McLeod releases statement

Former Indiana assistant coach Roshown McLeod finally released his statement on his dismissal. It follows.

The following is a statement from Roshown McLeod following his dismissal from the Assistant Coach position at Indiana University.

“I greatly appreciate the opportunity afforded me by Indiana University. It gave me the chance to work with some amazing student athletes over the last two seasons. I wish the best for IU as they move forward.”

There will be no further comment from Roshown McLeod on this subject.


  1. it took that long to come up with that. Why did he bother? Sampson had more to say than that. Don’t let the door hit ya…

  2. I can’t believe we waited that long for that piece of nothing. I’m sure he went through 8 or 9 rough drafts before putting that beauty together.

  3. He must have done something pretty bad to not exacerbate this issue any further. Crean laid the gauntlet in his statement with the key word, loyalty, and McLeod chose not to defend himself. He probably knew that it would get ugly for him if more details surfaced, so he decided to save face and look for a new job.

  4. Amusing. Agreed J Pat. That pretty much is as cookie cutter as they come. Almost too barren of a statement if you ask me.


  5. Thanks, it all makes sense now!!! I was wondering what happened and he finally summed it up using like 15 words. This must have been bad, sweep it under the rug and move on.

  6. I’m pretty sure if I was fired like that I wouldn’t be thanking the university for such a great opportunity….just sayin.

  7. Boy was I off base thinking it was all about lack of performance costing him his job. This (non)statement offering no defense or another side of the story says differently for certain.

  8. I’m fine with that statement. The last thing IU needs is controversy from a disgruntled fired coach.

  9. Hotel boy,
    I tried to tell you that days ago there was more to this story. On an unrelated topic, I asked Hutchens if Crean was going to run people off again, and his response was that it’s a part of college basketball and everybody does it. Then he brings up Kentucky as an example.

  10. Seriously, you are putting stock into a Terry Hutchens answered question? That tells me a lot man and I am one that actually agrees with you every once in a while.

  11. 4disreguards,

    With you being so biased about Coach Crean it makes it so hard to believe you could be right about much of anything. You’ve earned yourself a 2 liter bottle of tonic water from the Hotel bar.

  12. Ro is trying to save his career here and he doesn’t want to antagonize his former employer. That much is obvious. Most people choose not to burn bridges, its not good for the career.

    4guards didn’t bother telling you guys about another post he made to Hutchens saying “bring back Alford” and Hutchens shooting him down. Only use Hutchens’ opinions when they work for you, huh 4guards.

  13. The statement’s delay was likely caused by the parties taking time to negotiate a severance. From my experience: the more amicable the statement, the more satisfying the severance. Ro probably played his hand well be dangling the possibility of a statement out there before sitting down to talk dollars. I’m guessing he smiled all the way out the door.

  14. I thought that assistant coaches were on one year contracts, which usually expire in June. I don’t see any severance in this firing. i think that the big part of this firing was lack of performance for a guy who was charged with improving the “bigs” and failed miserably. No improvement for Jobe in two years and Bawa couldn’t have played on my pee wee league team, plus Pritchard regresses at a faster rate than he progressed last year.

  15. Everyone took the “high road”. Nothing wrong with that. We do not need to know more. The Boss and the employee could not work well together. Move on.

  16. I talked with the parent of a potential recruit (a big a few years from graduation) and they were thrilled that he was gone. His visit to IU had not gone well and it sounded like McLeod had a lot to do with it. IU had moved up a few notches on his list after the announcement.

  17. Not much of a statement is it, but so what/what would you or i write. Its over now, so we go on now and play basketball next year. The Coach has to make tough decisions, and he made it, now go IU next year.

  18. The most interesting, telling aspect of the statement was that he didn’t thank, or even mention, Crean. We hear he got to work “with some amazing student athletes”, but silence on his coach and fellow assistant coaches. To my view, that’s classless.

  19. The whole fiasco was Crean attempting to build bridges to the Knight crowd via detour through Coach K….It was a failed attempt from the start. If Crean now turns back onto the main thoroughfare of appeasement by directly hiring a Knight disciple, it will be the beginnings of his own demise. These people want no part of healing, mending, and moving on…They want to undermine him and end his days at IU as quickly possible. 4 guards through nomination, or ignorance by default, acts as figurehead representing a minuscule sect/clan that want to build “tick turd” mountains out of tiny setbacks Crean encounters during the most unique and challenging rebuilding process ever faced by this storied basketball program.

