Question for you all

It seems to us based on some very unscientific surveying that as much as you may all hate Purdue, you’ve developed some begrudging respect for the Boilermakers based on the way they play. They are still the enemy, but they’re unselfish, and they play offense and defense the way you like to see it and the way a guy who used to wear a red sweater all the time used to coach it. The same could be said for Butler, and as much as it kills you to have that much respect for a team that not long ago was one of the weak stepsisters of the state, you sort of wish Indiana played like the Bulldogs do.

We’d like to get a better idea as to whether this is actually true, and if it is, we’d like to attempt to do a story on it. Feel free to write your opinions on the blog (please be civil) and if you’d be comfortable about speaking about it on the record (using your real name, of course) for a story, or know anyone who would, send me an e-mail at with contact information.

Maybe we’re totally off-base with this, but we think it would be an interesting topic of discussion.  Let’s see where it goes.


  1. Dustin,
    I feel no different about Purdue today than when I attended my first game there sometime in the 50’s. Even with a farm upbringing and an Uncle who was a money donating alumnus, I still hold the school in shallow favor.

  2. I have no respect for Purdont nor do I have respect for those who we refer to around here as Purdouchebags.

  3. Respect Purdue? Mainly yes. They play hard, they play with unit cohesion and with discipline. I think they run a clean program (unlike Kentucky). They were not a bad team to watch (which is, alas, more than can generally be said for us lately). Their fan base, though clearly afflicted with some mental disorder, is generally very knowledgeable about basketball.
    Ever remotely consider “liking” Purdue? Not a chance. I felt bad for Hummel when he got hurt and to a lesser extent for his team. I did not really feel bad for Matt “Donuts” Painter or their fan base (since I doubt after Scott May broke his arm against Purdue or when Alan Henderson got hurt that many Purdue fans were feeling anything but schadenfreude at our expense).
    Butler is nice and I really like their gym but I do not really consider them as either friend or foe.

    An excellent version of a response to this question re: Purdue can be found at: and the Saturday, February 20, 2010 “Boil(er)ing With Frustration” post by Mark Titus. You guys or ITH should consider hiring him upon graduation.

  4. I have actually noticed a similar trend. Usually it goes along with the whole idea of them being in the Big Ten and we need to root for them for the sake of the conference. However, more and more IU fans are saying, “wow, Purdue is really good”. This has definitely slowed a little with the loss of Robbie Hummel. I still think IU fans, myself included, despise the travesty of the school known as Purdue University, we just think they have a good basketball team and play the right way. And obviously, we don’t have a team that can compete with them at such a high level.

  5. Purdue was never my favorite even though I always managed to maintain a high level of respect for Gene Keady based on how hard his kids worked and how much they developed while playing for him (both physically and with their b’ball skills). I will defer to Bob Knight’s comments regarding Purdue a few weeks ago when he told Musburger something like “…they play the game the way it is supposed to be played” (sic) which I took to be a hell of a compliment toward Matt Painter.

  6. It is hard for me to mention purdue and respect in the same sentence. I must admit they are doing things the right way. They hired one of their own, they recruit the state of Indiana much better than us. They use the post and actually run an offense. They play solid d and fundamentally sound basketball.
    Now porkchop painter may be the biggest crybaby outside of Weber so not sure I respect him.

  7. I don’t get to see Butler play often, but when you’re that successful you must be doing something right. I still don’t like Purdue, but watching them play this year has been enjoyable for the reasons you mentioned Dustin. The other thing that is not critical but worth mentioning is the number of Indiana kids on each team. Indiana kids just know how to play the game!

  8. Ive been very impressed with the Butler program. I expected a drop off after Lickliter left but they have become even more of a fixture on the national scene. I also like the recruiting job theyve done here locally with Butcher and Fromm. I expect they will continue to grab Bloomington area standouts that arent recruited heavily by big time schools. With the toughness they display on the court and a local flavor to their line it would be hard not to admire and root for the Bulldogs. Purdue gets a “no comment”.

  9. I tip my hat to Purdue for building what looks to be a national powerhouse in at least the short term. It will be interesting to see if they fade back after the Hummel/Moore/Johnson class moves on or continue to be a top 3 program in the Big 10 and top 20 nationally.

    Furthermore, I tip my hat to Butler for creating and maintaining ‘the Butler Way’ over four coaches. They built their program with the kids that define Indiana basketball and have put themselves well beyond the competition in their conference. I’d be interested to see how they would compete in a next-step up conference.

