Let’s make it a day, shall we?

Why don’t we start it off with our regular 11 a.m. chat? We can discuss whatever you want, and I’m guessing we’ll have plenty of talk about Indiana’s Big Ten Tournament game against Northwestern and the bizarre dismissal of assistant coach Roshown McLeod.

At 4:30ish, we’ll begin our live chat with the magnificent Mr. Bozich of Inside the Hall fame and the absolutely terrific IDS Kids. Maybe Matty Dollinger and Zach Osterman will stop by, too.

Should be a good day. Join us. Thanks.


  1. The Hoosiers will be back in the near future/lets support Coach Crean and his staff. The coach can hire and fire whoever he wants/that is part of his job. So lets keep off his back over this issue, nobody knows why this happened. But it happened/so now we go on, and shoot for next year

  2. Well, I certainly enjoy coming to this board every day to support the Hoosiers and the Scoop only to be called the vocal minority and extreme by the very people who encourage and profit from the participation.

    I believe, if you guys care to listen to an extremist, that better moderation of this board would lead to better banter. Over at ITH Alex has many posters but doesn’t let the disagreements turn into wars and seems bans (I don’t know for sure)people who come only to flame. We have good discussions over there and the disagreements are mature.

  3. When he sent a wolfpack® of freshmen to start against the wildcats Crean finally demonstrated he puts the program first, above anything else. I don’t care who he fires or hires and what he does to make this program a top one again — I just want to see him do that, and after the wolfpack® experiment I think he’s perfectly able to do it.

    Next season with a healthy Creek and Roth and a slightly older pack of young wolves we’re going to smoke half of the Big Ten home and away. Also: mark my words there won’t be any transfer!

  4. GFDave,
    so you would rather have a board of people that only say YAY! GO TEAM! WE WILL DO BETTER!
    Some sites (not mentioning names) will only post comments that they agree with and only want to cheer. It leads to no good discussion , it is just a bunch of cheerleading. I for one stay away from it.

  5. 4tards, dont lie, you dont stay away from Peegs, because it’s not hard to identify your posts there. You obviously do not know what a “mature” disagreement is. You simply come here to post outlandish lies, and hope to get a rise out of people. You are a main reason why this blog doesn’t get the respect that its journalists, and their work deserve.

  6. Dave,

    I don’t think “vocal minority” is a derogatory term. Fandom isn’t like politics; we’re not talking about beliefs that very well could determine (or at least influence) public policy.

    Frankly, I don’t have much desire to take a heavy hand in moderating this discussion. We’ve created this forum and put rather loose restrictions on it, so it will be whatever you guys make it. We filter posts with swear words, and I generally delete posts that I consider personal attacks.

    Other than that, I’m hesitant to define what is and what is not acceptable discussion. Maybe the comments should be more germane to the topic of the post they appear under, but that doesn’t seem to be what you guys want. And I understand that constant Steve Alford talk is annoying, but so is repeated bashing of Jeremiah Rivers. Who am I to say what’s acceptable?

    I want the discussion to be open to all viewpoints, and don’t have any inclination to favor the banter of a pro-IU fan over a “troll” who might have a different viewpoint. Obviously the Scoop attracts mostly Indiana fans, but I hope those fans know that their ideas might be challenged here. If you want only repeated affirmation of your beliefs and thoughts there are plenty of sites that offer that.

    There’s nothing I desire more than lively, civilized discussion on the Scoop. But there are many better uses of my time than to lord over the comments, and to me a carefully manicured discussion is inauthentic.

    But the internet is impersonal, and we’re free to show the petulant, self-indulgent sides of ourselves that societal evolution has encouraged us to hide.

    That, and everybody wants to be so clever. It’s as if the Internet has convinced us all that somebody somewhere is keeping score of all the snarky, close-to-the-edge things we spout and that somehow it matters.

    I’m reminded of a quote from the play Harvey: “‘In this world, Elwood, you must be oh so smart or oh so pleasant.’ Well, for years I was smart. I recommend pleasant. You may quote me.”

    So if I had to set a guideline for the discussion here, it’s that: Be pleasant, even when you disagree.

  7. PARPP,
    I have never posted the first thing on PEEGS. I have read some of the comments before over there on the free board, but have never posted. Actually the only other site i post on is hutchens blogs/articles on indystar, my name is 4guards on there as well since you like to hang on my every word for some reason obviously.

  8. So if I had to set a guideline for the discussion here, it’s that: Be pleasant, even when you disagree.

    Other than the above quote, I think Korman is full of generosity, kindness, and forgiveness. If he would only stop trying to be so damn clever on ScoopTalk sessions. Let Dopirak have a little spotlight. And stop worrying about busting the pricey laptop..Herald Times should double your salaries and provide a nice company car.

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