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I’m trying to reach Joe Boncore for more information on Moses Abraham’s commitment, and I hope to speak to Abraham himself again later. While you’re waiting, here’s Adam Zagoria’s blog on the subject. Zagoria reports that Boncore said the decision was influenced by Abraham’s uncle. Also, here’s Steve Yanda’s post on the Washington Post blog which actually broke the story.

We’ll keep trying to flesh this out.


  1. Dustin,

    A question might be : Why did you visit Indiana, if it seems like you and your uncle had made a decision already?

  2. I think he came here just out of respect for CTC. Crean tried to land this kid and he is a seller. He sold him to make a visit but he couldn’t sell him on staying here for fours years. Better luck next time.

  3. Oh well maybe John Thompson 2 and
    3 are sitting in the driveway! At least Lebron’s
    private jet wasn’t used- maybe will be used with

  4. Hey Pete, As much as you would think UK is the one making recruiting violations every day, Its Indiana that is on probation now isn’t it! UK has nothing to do with Tom Crean not closing the deal with Moses Abraham.

  5. This is F***ing ridiculous. I don’t even know why i follow this sh*t

    Oh well, hopefully Georgetown won’t run into Ohio University next year

  6. Georgetown will not be a #3 seed next year. Monroe will be going to the NBA, and it will be rebuiding year again for them. I cannot see how Moses think he is the missing pick for that team to contend for a championship.

  7. UKCatFan – you forgot 1 other KU recent accomplishment. Kentucky is the only NCAA school to have a coach that has gone to 2 final fours with 2 different schools; yet, neither final fouf visit counts do to violates wihtin the program under the coaches watch.

  8. If KU does make it to the final four the banner will come down years from now. Not just for cleaning either

  9. Bowski- My point is plain and simple! UK is not on probation. Indiana IS! I live in Indiana and most Hoosiers forget this. You talk about Calipari and his past, BUT you overlook that your Hoosiers are the ones that are currently in trouble with the NCAA.

  10. Byrd and Bowski both meant UK not KU. Byrd – the fun thing will be Coach Cal will somehow leave the UK sometime before the sanctions from the NCAA…..yet no sanctions / issues following him.

  11. Man, I had no idea that Moses has no say for himself. I bet he’s going to love G’town, since he doesn’t really want to go there. Enjoy the bench.

  12. Dustin – This question was brought up on Hoosier Nation today and I think it needs to be investigated. How is John Thompson II allowed to recruit for Georgetown when he is not on the coaching staff?

  13. FWIW, i heard as soon as Abraham stepped off the plane, old man Thompson and others were already there waiting. Abraham never did get the time to talk to his people and make a decision, they pressured him right there to make a quick decision. Seems like Abraham has some snakes around him, with Boncore being the ringleader.

  14. Husky Tom,
    How about that Washington game? I loved it.
    Still want to have that Butler small ball debate? up 2 when howard went out, and Syracuse went on a big run. bring him back in and Butler makes a big run to win the game.

  15. Did anybody honestly expect Crean to win a big recruiting battle? He has proven he can’t do it, so we will probably be stuck with Yeguette. He will sit the bench for a year and maybe transfer or eat up yet another scholarship.

  16. It is a little early in Crean’s tenure at IU to say he can’t win a big recruiting battle.

  17. I thought I read somewhere earlier tonight that JTII is on Georgetown pay-role;thus, allows him to talk with recruits.

  18. I think Butler’s win tonight shows that you can build a successful basketball program with the talent within the state of Indiana. Give CTC a chance to build his relationships within the state and watch-out.

  19. 4guard has a suggestion. Let’s all help Bawa change his name to something similiar to Moses Abrahma…2 Christian names together…maybe Christian Jesus….yep…that will help…..NOPE. Have faith in your coach. 4 years ago before hiring Sampson…everybody would loved Crean taking over this program. Give him time. It has taken Painter 6 years to build Purude back, and they had players when he started.

  20. 1guard,
    You do understand this is only Painters 5th year as Head Coach at Purdue? After his first year, his lowest win total is 22.
    Not sure that is the best comparison.
    I do agree with Bowski in that we need some more Indiana kids in here badly.
    Zeller and Zeller for 2011?

  21. Indiana is on self-probation. They weren’t put on it by the NCAA. Kentucky will self-destruct just as bad as Indiana did. Kentucky will be so bad next year too when the lose Wall, Patterson, Cousins and Bledsoe and pick nobody up.