    All that said, I find Purdue and Butler fans about as annoying as they probably find IU fans. I feel like they’re the beneficiaries of all the karmatic payback the Hoosiers have been weathering for the better part of a decade.

  10. I agree with RMK comments – they play hard with Indiana products. I would also say that Wisconsin outdoes them – impressive the way they play on both sides of the ball…I spent 3 yrs doing post doc work at wisconsin so I am biased. Overall I think CTC is the right choice and will beat Painter with similar talent. Don’t think he can do it against Bo…but we should have better talent in 2-3 years….ah, patience is a virtue – and it pains me to say something nice about the boilers

  11. This is an interesting question and I’m sure it will draw a wide range of responses. However, the way you phrase the question makes the answer rather simple for me.

    You ask whether I have developed some sort of respect for Purdue’s basketball program. While I appreciate some of Purdue’s players and they way they play the game (mostly Hummel and Moore), I have not gained any respect for the program as a whole. For me, it is easy to separate respect for individual players and respect for the program.

    Respect has to be earned through continued results. Painter took advantage of a perfect storm at IU to achieve the roster he has now. So far, the Hummel, Moore, Johnson, and Martin recruiting class has yet to take Purdue past the sweet 16 (and I doubt they make it to the elite 8 this year). Painter has also failed to bring in quality players to replace Purdue’s “big three” when they all are gone after next season (and possibily Johnson after this season).

    It take more than one good recruiting class to earn my respect. If, in five years, Purdue is still in the top 3 or 4 teams in the Big Ten and has had some success in the NCAA tournament, my opinion might change. However, until that happens, Purdue’s basketball program will not have my respect.

  12. Here’s how I think most fans view the situation…

    Purdue: We’re all able to recognize and commend their recent success, but I wouldn’t go so far to say that we respect them. There’s so much built up animosity and rivalry between the programs that I think getting to the level where either program or its fans ever actually respect the other is unlikely. Personally, I still absolutely hate Purdue — and I still feel they’re the kid brother of Indiana basketball, even with our current troubles at IU. No matter how successful Purdue is, there will always be more IU basketball fans, and IU will always be of the most concern to the state in general.

    Butler: I think Butler fans get a misguided sense of confidence and accomplishment. They have that small-dog mentality, and while I don’t think many IU fans hate Butler, I personally get annoyed. I’m tired of the fans, really — not the program. But that affects my ability to respect/tolerate the team. Butler fans trumpet the team’s great record each year, amassed predominantly by beating Horizon League teams all year. I want to see where Butler would land in the standings if it played in a more competitive conference.

    Both teams play strong fundamental basketball, but no, I don’t wish we played just like them. I certainly wish for the talent Purdue has, or the discipline Butler has, but I can’t bring myself to truly respect either program. I think you’ll be hard pressed to find many IU fans willing to say they respect Purdue.

  13. I’m a native of Southern Indiana (now living in Florida), so I have always had more of a hatred for Kentucky than Purdue. I didn’t go to IU, but have been a fan since I was a kid in the 60s. All of this is to say that I may not be the “typcial” Hoosier fan when it comes to how I feel about Purdue.

    Having said that, I do respect Purdue for what they have built as a team this year, and I frankly wish them well in the NCAA tournament. In the past, as long as it didn’t affect IU, I usually was pulling for Purdue to do well also.

    I moved away from Indiana when I graduated from high school, and have always generally pulled for any Indiana teams when they are not playing IU. This especially applies to Butler. I love it when people who aren’t that familiar with basketball in Indiana comment about the achievements of a small school like Butler.

  14. It is hard to respect Painter as he reminds me so much of Weber. People say it is a clean program so for that I give my respect. I am not trying to be funny here but the PU campus is horrid looking and the girls there are not much better and the colors of black and gold have always bugged me. I never had a problem with PU fans until late. I cheer for PU unless they play IU but to hope they hang a banner when IU cannot compete, never. I don’t want them to make it out of the 2nd rd of the big dance this year. I guess on a whole I don’t really respect the program. I have more respect actually for MSU and Wisky in bball. I know you PU fans will read this so sleep on this tonight…enjoy this now as much as you can because sooner or later IU will own you again and deep down you know it!

    On the Butler topic. I have respect for Butler as they are the little guy that punches so many in the mouth. It is hard to hate on them even a little. I cheer for them but like I told a group of their fans at Conseco after they beat IU a few years back…it will always just be Butler!!! Respect to and for Butler bball!

