It’s 1:25 a.m., and I still have nothing, but then, no one else apparently does either

Caught the end of Winning Time on the re-run, that was fun to watch. Especially the closing interview with Michael Rappoport. Anyway, at 1:25 a.m., we still have no clue what his kid is going to do. All texts and calls to the Abraham camp have gone un-returned. Have had a fun Twitter exchange with Sean Morrison of the IDS and Zach Osterman of Inside The Hall, though, as we all wait up for something that probably won’t happen tonight.

I’m going to give it another hour or so. But I can’t believe that this kid is really sitting at a kitchen table someplace with his mentors and plans on staying up until 4 a.m. if that’s what it takes to make the decision. I’m thinking this comes tomorrow.

If anyone’s waiting up, I appreciate it.


  1. Hang in there! Just pretend you’re still in college.

    Do you have any information as to what Abraham’s general schedule was like tonight? Did he visit Georgetown/when did he speak with Crean?

  2. Ha, that would force me to reprise my Mountain Dew Code Red addiction. Not sure if I’m going there.
    I saw the Georgetown rumor on the boards, that he was at the selection show party. If the info I saw on there is correct, it was at a public restaurant, so there wouldn’t be anything improper. But I haven’t gotten any word from that camp since mid-afternoon.

  3. I just finished a ton of work and am helping my self to my newly acquired BeerTender. I’ll tilt one back for you hardworking guys as well.

  4. Jolt Cola it. Maybe Pepsi Max?

    Appreciate the coverage at this time of night. Keeping my fingers crossed. Time to call it a night on my end.


  5. Since there is really nothing here. I have a question for you to ponder Mr. Dopirak. Which former IU player has a better tournament(Alford, Bassett, Allen, Crawford)?

  6. Interesting, throwing Alford in there as well. Bassett obviously has to get a lot of credit for getting in the tournament at all, but I don’t think Ohio has that big of an upset in it. It’s either Alford or Crawford, I’m gonna go with Crawford, because I think there’s a chance Xavier takes down Pitt to get to the Sweet 16. I think New Mexico gets just as far, but Crawford wins because it would require an upset.

  7. On a completely unrelated note, I’ve been thinking…

    I’m really surprised that some of the top in-state recruits aren’t anxious to attend Indiana and help restore the program to the prominence to which it’s accustomed.

    Not to say that every top Indiana recruit is an IU, fan. But there have to be at least several who grew up watching and adoring IU basketball. Where’s the pride? If I saw my lifelong-favorite team struggling this much, and had the chance to make a historic impact, I’d think long and hard about going there, and trying to get some of my teammates to as well.

    Maybe that concept of banding together to “save IU” is unrealistic. I just think it’s interesting to think about, given how important and meaningful IU basketball has been and still is in the lives of so many Hoosiers.

  8. Thanks for the info!!! Where are they going to get the scholarship at for Abraham? I thought they only had 2 for next year.

  9. I thought they had 3 – Jobe, Finklemeier and an unused/carry over from last season… plus the B10 allows teams to oversign by one…

  10. They have one still available, Doug. They had one open plus the two that come from Devan and Tijan graduating. Thing is, though, if the two commits for 2011 do in fact sign, someone else needs to leave if they fill this final scholarship.

    I’d say this, Casey, the reason you haven’t seen it yet it at least in this case, the Class of 2010 isn’t spectacular in Indiana. The classes of 2011 and 2012 are much better. Those haven’t played out yet, and IU does have at least one in-state guy (Etherington) already in the fold. Two if you count Carlino. So exactly what in-state recruits think about rebuilding IU, you’ll learn in those classes.

  11. Oh, and I forgot Dumas… maybe Finklemeier didn’t get a scholly, but I thought he did for his last two seasons…

    The “carryover” may be one that they got back after giving up one for the APR “early”.

  12. Good question, Casey. I’m not so sure today’s kids grew up rooting for IU. With the exception of the year we made the run to the title game v. Maryland (’01-’02) we haven’t been past the second round since ’94. We’ve only won one Big Ten title since ’93. Most of these kids weren’t alive the last time we made it to the Final Four. Its a different world from that which we grew up in.

