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Sorry about the lack of in-game updates. The wireless card was not working in the gym.

Gary Wallace defeated Fort Wayne Elmhurst 57-47 in the 3A semistate game, advancing to next week’s state championship against Washington.

Wallace won behind star Branden Dawson’s big effort, with 24 points and 11 rebounds.

Dawson was 9-of-17 from the field, 4-of-8 from the free-throw line and was dominating for stretches.

In a 185-second stretch, Dawson made a turn-around jumper in the high post; reached high into the air and pulled down a bad alley-oop pass and guided it through the basket; blocked a shot in a one-on-one situation; and grabbed a steal and had a furious dunk with no one around him.

Dawson, a 6-foot-6 forward who is top-20 in the class of 2011, has great athleticism and length. He’s active on offense, guiding his team through sets and serving as a calming presence. On defense, he tended to float. Part of that was Elmhurst just did not get the ball to his man, partly because Dawson appeared to be picking his spots.

Bruce Weber was in the gym. Did not see any other coaches.


  1. I was at the Park Tudor game yesterday. Yogi is a very very good player. He is very fast, good handles, and can shoot. Will be a very good point guard in college.

    Brey, Beilien (sorry probably wrong spelling), and Buckley were all in attendance.

  2. Why would u post something so stupid Go Grizz, he needs warned and threatened to be kicked off the site! Anyway about Dawson I haven’t had the chance to really look at him on video but sounds like a solid kid and I wonder if he could make that jump Wade did wit Crean and because a go to guy. Problem is Crean needs to figure out the scholarship issue and might need to ask two guys to leave or deny scholarships too. I hate to see it happen but it has to be done if Indiana still wants the title of “It’s Indiana”

  3. Jubilee,
    I am with you on Yogi. I wouldn’t be disappointed if he chose to play at IU.

    Go Grizz,
    I don’t ever click on those sort of links if that was intended for me to see. Steve Alford took New Mexico to a team that finished the season ranked and won a tournament game. I would say that was a severe overachievement. Unfortunately they were banged up pretty good in that win and lost the next game while not at full strength. They will be back even better next year though as they only lose one player.

  4. How about Ryan Wittman of Cornell? Randy’s son was the Ivy League POY as a 6′ 7″ forward. The Big Red is a tough team. They aren’t winning on smarts alone. Errick Peck, who was a double MVP for the Indiana All Stars last year can’t get on the court. My daughter is a student athlete there and a friend of Errick’s. He tells her that the talent level of the underclassmen is comparable to the all stars he played with. They’ll lose a 7′ center and Wittman this year but it’s a deep team. Don’t be surprised if they come dancing again next year.

  5. More BS from 4disreguards being spewed as wisdom. I do not know how your credibility can get much lower. Truth is the poorly selected 3 seed was thoroughly thrashed by an 11 seed. Hell the Lobos had their hands full with Montana. There is not a MW team left in the tournament and there shouldn’t be. The “Diviner of Albuquerque” showed his lack of coaching prowess in game planning to run with the Huskies (which is an even poorer decision if they in fact were banged up).

  6. HC, in response to your query, 4tards credibility is unchanged by recent events. It is, and has been, nonexistent. He is merely comic relief.
    Like many, I would hope that he will disassociate his self declared ties with Steve Alford. While the Lobos didn’t win anything this year, he is still a solid mid major coach. Nothing wrong with that. By linking himself to Coach Alford, 4tards has attached the disdain the Scoop’s Hoosier fans feel toward him to Steve as well. The sooner the tardy one quits singing his praises the more likely we will be to cheer for the Lobos.

  7. I just want to say this real quick here: I love the injury excuse. Love it.

    Crazy how Sparty was able to overcome the loss of both a starting forward and their star point guard today, actually. Good thing Izzo develops his younger guys so they can step up and contribute.

  8. Since the abandonment of one-class basketball in 1997, each year the passion for the game drains from Indiana the hopes a return to tradition handed away by swiftness of legislative pen the most unique place in the country to play high school hoops..A place where the biggest dreams a state of mind never be denied by smallest odds a tiny town’s chance a one for the ages team…A place where young Hoosier hearts infected by mysterious bug of statewide hysteria gave nevermind to any size reason be excluded a chance to be part of a single great stage, for all the hours you shot countless baskets in your driveway under the long shadows of a late summer night, to be nothing other than the best at the game you love.

    Bring back one-class basketball with one state champion! Put “Hysteria” back into “Hoosier”!

  9. Chill the Windbag,
    I actually agree with you on this. Bring back one-class basketball. The system has been corrupted.

  10. I love it. Looking forward to work on Monday, just to see 4tards squirm and make excuses for Alord. How does it feel after you bashed Crean nonstop, while portraying Alford as a basketball coaching genius?

  11. Alford made it to the second round of the tournament with New Mexico (not a powerhouse).
    Well I am sure you are aware of what Crean has done with IU (powerhouse) since he has been here.
    Most people on here seem to believe I am a New Mexico fan, which is not the case. I really couldn’t care less that they lost. I just wish we had their coach.
    I will continue to bash Crean until he doesn’t deserve it (which will prob be never)…. and Alford is a basketball coaching genius as look at how much New Mexico overachieved.