  15. I want any IU team to play hard and smart ball. If you watched MU when Crean was there those teams played very hard the whole game. It is not just PU or Butler it is any team that plays smart fundamental ball that we envy. Crean needs an upgrade in talent and he needs that talent to have experience in his system.

    I feel you guys are getting a little bored over there and need to stir the pot.

  16. I hate Purdue. I stated exactly that in my best man speech at my best friend’s wedding. How I am best friends with a Purdue alum, I don’t know.

    Always liked Keady, just hoped that he lost every game. Feel sorry for Hummel and his teammates that that happened, but I’m not sorry that hurts their tourney chances.

    I get the overall idea, but I’ve never bought into all that crap about cheering on the Big Ten and other Indiana teams. The success of the rest of the Big Ten in the non-conference may help RPI’s, but other than that it’s basically a talk radio/blog topic. And, in our position now, makes it that much harder to climb back up and recruit against some people. That said, I hope most Big Ten teams do well, with Purdue and Ohio State being two huge exceptions. Always liked Butler and think it’s a great story, great program, etc. Throughout their rise, however, they have been a team that I still think we should beat. Not always and not easily, but still someone we should always be above. But, given just how they keep getting better and better over the past few years and we are terrible, that’s obviously not the case now and they’ve really leveled that playing field. Good for them and I hope they do well in the tourney.

    I think a lot of Purdue is just appreciating good basketball. They play hard, tough, smart basketball and they are full of good players but probably no NBA superstars, something that IU and Purdue both have always done and is really a pillar of basketball in Indiana.

    Additionally, while it’s a bitter rivalry on game day and we can make fun of their stupid drum, ugly girls, ugly campus, lack of championships in anything, farm culture, and a lot more, it’s also ludicrous to say I actually hate them. I mean I pretty much hate their athletics…. and their campus….. and most everyone associated with them in any official capacity, past or present….

    But, all joking aside, Purdue’s a good school and is important to the state. It’s hard to live and work in Indiana, especially if you’re from here, and not have friends from the other side. It’s a two-way street with this sorta thing too. Both of us have crazy fans, but most of the more rational ones on both side agree to that point.

    So, while I’m a little pleased to see them struggle a little bit here at the end of the year, I have a little empathy for why they are struggling and mostly for my Purdue friends because I know how I’d feel if the roles were reversed.


  18. I’ll bite. I do enjoy watching Butler basketball and have never really considered that program a true rival to IU’s. The current team is particularly fun to watch. So yes, I wish CTC’s team displayed many of the traits that this Butler team does.

    Growing up an IU fan, I don’t even like the idea of Purdue.


  19. I hate PU and will never root for them to win at anything. Yes, they are good and winning. Good for them. I still will never root for them because they are an Indiana team or a Big 10 team. I will somewhat root for Butler though and just about any other Indiana school. I want PU to lose all the time. My two favorite teams are IU and anyone who beats PU.

  20. I have great respect for Purdue. Anyone who objectively appreciates fundamentally-sound basketball, played by teams that are true teams and who are physically and mentally tough, has to respect them. The key word there is ‘objectively,’ which explains the otherwise-inexplicable refusal of some of my fellow posters to respect Purdue.

    Also, I live in Nashville (Tennessee, not Brown County), and SEC fans here generally hate all Big Ten teams. How someone from the south can really care about Minnesota or Iowa I don’t know, but they do. IU is spared the special hatred they have for TOSU, aka the Suckeyes, but generally, all Big Ten teams are rooted against at all times by SEC fans, unless they’re playing TOSU. So, I’ve learned to cheer for all Big Ten teams when they’re playing out of conference, and part of that is respecting Purdue and cheering for them when the good of the entire conference is involved. So yes, I respect and even sometimes root for Purdue, and all of IU’s conference rivals.

    Besides, we may as well cheer for someone from the state of Indiana to do well, it’s sure as @#$@#$ not the Hoosiers at this point.

