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Marrero said he was surprised he got the technical foul after the block.

“I got fired up and told him to, ‘Get that outta here,'” Marrero said.

Marrero finished with 12 points, 10 rebounds, five assists and three blocks. He dominated the post in 19 minutes of action and, without him on the court, Monroe Central made a run to cut it to as little as five points.

Bowman Academy coach Marvin Rea said he was not going to put Marrero back on the floor because of the possibility of him getting a second technical and being declared ineligible for next week’s state finals.

Marrero said his focus is on winning the state championship and not on his college recruitment process.

“I just keep it to the side,” Marrero said. “That’s what I do right now. I just concentrate on this. This atmosphere and my teammates, which are all seniors, and making it downstate. I’ll focus on my recruiting during my senior year, most likely.”


No Marrero throughout the fourth. Bowman survives, but definitely looks beatable. Final score is 89-79.

Will update with quotes later.


We might not see Marrero again. Bowman leads 68-59, but he received a technical foul with 2:02 left.

He blocked the shot of a Monroe Central player and definitely taunted the player, jawing at him in full view of everyone in the gym. The official stepped in and called the tech.

If Marrero got another one (which he did during last year’s regional semifinal and missed Bowman’s regional final loss), he would be ineligible for next week’s state championship game. If he does not need to, I would expect coach Marvin Rea to keep Marrero off the court.

Marrero’s stat line is 10 points, 10 rebounds, five assists and three blocks.


In all likelihood, Bowman Academy is headed to the state championships next Saturday. The Eagles lead Monroe Central 51-35 at halftime.

Marrero’s biggest impact so far is his domination of the paint. The Golden Bears literally have no one to tangle with Marrero, who stands 6-foot-5. Fletcher Goodman is doing what he can, but he is 5-foot-11.

Monroe Central is settling for 3-pointers on the offensive end, and the Eagles can score just about anytime they choose to put the ball inside.

Because of that, Marrero has 10 points and six rebounds so far. He’s 4-of-8 from the field, missing the only 3-pointer he took and a couple of long jumpers. Almost no lift on his jump shot.

He had two blocks in the first three minutes, the first a trailer on a Monroe Central fastbreak. He also has two assists — in both situations, he recognized the double team and found the open man inside for an easy basket.


I am here at Huntington North to watch the 1A North semistate between Bowman Academy and Monroe Central.

More specifically, I am here to watch sophomore DeJuan Marrero.

The game is about to start, but I’ll be back at halftime with stats and any observations I may have.


  1. Watching Zeller and Carrol on TV at th moment. I would take Zeller over Carrol in a heartbeat.

  2. I was at the game sitting under the basket, wearing my hoosier gear. I got his attention before the game and pointed to the IU on my shirt. He smiled really big. I talked to him after the game and told him he needed to come be a hero and Indiana University!

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