    They hate crowd/clan that will not let go of the past in no means represent the excitement, support, youth, and positive energy of most students 100% behind our new coach. Please, I beg of you, Tom Crean…No descendants of Knight involved with this basketball team. I thought we hired change.

  20. After reading that post it becomes much easier to understand why I do not enjoy novels.

  21. It’s obvious that CTC needs to reach back to the glory days. This can only be done by hiring an assistant with ties to the man who ‘made’ Indiana basketball. That’s right, he needs to hire someone with close ties to Branch McCracken. Coach McCracken brought us 2 national championships. He made IU a basketball Mecca.

  22. Boy was I off base thinking it was all about lack of performance costing him his job. This (non)statement offering no defense or another side of the story says differently for certain

    And how strikingly new your fresh one-liner vague opinions that put the facts in cautious rewind and inevitably offer zero elaboration. Might as well read phone book entries.

  23. Yes that post of mine could be interpreted as not 100% correct. But yours as most will agree are 100% stupefying.

  24. Chill,
    This hire must be a Knight disciple. And from what I am hearing, you might want to brace yourself for a Mr. Dane Fife.

  25. Most that stupefying play with your pail and shovel in 4guards sandbox at the Yacht Club. I would hope the majority of IU fans believe you don’t return to glory days, but instead write the story anew. I thought that’s why we hired Tom Crean. If you can’t adhere to that belief, then 4guards is only late to your beach party…Why appeasement to the Knight disciples? Should have just hired Alford from the beginning. I would love nothing more than to see Kent Benson tear up his season tickets again.

  26. Dane Fife would be a perfect fit!..He almost single-handedly cost the Hoosiers one of their greatest moments in history…He nearly gave victory opportunity to Duke by fouling Jason Williams on a 3-point shot in final seconds 2002 Sweet Sixteen game..We had a 4 point lead! Could have easily committed the most stupefying foul/play in the history of NCAA tournament basketball…Didn’t another guy from Michigan previously hold that distinction? I thank God to this day for AJ Moye preventing Boozer the put-back off the missed free throw..I was at that game..Had a guy one row behind me from Duke..He yelled into my ear the entire game…After every Boozer field goal he would scream, “ALL DAY LONG!”… My heart fell into my stomach when Fife committed the foul opening the door for the Blue Devils. I hate Duke.

    Perfect fit?

    Actually, I like Fife. He chose Indiana over Michigan and remained loyal to the cream and crimson when our mob boss was fired. He would be a perfect fit when you bring Alford to town.

  27. The players on Michigan’s bench scream in unison, “No! No timeouts!” No timeouts.” Michigan forward James Voskuil would later say, “Web thought we said, ‘Timeout!’ He was arguing after the play. He yelled at a couple of our guys.” Lynch would say later that “it sounded like the Michigan bench was yelling, ‘Timeout, timeout!'” The result is a technical foul on Michigan. UNC’s Donald Williams goes to the line. He makes both free throws, stretching UNC’s lead to 75-71, an advantage that now appears insurmountable, especially since Carolina also gets possession. The ball is inbounded to Williams, who is fouled. The UNC bench goes berserk as Williams hits two more free throws, sealing the title.

    As the clock expires, the Michigan players stand motionless, in disbelief, all around Webber, who turns pale. Rose grabs his head with both hands and winces.

    Immediately, Webber is linked with sports’ biggest goats, from Georgetown University basketball player Fred Brown to Boston Red Sox first baseman Bill Buckner. Webber cries, saying, “I cost our team the game.” Tears run down his face. He wipes them away slowly, unable to comprehend that he, the star of the team, the leader of his team, the guy who boldly bragged before the game that there’s no way he’d lose, makes the mother of all mistakes, costing his team a chance to win a championship.

    How strange is that? Stuff of novels..This game also involved a team from North Carolina and a guy named Williams sealed the deal.

    Minnesota just crushed Purdue!! Yippee!

  28. Chill,

    You’re a Bob Knight hating idiot… Get over it, he’s a legend and you’re not… It’s self-serving, politically correct, leftwing, elitiest idiots like you that make me hate living in Bloomington and Indiana… You probably work for IU and just suck up to anyone wearing red.

