Live from the 100th state tournament


Park Tudor sophomore Kevin “Yogi” Ferrell misses two contested 3-pointers in the final 12.9 seconds and Wheeler wins, 41-38.

“We were trying to get Yogi off the ball screen and then flare for the screener,” Park Tudor coach Ed Schilling said. “We got a couple of good looks.”

Of the final shot, an off-balance leaner, Schilling said he has seen Ferrell make that shot. Ferrell said he really liked his elevation and look at the basket on the first shot.

Ferrell had a game-high 20 points and four assists. He was 7-of-21 from the field and 1-of-8 from the free-throw line.

He picked up his game in the second half, with 10 points and three assists.

“I wasn’t really trying to be too impatient,” Ferrell said.

He’s a very solid player. Bit of a poor man’s Dee Davis. Peegs pointed out that he doesn’t have the dribbling skills of Davis or Marquis Teague, but may be a better shooter. I’d agree with that. The 1-of-8 is not indicative of his skill, I think. He had to force some shots in an effort to win the game.

No one from IU is here, perhaps because of the John Wilkins visit. Illinois coach Bruce Weber and Purdue coach Matt Painter are both here. Both went and congratulated Bowman Academy coach Marvin Rea during the fourth quarter of the 2A game.

Here is a photo of Painter with Rea.




Bowman Academy pulls away in the second and third quarters to defeat Barr-Reeve, 74-52.

DeJuan Marrero, one of the better sophomores in the country, had 17 points, 11 rebounds, six assists, four steals and three blocks. Christopher Bond, a nice 6-foot-4 senior forward, had 15 points and nine rebounds to go with four steals and two blocks.

Bowman Academy coach Marvin Rea said as much as Marrero might try to deny it, the sophomore was nervous during the game’s first half.

At halftime, Marrero’s message was short and sweet — give him the ball.

“Assistant coach James Scott told me I had to be more aggressive,” Marrero said. “I had to play better in the post. They’re not stronger than me — that’s what he said. So I just took that to mind and went to work.

“And then I talked to the refs and he said, ‘Keep playing your game. I got you.’ So I started playing more aggressive.”

No sign of Tom Crean or any other member of the Indiana staff, but Purdue coach Matt Painter and Illinois’ Bruce Weber are in the building.


Hello everyone. I am here in Conseco Fieldhouse for the Indiana high school state tournament.

I’ll be here all day, from the 1A game in 15 minutes between Bowman Academy and Barr-Reeve, up to tonight’s 4A contest between North Central and Warsaw.

I’ll have updates all day, so keep checking in.


  1. Chill:

    Hope you read this. Had to give myself an extended break from the stupidity of 4cells and just got caught back up to present on all of the posts and may I say that the Tiger video, with 4cells in mind, was freakin’ HILARIOUS RAOTFLMFAO. That fits him like a tailor made shoe. That sir may very well have earned you the honor of best anti4cells post of all time which is in a field with many other competitors. Looking forward to you trying to top that one !!!

  2. I suspect IU staff will be there tonight for the guys that matter…DSR and Zeller after a nice day in Bloomington with Wilkins.

  3. WTF… Why is there no one there from IU. Painter and others have an understanding of what it takes. Why do our coaches not know what to do. Build relationships in INDIANA BASKETBALL with coaches, and recruit INDIANA BASKETBALL PLAYERS!! It is not that hard. Painter and Purdue will be the ones with the banners soon. We (IU) have no clue! I am so sick of our coaches not recruiting Indiana basketball players. If Crean and others do not show up to this, then I am done with them, and wait for the next coach. Maybe we can become part of the MAC conference.

  4. It is not my attitude Clarion, it is that I care and it is not hard to figure out. It is obvious that you do not understand as well. This started with Mike Davis and continues to this day, which is plain stupid. We should have learned by now.

  5. goiubb,

    Settle down. Marrejo is a huge target for Purdue and Illinois…if he wasn’t in the morning game, they wouldn’t have been there.

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