  13. Counting Carlino as “in state” is a stretch… he’s from the Phoenix metro area, and only moved to Bloomington prior to this season because he wanted to get acclimated to Indiana…

  14. What is awesome is that there are 16 posts to this thread after 12:30 am.

    And the anti-spam addition test numbers keep getting bigger the later it goes.

  15. Dustin-

    You’re far too dedicated..I’m certain Osterman is already in bed cuddling his 4guards bobble-head.

  16. Actually, I’m only forcing this because through Twitter I know that Osterman and Sean Morrison are still up. Osterman just coffee’d up as he’s driving from West Lafayette to Goshen.

  17. Centers – Abraham, Pritchard, Bawa, (Bobby C)
    Power Forwards – Elston, Bobby C, (Watford)
    Small Forwards – Watford, Sheehey,(Oladip),(VJ)
    Shooting gaurds – Creek,VJ,Oladipo,Roth, (Sheehey)
    Point Gaurds – Hulls, Rivers, Moore,(VJ)

    Thats 13 Scholly players.

    If we get Abraham….I wonder if that would help in signing Teague? Imagine this roster with Teague instead of Rivers.

  18. You talk about in state talent coming together to rebuil the IU program, here is a big what if. What if Crean came out and said “I am going to compete year in and year out at a top 5 level nationally with mostly in state INDIANA players” What a comment that would be. Would that rally the troops in the state of Indiana? or put a noose around Creans kneck?

  19. IT’S called good reporting if we get him Dustin however if not just another bad day at the office I want to belive in COACH but proof is in the pudding I’m awfully afraid {never has done it}

  20. cin,

    I certainly understand your point. And it’s probably true to some extent.

    But at the same time, I think the Hoosier Scoop in general shows that victory (or lack thereof) is not the only determinant in whether someone is a loyal fan (see: Chicago Cubs, Buffalo Bills, NY Rangers).

    Think about the kids whose dads grew up watching those successful IU teams — regardless of their success during the current generation’s lives, some parents simply instill loyalty to a program in their kids.

    I have to believe there are some talented Indiana players out there who bleed Crimson. I think what it’s going to take, more than any sort of miracle Crean pulls off recruiting-wise, is a top in-state talent who just can’t stand to see IU where it is right now.

    Think about how a commitment from someone like Teague or Zeller (just examples) could pave the way for players of a similar caliber to give us a serious look.

    I think it’ll happen. The question is simply when.

  21. Doug,

    It would certainly make a large portion of the Knight-loyal contingency extremely happy.

    As to whether it would help or hurt Crean’s cause: I’m not a good enough prognosticator to even try answering that question.

    For the record — my question was not meant to imply that only Indiana kids can help our program (I’m not one of those guys). I simply wonder if a lot of these kids who have been IU fans since they were in diapers are cringing when they see the state of our program, and if any of them will be inspired enough to actually do something about it.

  22. In regards to the possibility of over-signing a player. I would absolutely love to see Tom “Feet Stuck In Quicksand” Pritchard transfer. That would be an absolute miracle in my opinion. It’s pretty obviuos toward the end of the year that Crean lost interest/faith in Pritch…as Elston and Capo played a lot more. I think without question Elston should start next year with Watford…at least then we would have some respectable offense threats. The knock on Elston not being able to guard well is not a valid argument when comparing him to Pritchard…the guy got dominated by a clown from Northwestern who doesn’t even play. Hopefully Pritch sees he won’t play next year (especially if we sign Abraham) and moves on to a mid-major where he belongs.

    If not him then I guess I would have to say Bawa would be on the chopping block if Crean isn’t going to give him any pt. I’d like to see what the kid can do…given he has the height and athleticism to contribute.

    Any other thoughts/suggestions on a possible transfer out?

  23. I think Pritchard dug his own grave as far as CTC is concerned. I appears all he did in the offseason was put on more weight. He is too heavy, slowing him down even more than his natural slow foot speed. He is not a Big Ten caliber inside player. You need to be able to step out and hit 12 footers at time, and also be able to move quickly to the hole. Pritch can do neither.

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