Purdue 74, Indiana 55

Indiana simply could not keep pace with a Purdue team amped by a senior night celebration for its energy source Chris Kramer, and lost 74-55 Thursday night.

Mackey Arena was loud and the Boilermakers, still dealing with the loss of star player Robbie Hummel to an ACL tear, were poised.

The Hoosiers, who have lost 11 in a row, too often were tissue-thin on defense. That, combined with streaky shooting and an inability to score from the paint, made it an untenable match up.

Indiana coach Tom Crean summed up the situation quite succinctly in his post-game press conference.

“We’re a soft basketball team right now,” he said.

Peruse the box score at your convenience.

More to come.

UPDATE: 10:49

AUDIO: Tom Crean calls his team soft and talks about recruiting a Chris Kramer

AUDIO: Derek Elston talks about his best outing of the season

AUDIO: Jordan Hulls talks about working hard and moving forward. … as always

AUDIO: Chris Kramer, Keaton Grant and E’Twaun Moore talk about winning the seniors’ last game in Mackey Arena

AUDIO: Matt Painter talks about his senior class


  1. Chris and/or Dustin,

    I’d like to hear what you guys know, have heard, sense, observed, etc about Rivers and maybe others not listening/disrespecting Crean.

    I understand he’s not going to answer a question like that and everyone is probably going to stick to the company line and that you guys have limited access, so you may not know much. But, someone on here wrote about Rivers scoffing or somehow blowing off Crean as he turned his back, and I’ve already received two texts from friends asking about the same. From my perspective, his body language this year has, at times, indicated he’d rather be elsewhere. Dumes also seemed to give up on a play or two tonight. I know frustration and lack of confidence is an issue for everyone right now. But, has he lost them? And, if so, has he lost all of them or just a couple?

    I’ll have to go back through the game and see if I can pick up on what these people are referring to. If it’s bad and I was Crean, well Rivers would have more of a problem going forward than he previously thought imaginable. Or better put, he’d think last week was “a ___ picnic.”

  2. Rivers should never have seen the court again tonight after that fiasco, but he was put back in fairly quickly. It is blatantly obvious he has no respect for Crean. This team is so undisciplined.
    He has definitely lost the team as they don’t even play hard for him.
    Elston continues to impress in too few minutes (more than usual though).

  3. I didn’t get to watch the first half at all, so maybe I missed too much to understand this, but it seems absurd to me that free throw attempts went in favor of Purdue by a count of 31-5.

    We didn’t attempt a free throw until four minutes into the second half. Was the officiating questionable or were we really just that bad at drawing fouls inside?

    I’d believe either answer. I’m just curious.

  4. Rivers and Dumes are the antithesis of “because-it’s-Indiana” basketball. Incredibly painful to watch when they are on the court.

  5. It’s expected to see frustration. I saw a much more uplifting image during the game. Watford was obviously struggling tonight, but what a glimpse the television camera gave exemplifying the character of a decent kid and the fine young man this Hoosier will grow into. He was staring off a bit and had a slight look of dejection on his face as he sat exhaustively plopped in chair next to Elston(I think both had just been taken out for breathers/foul trouble) and the camera lens caught the image that will stick with me for quite some time. Without making a single glance toward Derek, Watford unassumingly placed his hand over Elston’s knee. A quiet tap of camaraderie. An acknowledgment of respect and brotherhood. Elston didn’t need to return eye contact with him as he took a swig from his water bottle. Their minds and hearts were in the same place. I’ve done plenty my share of dirt-throwing at this team and at our coach.
    I’m embarrassed and ready to stop. I think the worst thing we can do to the spirit of our basketball program is to continue with the ugly rumors and speculation. And for the life of me, I can’t understand the unsolicited adulation for any other coach than the one we want our young team to look up to.

  6. Chill,

    One of the more calm, collected and eloquent comments I’ve read on here in a while.

    Thanks for injecting a little positivity into the conversation before it inevitably gets ugly again.

