McLeod working on statement

Former Indiana assistant coach Roshown McLeod declined immediate comment Monday afternoon, saying that he is working on a public statement that he plans to release in the coming days. He said he’s received a lot of phone calls and that he doesn’t want to repeat his answers over and over.

McLeod was released from the program according to an IU release Sunday night. This morning on the Big Ten conference call, Tom Crean said the decision was “about moving the program forward and putting the program first.”


  1. Something is very wrong here. You don’t just fire an assistant coach right before the Big10 tournament without a major reason.

  2. I think you’re probably right, 4guards, but forgive me for thinking you’re probably actively rooting for that to be the case, given your continued negative posts on here about Tom Crean. What a surprise that you’re saying that. I’m sure the solution is to hire Steve Alford, right?

  3. Crean is either opening a spot for a recruiting deal or he is really ticked off about the progress of our Big guys.

  4. yeah 4tards is really looking into this for the well being of crean, the team and IU. we know 4tards, you want some big scandal to rock the team, just so you can say, seeeeeeeee everyone look, i was right, look at me. seee? steve should be coach, this would never have happened with him.

  5. YES!!! Greg nailed it. The answer IS to hire Alford…we have whiffed on not hiring Alford 3 times now. All of these politics have really paid off for IU athletics.

  6. Living down here in ACC country I see assistant coaches come and go from Duke and Chapel Hill all the time. Is there something wrong there, too, 4tards (that’s so fun to say)?

  7. Chet,
    Is that your real name? wow. anyhow.
    There would be something wrong if they were fired right before the ACC tournament with no reason given.

  8. Most good managers make the decision to rectify a previous weak decision quickly. The shorter the time a poor decision stays in place the less harm possible. Timing, strategy nor schedules have anything to do with neutralizing the previous wrong decision as fast as possible. The idea is to limit your exposure to wrong one.

  9. This is late punishment for recruiting David Williams and whiffing on Kyrie Irving.

    We hire Axl Rose in McCleod’s place and everything should be fine.

  10. just cause 4guards has posted things that make no sense in the past doesnt mean you all have to slander him.. he has made the most reasonable post on this thread. honestly. who fires an ASSISTANT in the middle of the season?!

  11. Don’t make a lot of difference at this point. What’s done is done. move on and hope for the best. If you are going to let a recruiter go, it should be at any point (mid season or not) where it is clear it don’t matter anymore. And, this season has beenover for quite a while. Go RED!

  12. dougy,
    you have to remember these are the same people who backed Sampson all the way up to his firing. Even though everybody knew he was a cheating scumbag, these people would have told you how much he has changed all the way up to his departure. If you notice, I brought up how bad of a coach Mcleod was just a few weeks ago and got blasted, but after he gets fired everybody says he needed to go. I talk about how Mcleod will be fired a couple days ago and get blasted, but then he gets fired the next day and everything worked out like it should have.

  13. I think 4turds is Tom Izzo. Afterall, we all know turds is a hoops wizard, and has a direct line to CTC.

  14. HAIL to 4disreguard for finally succeeding in having some mud that sticks. One more success and will be as regular as a broken watch.

  15. and don’t forget she’s jealous of ctc’s looks. so a man with feminine qualities, an inside line to fired coach information, a know it all. that’s 4guards. beautiful.

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