  21. Outside of one assault with intent to break a Scott May wrist, I really can’t remember any specific games against Purdue from my days of wearing my singularly most useful wardrobe of the 1970’s: an overly tight pair of Levi’s and NCAA Championship t-shirt. I came to IU from Northwest Indiana. During my freshman year at IU the Steve Miller Band performed at Assembly Hall. When I made weekend trips back home I can remember the music played on my radio would hit a ten year slippage into a reverse time warp as I neared West Lafayette. I would toss in an 8-track until I could pick up signs of life and a Chicago station. I would surmise they are now just discovering Boston and “More than a Feeling” is taking by storm any FM station within a Twilight Zone wavelength of their Highway 65 billboard that reminds it’s time to put the V-6 into warp speed to minimize the effects of too much exposure to Mackey silo fallout (we’ll get to that).

    There’s truly something different in the drain hole between Chicago and Indianapolis
    (also known as Tippecanoe and Truck Stop, or Two!). I’ve never been able to put my finger on it. If I ever did put finger on it, I fear it may smolder through the night and next day fall off. Complete amputation of a limb may be required. During the 70’s I often wondered if Mackey Arena was being used to hide are most powerful ICBMs and the signal to launch was Keady switching direction of his comb-over toward the Eastern Block. There is something strangely off in Cement City. And if we must talk a little basketball, that’s exactly what they were and forever be. Hummel went to a school in NW Indiana that was my high school’s most hated rival over three decades ago. They are still my high school’s most hated rival. We used to chant, “We’ll make Alpo out of Valpo!” He sniffed out the correct college.

  22. I’ve always hated Kentucky more than Purdue…that being said, no, i don’t fine myself “respecting” Purdue and their program. It’s Purdue…it’s our rival. It tears me apart seeing these teams in the top 5. I always root for the Big 10…except Purdue. I wish they were 0-30.

  23. I have season tickets to both Butler and Indiana. There is no question that at the present time- butler is much mitre enjoyable to watch. They take care of the ball, play excellent defense and run an offense not predicated on beating someone one on one. They tend to let players develop at a slow pace and not to play people until they are ready to play the Butler way- offensively and defensively.

    While Crean found himself in dire straights- his teams to date seem to lack any desire to play solid team defense and to work hard to get good shots. The offense often consists of someone going one on one and turning the ball over. While short spurts of better play occasionally surface- these last two seasons with 20+ losses and being the doormat of the B10 have been tough to watch

  24. We sat by 15 Purdue fans at the B-10 tournament last year. They were the most ill-mannered and seem to lack a basic knowledge of the game. At the 12 minute timeout, we moved. Purdue is playing some good basketball, but their fans want to be “The Indiana University” instead of creating their own identity.

  25. As much as I really hate Purdue, John, I don’t think blanket statements like that are very fair or intelligent. You sat by 15 Purdue fans, out of many. Hundreds probably. We have idiot, jerk fans too. All of these teams do, the Big Ten is made up of (mostly) huge state schools. All kinds of people, bad and good. Drunk and sober.

    Although, I do think OSU has the most of the bad kind. But, once again, that’s probably not fair either. I think they just send a disproportionate number of assholes to the football games in Bloomington.

  26. To echo others, there is no other entity on the planet I despise more thank Kentucky, its players, its coaches and its fan base. They are crooks and cheats. All but one, maybe two of their NCAAs is tainted in my book (all won under Rupp and the one under Joe B. Hall). I can “respect” Purdue on some level because I think they are a clean program and they are in the Big Ten. I do not like Painter, loathed him when he played for the Boils back in the day (though Linc Darner was far more irritating with his permed mullet) but I do like the nickname for Painter as “Porkchop” and he is as whiny as Weber and they both learned that whiny crap from Captain Combover, Gene Keady.
    As for Butler, huzzah to them and their consistency but I just don’t really follow them and I do not see them ever entering the picture as more than a Indiana version of Gonzaga (which looks darned good to me)

  27. Purdue is often very good, but rarely if ever great. I don’t see that changing anytime soon. I don’t want IU to ever settle for wanting to ‘be like Purdue’.

    Respect, yes. Envy…*%$# no!