  7. Casey,

    Crean basically said, after the game, that the Hoosiers weren’t physical enough to draw contact. His voice sounded a bit dubious — the spread was probably a little extreme — but he was taking the blame for his team not getting more free chances.

  8. Chris,

    Thanks for filling me in. Just curious — if you’re Tom Crean, what do you say to these guys after the last game (with the possibility of not winning another this season)?

    What can Crean salvage from the season? How can he reassure his team that things are turning around? How do you snap these guys out of the funk of a double-digit losing streak?

  9. Crean catches a lot of heat for being a spinster, but when I listen to him talk, I hear a man who sincerely wants to improve this program. I think by nature, and because of the tradition of this program, we as fans are inherently impatient — intolerant of anything but a high level of performance and competition.

    It’s natural that when we don’t see that on the court, we blame the coach. But I truly believe that the situation we find ourselves in is a direct result of our lack of talent and development. Crean has shown over his career that he can coach when the pieces are there. But they aren’t right now.

    If you look at our team, we can’t even field an adequate starting five, let alone sub in players that can carry a significant load. I know the “it takes time/patience” argument falls predominantly on deaf ears at this point, but it really is the truth. Our players with potential need TIME to develop into excellent college-level athletes. We need TIME to recruit more of the types of players that fit into Crean’s system.

    As much as the consistent losing disgusts me, what bothers me ten times more is the constant negativity generated by “fans” of IU basketball. This is a time in which our support and patience is vital. If you’re not willing to provide those things, then please, for the good of us all, take your negative comments and pessimism elsewhere.

  10. Chill and Casey are spot on. We need to focus on the positives. If everyone comes back, we have a good core next year with Creek, Elston, Watford, and Jones, and a smart player in Hulls would needs some work to learn how to get open and defend better. Roth with be back as our sharpshooter. Yes, need more help down low. Maybe send Bawa to a high intensity big man camp, or some one-on-one time with a former pro who played the post. Bobby can, with more work, be a good inside fill in off the bench. If we could land the guy out of MD, that would be a boost. I think TC needs to take a look at his coaching staff, and make the tough call as to if he has what he needs there, assistants would can work with specific guys on developing their game to fit the system. I am still hopeful TC is the right guy, but he going to need to toughen up, as well as the players. Fewer cartwheels on the sidelines, and more leadership and calling it like it is.

  11. Just wanted to say I enjoyed the thoughts of Wisco, Casey, and Chill. Thanks guys, gotta go work!

  12. Well said, Coach…Chris Kramer is one of those players that many do not want to like because he plays for the rival school, but must respect for the way he competes and makes his team better.

    Every team needs kids with a “penchant for winning” that exceeds their “high basketball ceiling”. Unfortunately, we had to endure a period a few years back where these were passed over because “we are not going to have another (insert the name of another tough-nosed Indiana HS product here)…”

    When (WHEN!) more of these kinds of players choose Indiana, the victories will be that much sweeter because of what we have gone through.

  13. Rivers and Dumes are not very good, and their coach is is very disappionted in Rivers. Rivers reaction is not towards his coach it is that HE knows that he cannot play at this level. He was so inflated by the staff and media and started believing the hype. He is waht Georgetown told him he was. A ROLE PLAYER. He came here to be a star and he is simple not good enough, and he is frustrated. As for Dumes he is a moron, who doesn’t deserve to put on the uniform!

  14. You yourself are a moron,and never deserve to be apart of I.U. staff or posting comments. Continue to waste your time on badmouthing Dumes while four of your players transfer dummy!! While you continue to do the devils work hahhahhahaahh a** ho@@’s you failed!!!!! PACK let RIVERS pay your way

  15. Tom Crean needs a crane to carry him and all the other mess out of here!!! FIRE TOM CREAN FIRE TOM CREAN FIRE TOM CREAN FIRE TOM CREAN FIRE TOM CREAN,,, and don’t think youwilleverknow gets to stay!!

  16. Wow. You definitely need a sedative and a crash course in spelling and grammar.

    Pull yourself together man!

  17. Somebody started their weekend a little early… agree with you on the fire tom crean chant though

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