    There is more to life than cursing Bob Knight the rest of your life… Move on…

  29. The train of progress has left the station. Get on board or waste your helpless existence building basket cases against anyone that can’t live up to your one vision of hoop supremacy. That’s not my Indiana. If it were all about lineage, then you have twice betrayed commitment to fine young coaches that were products of your one god’s basketball teachings. It will never be good/godly enough for you. Actions of bigotry preach in an empty church.

    Bob Knight was a great coach..It’s quite pathetic to be so shallow-minded and desperate the absolutist to cling so mightily to something merely intended a joyful game you think no other pedigree a man be given fair right to become the same. Hardly an ideal of liberty or pursuit of happiness. You’re not only treacherous to a sport I cherish deeply, you’re anti-Indiana and anti-American. You are the member of the elitist Yacht Club of exclusionary principles. Liberal never be considered a curse word in ages of tyranny.

    It offends such men to have a shallow-minded preacher taking for granted the very points that he ought to prove, giving a sentence from some divine of his school as if it settled the question without further reference even to the Bible. — Life of John Coleridge Patteson

  30. Back2Basics- Please be my guest and go live in Martinsville or Spencer. If that isn’t conservative enough for you, head to Idaho, which is about the only place more conservative then here.

    You will live a lovely, isolated, culture, amenity, and convenience-free lifestyle with nothing but a gun and a pickup truck to guarantee your existence. Make sure you have no preexisting conditions before you head out there.

    Bloomington will be even better without you.

  31. While there were no blogs back then, most of the whining about the hiring of CTC is pretty much the same stuff that came out when IU hired some kid from Army. Pretty funny.
    Hey, I was serious about reaching back to Branch McCracken. He’s gotta have an assistant alive somewhere.
    Back2Basics, forget about North Carolina. We’re not nearly conservative enough for you down here. Maybe, Idaho. Such a lovely place ruined. Iran is extremely right wing. Absolute theocracy. You’d love it there.

  32. Chet,

    I am glad you correlated that thought, because you are correct intimating it took 2 or 3 years before RMK and his style of play and interpersonal skills gave the McCracken fans confidence in the new kid they had for a coach. By the way Indiana was conservative enough even for RMK

  33. Not that this discussion has anything to do with anything, but I think the states of IN, VA, and NC are very similar politically. All have pockets of rural, suburban and urban populations none of which are large enough to hold total sway politically. They are truly ‘purple’ states.

    Anyway, why Back2Basics is posting here I don’t know. Seems like one of those guys that wears Texas Tech gear. He doesn’t seem to be a fan of Indiana University.

    When Knight came people were not thrilled with his new style of play replacing the “Hurryn’ Hoosier” tradition.

  34. Wow Chill:

    “You’re not only treacherous to a sport I cherish deeply, you’re anti-Indiana and anti-American.”

    You really need to lay off the Starbucks after 9 am. Given the strong response of my post, I suspect that you must be very sensitive to the word “idiot”. Did you suffer from a learning disability as a child? Well, if so, you’re doing just fine now. Treacherous is a tough word for young writers.

    Since you and your friends are such a sensitive lot, I will answer your basic concern. I really don’t think I’m “anti-Indiana” as much as you think I am. I have lived in almost every part of Indiana and found most people and places to be pretty decent. I’ll bet you haven’t moved beyond your comfort zone. (that’s not a basketball term) I have moments when I dislike Indiana but there are times I dislike pickles too. I haven’t stopped eating pickles.

    Bloomington used to be a nice quiet little college town in scenic southern Indiana until the university and its ilk (ilk = self serving elitist liberals) decided to double the student population and ruin every neighborhood within 10 miles of campus. So, if you want to be a little more accurate, I plead guilty to being anti-Bloomington.

    There is much to dislike about Bloomington but I’ll save that for another day. I just had to laugh at how quickly you and your “friends” were so quick to lump Spencer and Martinsville together as some sort of redneck haven!

    Apparently, you haven’t been in downtown Bloomington on a Friday night. I’ll give you a hint… six out of ten vehicles driving around town contains at least one Angus certified “redneck”…complete with gun rack and Rush bumper sticker…

    “anti-American” is pretty strong stuff for someone with such a limited vocabulary. I suspect I’ve served my country in more ways and many more years than you and your narrow minded buddies. In fact, I serve my country every day I go to work.

  35. Back2Basics…That was truly one of the saddest attempts at piecing together a coherent critique of another person as I have ever witnessed. You would have been well served by simply not responding. You simply do not communicate well. All you managed to convey was anger.

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