  28. I dont know if anyone has noticed, but Purdue plays that song wrote by Gary Glitter (which is played at most games, festivals, concerts, etc…) at every home game. Well, every game Purdue plays this song and at every game halfway through the song the band screams, “IU SUCKS”. It doesn’t matter if they are playing Northern Iowa in the non conference season, they repeat this action at every home game. This was recently brought to my attention because a young guy at work dates this girl who attends Purdue. He has been to several games this year and he was explaining this to me and to be honest I really didnt believe him. I thought maybe he was confused or something because he’s not a big time basketball fan anyway. Not to be outdone, I was attending a Kokomo Wildcat basketball game to watch A.J. Hammons of Carmel. For some reason the Purdue band was there and they were sharing songs between themselves and Kokomo’s band. Wouldn’t you know it, they busted out the infamous Gary Glitter “glee song” and out of nowhere came the “IU SUCKS” halfway through the tune, right on cue. Look, Purdue definitely has things going and they don’t seem to be letting up any time soon which I think is great for the rivalry in the future, but John hit the nail of the head when saying that Purdue are basically wanna be’s. Why they must insist on screaming IU sucks at every home game is beyond me and I wonder what other visiting teams must think when they realize they just said something about a team that isn’t even there at the time. So, no props to their fans and no props to West Laffy. They are wanna be’s and everyone knows it, it has to be that way or else there is no rivalry. They can kiss my A**!!!!

  29. As they say, “My 2 favorite teams are IU and whoever plays Purdue.” Butler, I root for. Purdue? Never.

  30. what kind of Hoosier fans ask this question! of course no respect for PU. their fans ruin any chances of respect i could ever have for the program. the boiler-up chant, their school song, and the colors black and gold make me sick. like others have said, i hate UK more but PU is still a big rival and the fact that their students chant “IU sucks” at games when they are not playing IU is pathetic. I will never like pudont. i will never cheer for purdont. i will never respect the program at purdont.

  31. I told a Purdue friend of mine that the benefit I saw of Hummel getting hurt was that it was going to save me the indignity of pulling for Purdue in the Final 4. They play hard, they play smart, they play unselfish. Three characteristics I haven’t seen a whole lot of at IU.

    As far as Butler goes, I’ll always cheer for IU first, but Butler has been much more enjoyable to watch for many years now. Offensively and defensively they have a team plan, and they follow it to a man. The IU plan for several years has been to beat your man individually, and it’s frustrating to watch.

  32. You have to respect a team who leads the conference in Big 10 titles and has a winning record against all other teams in the conference. And how many players from Purdue have gone on to play pro ball as compared to IU, probably not as many ‘superstars’, maybe a few bigger names but many not as many. So overall, they’ve probably been more successful with the talent they’ve had. And then when it comes to coaches, or alumni, no one compares to John Wooden, right out of IU’s backyard. And then to think that when he was a kid growing up in Muncie, Painter wanted to go to IU, but didn’t get a scholy so he ‘settled’ for Purdue. Mackey Arena is one of the best atmosphere’s in college basketball, and wouldn’t be that way without the era of games during the Keady and Knight rivalry.

    And then Butler, well they’ve got that fieldhouse and all the tradition of Indiana high school basketball championships that were played on that floor and the legend of Tony Hinkle, the winningest coach in all of college sports (he coached football, basketball and baseball I believe) and the ball we use today is orange because it was Tony’s idea to come up with a ball that would be easier to see (don’t know how he came up with orange). And they play scrappy ball, kind of a different system than anybody else uses; used to be all that passing, a little like a combo or Northwestern’s with the back door cuts and Wisconsin’s with the guard penetration. Butler reminds me of Gonzaga in regards to the size of school and what they’re able to do. And you have to give them credit for playing some of the teams they’ve played, because not everybody schedules a team like Butler because they’ve got more to lose if they play them and lose. It’s like the ACC/Big 10 challenge which more or less forces these teams to play each other (the Horizon League doesn’t have such a set up so the teams have to find opponents that will play them on their own. Look at the away games Butler played earlier this season.

    And back to Purdue, their president a few years ago was an IU alum, Steven Beering, so you gotta respect that. Could you see IU hiring a Purdue alum to be it’s president? And Purdue has a great recruiting class coming in next year (three fourths of it being Indiana kids) to supplement next year’s group of returning players. Expect to see Hummel, Moore and Johnson back next year as all have said that they would be back (J&C, 3/2/2010).

    If one was a Purdue supporter, Indiana supporter or Butler supporter and was asked to choose between Duke, North Carolina or NC State (or Wake), who they would choose and why? And likewise, who would those ACC supporters select as their Indiana team? Would they respect them? Can hear someone say, ‘what ’bout Notre Dame? Really, who do they play?

  33. The wounds are still bleeding, Dustin, there’s no need to pour salt in them.

    Conversely, any fan who appreciates fundamental basketball or the talent which the state of Indiana produces must hold some degree of respect for the teams those programs of recently fielded.

