Possible Moses Abraham sighting

Tom Crean is at the Indiana baseball game with his family. Assistant coach Bennie Setzer just arrived bringing with him someone who at least fits the profile of Moses Abraham, the 6-foot-9, 237-pound Nigerian forward playing at Progressive Christian Academy in Temple Hills, Md. Abraham is on the second day of his official visit to Indiana. He is choosing between Georgetown and Indiana.


  1. pretty sure i’ve seen him being driven around on an IU Athletics golf cart each of the last two days. couldn’t have picked a better couple of days to bring him to town, that’s for sure.

  2. You know there must be something to that clapping. There is a lot
    of it going around the NCAA and NIT. Maybe Coach started something or maybe he is modeling other top coaches. Oh, it is
    not just the ones winning. I guess if IU was 30-4 winning or 26-9 losing in the Big Dance it would be OK to clap.

  3. That clap was around long before Tom Crean. You may have heard “Eric Gordon, clap, clap,,,clap,clap”. You don’t get it. We started from scratch and are exceeding expectations, or meeting them at the very least. We need Moses, he will be a great shotblocker and defender if nothing else. But if he plays some good offense we will be back in the tourney. You’re an idiot.

  4. Igetit, You must be on a different planet! I was not knocking Coach for clapping. I am tired of these guys making fun of him! I was saying other good coach do the same as Tom. I think he is a good coach who is doing a good job and if he wants to encourage his players by clapping more power to him. I don’t think it is an issue and it will stop being a popular rag on Coach once IU starts winning. You are not so smart for not understanding my post!!
    I am not going to lower myself like you did to name calling.

  5. i’ve always hated that sing-song chanting of the players full name and clap clap clap clap clap. not very manly. imagine if bawa starts blocking 6 shots a game and he gets serenaded with that boring, unimaginative chant. how about a deep-throated ba-WA! ba-WA! ba-WA!. intimidating, while being manly. jesus. you’re college kids. have some effin’ imagination. the clapping thing sounds so gay. no offense to you gay people. some of my best friends are gay. no they aren’t.

  6. You don’t get it,

    It actually goes like this:

    clap,clap,pace pace,clap,clap,pace,pace,pace,clap,clap,pace,pace

    “Hey Dumes please throw the ball to our team.”


  7. I wish Moses would decide already. I say it’s about 70/30 Georgetown at this point. I can’t believe Crean took the kid to Cheeseburger in Paradise. Out of all the unique locally-owned restaurants in our great town, he takes him to a gimmicky corporate chain in a stripmall on the ugly east side. Way to show off the town’s best assets. Do you think they went to Red Lobster the next night?

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