  22. man, who gives a shat what 4turds and a UK fan have to say. we are interested in rebuilding IU, not entertaining die hard trolls hell bent on getting a rise out of iu fans. uk boy and 4turds: get a room

  23. UK is going to crash and burn. It is just a matter of time. They are the USC of the basketball world.
    ..and in the meantime hopefully Wittman and Cornell put it to them tonight.

  24. I will be mourning tonight for my Dawgs, who I thought would be the ones knocking off Kentucky eventually. Unfortunately, they can’t play cupcakes like Steve Alford and the Lobos every game, and they came back to reality against a real coach/conference tonight…

  25. 4guard – Painter has been at Purdue 6 years. 5 as head coach and 1 year of asst. head coach which still allowed him to go out and sit in livings rooms with Mom, Dad, and young son representing Purdue. I would count that as recruiting….so he had 6 years with Purdue recruiting kids. You are proving my point…Painter never had to endure the rebuilding process Crean has..yet..this was the 1st year Purdue was in serious contention before the year started. Give Crean 5 more years and we’ll be back in the hunt for NCAA Banners not Big Ten.

  26. Bowski – his paid as a consultant or something, but that does not allow him to recruit. The same way Drew Adams and Chris Reynolds can’t recruit for IU. From what I have been told, only the coaching staff can recruit players.

  27. Husky,
    so your team got threw around like rag dolls that second half….
    no comment on the butler game?

    The only recruit we have signed that is worth anything.
    Crean has got to go.

  29. I think we could have pulled some hobo from the streets and paid him 20 grand a year to be our coach and he could not have done any worse. He is a joke.
    Carlino is a kid who loved IU and would have committed here regardless of the coach. He moved from Arizona to finish high school. What is the deal? Did he get the David Williams treatment?

  30. 4turds, how do you know he loves IU? if he does, he wouldnt have decommitted. he and his dad appear to be mercenary like but i dont blame them, pops is looking out for his kids best interests. read: playing time. crean might have reshuffled his priorities as well to open up room for 2011 and 12. but you wouldnt understand that because youre too busy taking jabs at crean for every single thing that happens whether its positive or negative. whine some more you baby.

  31. I will be mourning tonight for my Dawgs, who I thought would be the ones knocking off Kentucky eventually.

    Feebleminded puppies from Seattle are gone. Alford knocked them out. He played with their minds (the Lobos had to return to Albuquerque for school anyway, baby, because the spring break was over and Coach Alford knows classes are more important than anything else) and now the Huskies are gone, gone, gone, gone! Very satisfying. Nobody needs to mourn them. Better go and clean your kitty’s litter box, dude — much more satisfying (per your own statement a couple of weeks agi) than doing anything even remotely involving the wannabees from Pac-10. And no more wasted air on Huskies on this blog, puhleeease!

    On a slightly more related note, congratulations to Tom Crean for letting Jordan Crawford go. Instead of watching stupid Huskies and writing about them better bring up a tiny bit of the double overtime Xavier – Kansas State in which Jordan Crawford shined again, again, again — what a player!

    Tom Crean is a sausage. A walking, clapping sausage.

    Enough said.

  32. … a couple of weeks ag[o], of course …

    Jordan Crawford, Devin Ebanks, Ben Allen, Armon Bassett… what do they have in common? (And to this list a couple of names have been added recently too.)

    Answer: they never wanted to play for The Sausage. The Walking, Clapping Sausage (TWCS) who is destroying our basketball program, ruining it more than anyone else has ever done it before (and he’s getting paid well for that).

    Out with TWCS Tom Crean. Bring Steve Alford back now!

  33. UK CAT FAN–Hang the 2010 NCAA CHAMPIONSHIP BANNER WITH VELCRO.You guys at Y uk have the best players that $$$ can buy.He– they will probably make more at y uk than in the nba.
    Why are you so concearned what happens on an IU message board?

  34. More BS rhetoric by the tantrum throwing baby we all know as Coach 4disreguards. Our 2011 scholarship situation just made a positive turn. I’ll wait to enjoy the new harvest.

  35. Unfortunately for you, Engel, the Husky talk is going to stay strong and consistent on this blog. Sorry dude! It’s going to take me a while to get over the fact that they couldn’t play against Steve Alford over and over again. In fact, I am going to have dreams of both UW and IU moving to the Mountain West, where they would ideally play the New Mexico Low-bowels every night and run up a 40 win season!

