino could not play in front of Hulls right now. You have no idea the level change from high school to college. Carlino didn’t do much against Jeffersonville, I doubt he would get on the floor against any BIG 10 school. Hulls has a years work under his belt. While Carlino may be more athletic than Hulls, Hulls is clearly more equiped mentally for the college game along with his work ethic. Carlino will do great in college, but please for you to say he would play in front of any college player right now is just stupid. Carlino is not Indiana talent. He is from Arizona, played at an Indiana high school and plays the aau type run and gun game.

  24. Well, I hope the guy finds the right fit college-wise. The dude seemed to have his heart set on Indiana when he was 15, but it happens. But yeah, people that trash 15 year olds for rash decisions need to get a grip (Aruss). He didn’t abandon his team, he made a decision to get used to his supposed college choice. It didn’t work out, but he wasn’t abandoning anyody. It’s always his choice, he shouldn’t have to make decisions based on what other people want. Screw that.

  25. Who can blame him?

    All these comments about we will get someone else better or thats why he left because IU was recruiting other guys is stupid.

    Its not a knock but Crean has to actually land a top 10-20 recruit before you all make it sound like its inevitable someone great is coming.

  26. Husky Tom, my bad. Your completely right. I was on a roll, better put some butter on me….ha,ha,ha (I am sooo lame). No, IU is not even in the same class right now. UCLA did have a down year and I kind of ran with it. Sorry bro, but thanks for setting me straight. Sometimes my cream and crimson colored glasses seem to obstruct my vision at times. As far as everything else though, thats how I feel and good luck to Matt. I hope he doesnt stay at South next year, I think that would be a smack in the face. Once to play at the higher competition here in Indiana, but doesnt want to follow it up by playing for IU. Pretty sorry, so he really needs to hit the road. Cant have your cake and eat it to, unless your last name is Carlino.