    Just don’t ask Hoosiers fans to go on record and publicly state as much; that’s considered blasphemy in most Indiana households.

  34. wow, you vocalized a sentiment i have been afraid to admit to myself this season: “There are two teams in this state playing IU basketball and Indiana isn’t one of them.”

    I grew up hating the boilers with a passion and wished they would lose every game without question, even against kentucky. now, i hate to admit it but i appreciate the way they play so much, i like to watch them play and even want them to beat programs like IL and OSU that I either despise or don’t like the way they play. In the tournament this year, ill root for the to go far, but not too far, because I love the fact that PU has no national championships. The Indiana Hoosiers always will be my team, but we hoosiers were blessed and cursed, depending on how you look at it, over the last 30 years to have a fine appreciation for good basketball, we’re not seeing it being played in bloomington and, unfortunately enough, it doesn’t look like it will be for a while. in light of this desperate situation-no good bball in indiana or watching good bball being played by PU- im afraid ive chosen the latter option, watching PU play somewhat confused as to why I want them to win, but never able to bring myself to actually cheer for them to win.

    on the issue of butler, i have always pulled for them, over the last few years it has been apparent that they have a better basketball program than we do and that they play better basketball than we even try to.

  35. I’m an IU alumnus (2X) and a BU season ticketholder. There is no question that, over the past 12 seasons (excepting IU’s improbable run to the finals in ’02)Butler has been a heck of a lot more fun to watch. I’m really pleased to see that most of the comments here have been favorable,’cause I don’t see how anyone who loves good basketball could fail to like the Dawgs. They play smart, hard, unselfishly and really work on defense. They recruit good kids who go to class and are good citizens.

    The same might be true of pu, but I still can’t root for them.

  36. Great topic for a conversation Dustin.

    Purdue to me is a team and an institution that I grew to despise while attending Indiana University. As Steve Lavin pointed out in a telecast this past year, “Any IU fan can tell you how to get to Purdue. Go north past Indianapolis until you reach that smell. Then you are there.”

    What made me hate Purdue? Being from the Chicago area and not knowing too much about Purdue, my 17 year old freshman mind was easily swayed by what others told me. “The place just reeks of manure….the girls there are few, and if you find one she’s probably either fat or ugly, the campus is one giant eye-sore, there is just nothing to do up there.”

    Now do I think those things now, not really? But I do believe that every team needs a rival. That is just what makes sports great. The Bears will always have the Packers, the Yankees will always have the Red Sox and the Celtics will always have the Lakers….and Indiana will always have Purdue.

    Now take the Green Bay Packers in my case. I hate the Packers with all my might. But to your point about respecting the way they play…well I did just that. I had a ton of respect for Brett Farve when he was beating the snot out of my Bears. You just couldn’t argue with how good of a player he was.

    I feel the same way about Purdue. They are a tough nosed team with a great make-up of home grown talent. They remind me of one of Indiana’s teams from the early nineties. Even though they are IU’s hated rival, I have to admit Purdue has put together a nice program. One can only hope that IU follows suit and takes a note from Purdue’s page these past couple of years. Where Purdue is right now is the path IU needs to take in order for Crean’s rebuilding process to be deemed a success.

    Seeing Butler succeed for me is like watching that little brother finally get out of his big brothers shadow. They have taken advantage of the hole IU has created in the Indiana Basketball landscape and put together a consistent winning program. Not being from Indy and not being around them, I don’t find them obnoxious.

    Those are my thoughts on the matter, and you can quote me.


  37. I’ve grown up a lifelong Indiana fan with a lifelong grudge against Purdue. I have to admit though the last several years my grudge against Purdue has vanished. Some of the reasons have just been maturity but most has to do with actually watching the Purdue team play over the last 3 years.

    They are based on Indiana kids playing with heart and toughness. They defend. They play an offense I enjoy watching. It’s hard for me to believe but I’ve found myself rooting for them to pull out a close game several times.

    As for Butler, I’ve attended my first game this season. It was GREAT! They play very unselfish and a good brand of basketball. I’ll be a Butler fan in the NCAA Tourney for certain.

    It’s the brand of basketball being played. The type I prefer watching hence I have never had much interest in the NBA stand around one on one nonsense. I would agree 100% with your blog statement.

    No doubt, KJ

  38. One more example to add to the blog just listed. 3 years ago my son brought home a class project to make a Purdue poster. It was 2 teacher’s having one class make Purdue posters and the other Indiana. My wife told my son to ask me to assist him due to a little artistic ability.

