It’s 12:25, and I’ve got nothing…

The IDS is reporting that they got a text that says Moses Abraham might be waiting until this morning to make a decision. I, meanwhile, have heard nothing from the Abraham camp despite a call and a text since midnight.

As soon as I hear something, it will go up, of course, but I’m not sure when that’s going to happen.


  1. Well if Moses was at a selection party with the GU team (illegal by the way if it is true. Georgetown, just make the check out to “NCAA” for your fine) then he must not of liked what he witnessed because he is taking awfully long to make his decision.

  2. Why does MA think he needs to decide tonight? Why not tomorrow? Next week? etc…..
    Did you ask your source that?

  3. He wants to get it done as soon as possible, according to my source, because he’s apparently going to be training with a guy who worked with Kevin Durant on his offensive game and he wants to get it done now so he can move on. As much as I’m sort of treating this like he is, I don’t think he thinks he has to do this before he goes to bed. In fact, if I were to guess, I’d say he’s asleep and I’m staying up for no reason.

  4. Its not illegal for a recruit to go to an open public function. The current period is considered a period in which coachs cant talk to a player in person. However, on the phone they can. Go figure.

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    I saw you and the world went away
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