  12. And 4tards will continue to be the forum punching bag. Yes, Crean is so terrible, he should be fired immediately! We should have had a 30 win season, anything less is unacceptable! Alford would have won 30 with less talent!

  13. Coaching Genius? He designed a game plan to run against the Huskies(knowing his team was banged up). How did that work out for the Genius. The “Diviner of Albuquerque” showed again why his type of Coaching Genius did not have success in the B10.

  14. 4guards,

    quote, “Alford did win 30 with less talent”

    Also, you forgot to add “very easy schedule.”

    IU could have won 20-25 with their schedule.

  15. Jubilee,
    Why would I add “very easy schedule” when New Mexico’s strength of schedule was rated higher than ours?

  16. “Chill the Windbag”?….I like it.

    Though never be powerful enough a drifting cool breeze to cleanse away the foulness of stale hot air left by 4guards all Canards ©.

    Most people on here seem to believe I am a New Mexico fan, which is not the case.

    Not the “case”?…Of course it’s not the case. We’re all perfectly aware your case.

  17. 4disreguards, you are out of your mind and a half a hundred others if you think the B10 schedule is easier than the MW. Hell look at the last four days.

  18. Congrats to Alford for winning his 4th NCAA Tournament game. And it’s only taken him 15 seasons to do it. Genius!

  19. I would offer that for as much as New Mexico may have overachieved during the regular season (their record is impressive), they underachieved in post-season play. Didn’t win their conference tournament, lost in the 2nd round of the NCAA tournament to a much lower seeded team… Really about par for the course for Alford when he’s in a mid-major conference. Put him in a major conference and you get the same post-season results with a worse regular season record. I believe he is a very good coach that is unfortunately unproven on a major stage… Even if Crean were not the guy, I wouldn’t want Alford here until he shows he can win on a major stage. Otherwise it would just be an awkward situation to have to fire the golden boy after multiple seasons of first and second round NCAA exits.

  20. Hospital boy,
    I never said the Big10 schedule is easier than the MW schedule.
    I said New Mexico’s strength of schedule is higher than Indiana’s. That also figures in pre-conference. It is a fact, it is not debatable.

  21. The SOS is actually debatable. It just depends on where you’re getting your information. According to Pomeroy, Indiana had a much higher SOS overall, though NM’s out of conference schedule was harder. If you look elsewhere, such as Basketball State, NM’s SOS is rated slightly higher overall. It’s all statistics and there’s many ways to manipulate them…

  22. 4disreguards, pay particular attention, the last four days proved the OOC schedule of the weak MW Lobos is worthless. It is the conference play that builds tournament toughness. Your confusion also manifests in your inability to realize your Lobos are a .500 team if playing in the B10 conference at best. Oh, yes, I am sure you do remember the Diviner’s performance during his B10 coaching experience. I honestly believe I get more good information from ducks farting underwater than I do reading your “mud on the wall” posts.

  23. I stand corrected. It is debatable. I didn’t realize the statistics were so much different depending on where you get them from.

  24. That is your big problem you do not realize much of anything. Go pick up your framed picture of a Lobo head, autographed by the “Diviner of Albuquerque”, curl up with your security blanket and contemplate how to deal rationally with facts..

  25. You can’t debate love. There are no statistics that can change what a heart won’t deny. We’ll never know the first time 4guards married a glance so strongly to Alford he shall never desire to give fair look of his eyes to another.

    Instead of continuing to push him against his feelings, we should embrace them. I, for one, shall no longer push against his outward struggle for our acceptance his one love at New Mexico that draws endless flak, but instead attempt to only understand with the beauty and soulful sounds of Flack.

    How beautiful and rare a devotion, a first time, be forever.

  26. I don’t go online much on the weekends. I have a family to care for. Obviously you have nothing better to do than get burned on internet forums all week long. 4tards is taking a beating today. It’s FAN TAS TIC.

  27. Jubilee-

    Found that picture in a Google image search of Alford..Never saw the movie…And certainly never want to see it play a long rerun in Assembly again.

  28. Alford is a successful mid major coach. He is not a successful B10 coach by the standards of his employers. He has not had success, with rare exception, at tournament time at either level, Those are facts, not opinions. Respect him for what he is and don’t associate him with 4tards. It only tarnishes the accomplishments of a Hoosier legend. He deserves better. Crean has yet to prove himself at IU and it is way to early to think you can make a thoughtful assessment. He has shown competent coaching and recruiting skills. He was also consistently successful in the Big East, which is big time basketball.

  29. Chet Lemon
    “with rare exception” Crean has not had success at tournament time.
    He is not a successful B10 coach.
    Crean was not successful after move to Big East (1 tournament win)

  30. Coach 4disreguards again spouting BS hoping we think it to be wisdom. While his idol the “Diviner of Albuquerque” now sits home dreaming of next years soft conference schedule.

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