    Well, one of my not so proud moments on being asked I sent him walking away crying thinking no way on earth would Dad help me with a Purdue poster. A few choice words from my wife and I reluctantly helped my son.

    I would have no issue helping him now.

  39. You should have helped your son with that PU poster by tossing your cookies all over it(blamed it on your wife’s cooking).

    Give me a BREAK! Boilermakers have no lost love for us. No wonder IU crowds have grown so flat.

  40. I asked my son about this last night and the response I got was just what I expected.

    “What? Respect Purdont? NEVER! What the heck are they thinking?!”

    He didn’t really have an opinion on Butler.

  41. Sorry, but as an IU alumnus and a former athlete I live by the creed that was posted in the lockerroom my entire college career.

    To be an IU athlete you must:
    Give 100%,
    Be a good student citizen,

    I just don’t respect them. And, I don’t really pay attention to what their teams do – My team is on the floor.

  42. To the poster who was saying such lovely things about John Wooden. The guy was a crook and a cheat and Gene Bartow in 1980 took the fall for all the Sam Gilbert cheating that took place in Westwood for years. Gilbert bought UCLA those titles not that nitwit from Morgan County. Wooden gets a pass these days because he’s old. Pure and simple. He’s almost as bad as Adolph Rupp (Rupp was 1 step short of pure evil). Please don’t ever defend Wooden. He’s either a knowingly cheat or someone who wilfully looked the other way, which might be worse.

  43. Butler? Is that a college, or a servant? Do they have a sports program? Oh, yea, now I remember. That powerhouse from, ah, what conference is that again? I would need to go do some research to find out if they are even in a conference. I do seem to recall they play such top programs as Cleveland State, Wright (or is it wrong) State, and Detroit. That is about all I know of them. Pretty much a non-entity in the world of college sports.
    Purdue? Idiot fans who know nothing about college sports (or much of anything else), especially basketball.
    Enough said.

  44. There are 3 good days in Bloomington: 1) when Notre Dame loses in football, 2) when Kentucky loses in basketball, 3) when PURDUE LOSES IN ANYTHING!! BEAT PURDUE!! With that out of the way, the single BEST basketball play I have ever seen was this year in an away win when Kramer lost the ball in his offensive court as he was on the ground, he immediately got up, sprinted after the opposing player, launched himself in a dive after him, hit the hardwood at speed, used his arms and hands as paddles to keep speed, and flicked the ball as the opponent was dribbling to the goal off of the opponents shin for a Purdue throw in-they got the ball to Hummel for a nice 3! In the stat sheet 1 TO given up and 1 deflection TO caused, a wash. But to a Hoosier lover of basketball, “Priceless”! Good kids, good coach, good team. Butler is even more fun to watch (their TV schedule is now on the refrigerator next to IU’s) because there is NO GUILT! I love the way that they play: poised, selfless, smart, hard, determined, relentless, confident, etc., always as a team! I love their basketball coaching searches-“go over 1 chair and HIRE THE NEXT GUY!”(assumming he is over 18-not sure Brad actually is, but he does own a tie) But Butler will always be the “underdog”, root for the “little guy” except when he is playing IU! Purdue will always be “THE ENEMY”, BEAT PURDUE!

  45. Flip a coin as to who is more hated by Indiana fans, PUke or pUKe, but Butler has built their success by recruiting the home state HS ballers.

  46. Always beat Purdue, when playing them.
    Beat Butler, if we ever play them.
    Always root for the Big Ten against non-conference opponents.
    When I played at IU, I had friends playing at Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan State, Northwestern, Ohio State and Purdue. We remained friends except for that one Saturday every year. Athletes are not like fans, when the game is over it is over.

  47. … so everybody would like IU to play fundamentally sound, have good offensive sets, play hard, and recruit the state of Indiana very hard.
    All of these should be pretty simple for a coach to instill from the beginning.

  48. I have lived in Tippecanoe County most of my life. My dear departed mother was a Purdue grad, and Coach Keady sent her a get well card as she was losing her fight against cancer. My beloved aunt and uncle were Purdue grads and loooong-time John Purdue Club members and attended every football and basketball game. My brother, whom I respect and admire, is a Purdue grad. I personally have one degree from IU and two from Purdue. That said, I have utter contempt for PU and so little respect for them that I wouldn’t even go so far as to consider them worthy of being our ‘rivals.’ Now, if I can work up that much naked hatred, the rest of you should just man up and do your obvious duty. Purdouchebags indeed.