    There you have it, sister.

  36. ^ Dude when it comes to the Huskies you’re unable to think straight and like the Clari-yawn you are an endless source of unintended humor. The Huskies were going to be the ones to beat Kentucky! Wha-ha-haha-aaah-hahahaaaa, excuse me, what?!

    You’re very very funny today. Please tell us more how Devin Ebanks (who’s far closer to the Hoosier spirit than you will ever be if you were to live to be 1,007,291 years old) shot over your stars QB and IT (aka Tweedle-dee and Tweedle-dumb) on his way to play Kentucky.

    HuskyDodo: I like you.

  37. I’ll tell you how, Englebert Humperdink. Both of my cherished Huskies (one of whom will be a 1st round draft pick this year, the other of whom will be an All American next year) got their egos inflated by playing against the Slow-bowels and their high school coach Alfie. Little did they know that there were real conferences and real schools awaiting them…but they will be back next year, unlike the Blowbos who will spend all next year thinking they are good by beating SDSU and Air Force.

  38. Steve Alford would have walked into our situation after Crean and demanded discipline. He would’ve turned people’s lives around. We wouldn’t have had the mass exodus of just about every player and recruit, which was probably more damaging than the KS phone calls themselves.

  39. Intereting point 4guards. Although I think those guys probably had some sort of insane loyalty to Sampson hence the horrible play after his ouster. I always felt like they threw IU under the bus.

  40. Husky,

    Stop with the Engel stuff. The dude is in law school. He barely reads anything here. I talk with him frequently and have to catch him up on what’s being discussed.

    He does not post here. If you’ve had fights elsewhere, that’s fine. But it’s not being carried on here, by him. I can assure you of that.


  41. Korman-
    With all due respect…
    Your use of “dude” makes me suspicious; for that is “Engel’s” favorite word (compete, dude compete). Until the guy has the courage to use his name, what choice do I have but to go with my closest suspicion? “Engel” has become an empty signifier meaning “he who is too afraid to identify himself”.

  42. The Case of 4guards:

    Though it may regretfully not satisfy the Korman Court, I would like to put forth some hearsay Basketblog evidence to aid in putting to rest all suspicions the identity of 4guards..I believe 4guards to not be Engel, but instead a favorite back chamber for Engel to lay down his law..a place where he can thoroughly examine a case without the normally encountered objections and resistance his statute of limitations…A place where no reasonable doubt is given to his tampered with evidence once used on Twelve Angry Men he refused to surrender a plea..A place, where even after the excruciatingly tiresome day the study of law, his hung jury is not given dismissal for failure to stand and be fit to appear…The verdict is not in! 4guards is not Engel! 4guards is the favorite Subpoena Duces Tecum for “Engel stuff”..4guards is Eline! Mistrial!

    Unrelated matter before the Korman Court:

    I declare a more satisfying “signifier” be given to Tom’s new “dude” warrior…I propose Hoosier Clarion now be known as “Emergency Entrance”.

    We become tired of hearing people lie….then after a time, we become dead….we think of ourselves as victims

  43. I talk with him frequently and have to catch him up on what’s being discussed.

    … “talk with him frequently”? One would think that requires more time on Engel’s busy schedule than just taking a quick glance at Scoop for himself. I’ve seen Engel on LiveChat plenty of times..Odd that there’s time for those discussions during games when you have to follow along pretty closely to interject opinions..Those LiveChat sessions jump around topics quickly..It’s hard to keep up compared to an occasional visit to Scoop to drop an opinion about the basketball program he loves so much. You would think 4guards rants would be an outrage to Chris Engel..On the Basketblog I can remember how very devoted to his claims that his love for the Indiana Hoosiers was like no other. I remember how nauseated I got by it all.

    If Engel’s opinions don’t find the pages of Scoop, what a disservice to all of us. I would sure love to hear what he thinks about Crean and the rants of 4guards.

    Anyway, I think all the rants by 4guards are intended opposite there superficial anger vented against Crean on the pages of Scoop..I think he rants to continually rally the Yacht Club troops around Crean. Outside his pretend stage act on Scoop, he is an ardent Crean supporter.

    Random Entertainment: The Guy Under the Seats… Reminds me of Engel(rubber lips) and his wooden puppet during their bosom buddy days on Basketblog.

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