  49. ^I nominate “kurk81” to give the locker room pep talk tonight instead of Crean. That was beautiful, man.

  50. Feel free to continue this discussion, of course, but I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for chiming in. Obviously, it didn’t turn into a full length story for the paper. We had two people (and PB, whose comment I didn’t see until this morning) willing to go on the record, so I didn’t feel comfortable with declaring a trend, but thanks to those people who were willing to take the time to deal with me there.
    But anyway, I thought the discussion was thoughtful and civil and interesting. Gave us some good insight for the future. Much appreciated.

  51. Dustin, sorry you did not get your story. Yes, this was the most civil discussion I have seen on here in a long time. I think you did get a story for the case vs Butler if you want to try that. take care.

  52. Purdue has the 3 worst traits of a fan base. Fair weather. Uninformed. Rude. I don’t care what there record is or how hard they play. They always have a typical jerk bag like Kramer or Foster who have no class. I hate Purdue and their fans more than I hate anything that in this life. They sliver out of from underneath their rocks every 10 years and pretended they were rooting for their team when guys like Gary Ware were suckin it up. Now ESPN tells them their team is good so they memorize the starting five dig up their purdue sweatshirt and cross their finger that they beat IU. (After tonights 30 point blow out they will think their team is that good because they have no concept on what is going on at IU.) Does anybody remember when they gave Luther Clay money? Or made more phone calls to recruits than they were allowed to? Or when their was illegal activity with Jamal Davis? It would be nice to just blame everything on Frank Kendrick and go on our marry way wouldn’t it?

  53. Yes I am a life long IU fan and yes I respect Purdue and admire how they play. I believe part of that is because my least favorite big10 team has become the Illini,(due to the Eric Gordon saga) I find my disgust for their players and coaches has filled the void for a bitter rivalry. The PU IU rivalry is always good yes, but it is only memorable and extra worthwhile when both teams are good. That hasn’t happened for a long time. Even this year, if PU wasn’t ranked IU fans wouldn’t have felt so awful about losing to them but instead since we had a chance to knock them off with one of our worst teams ever against one of their best teams of all time, it was much more heartbreaking, again mainly because PU was ranked in the top 10. But yes I respect Painter and the way he recruits, the way his guys play and who he does it with. He isn’t getting future top10 draft choices, he is winning with and in the same fashion that many IU fans are also used to winning. PU plays D, they rebound and they play an over all team game that is great to watch and easy to respect. They also play with a chip on their shoulder, one that is needed in order to win big games, win on the road, come from behind, etc. That chip is all about hating to lose, belief, effort, intensity and togetherness. IU fans can only respect, appreciate, and envy that at this pt. I do respect Butler but I am also envious of them more so than I am of PU. Butler proves that you can win with players who aren’t highly ranked or nationally coveted. It would be nice if IU could find a way to get some of their types of players. Butler is a legit program and it is strange that IU has fallen so far so quickly from the days when they led the state teams to the tourney, back when we had IU, PU, ND, Valpo, Butler, Ball St, etc all going to March Madness. Now most people think of Butler and PU as the powerhouses and it is because currently they are. IU is playing catch up in a major way, PU is winning/playing the way IU used to and Butler is winning and playing well despite not being a huge name program with a multimillionaire coach and/or 5 star recruits. I will hope for the best for both Butler and PU in the NCAAs…

  54. Yes, you are right: Purdue and Butler are more “Hoosier” than IU, and that’s not just due to Kelvin Sampson’s ruination of the program. No, Tom Crean’s offense is a dribble-first one, and his players are not tough. In fact I have never seen a team lay down the way they did against Iowa at home. That reflects on the coach as well as the players.
    I am not too impressed by Crean. For all he says about his respect for Knight, he implements very little of what Knight used to do — just the things that made Knight successful and popular in Indiana: crisp cutting, motion offense, passing, hard-nosed in-you-face defense.
    Just as bad, Crean isn’t recruiting too well. I mean, it shouldn’t be too hard to get good players to come to IU. They will get major playing time immediately & the tradition speaks for itself. They would become instant heroes.
    Well for better or worse, we’re stuck with Crean. Once again IU is locked into a guaranteed contract bla bla bla. I only wish I could be guaranteed pay even if I were fired … what a world we live in.

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