1. Chris and Dustin,

    Why was Steven Gambles in street clothes and not sitting on the bench? I saw him in the first row of the bleachers opposite the band, what’s up with that??

  2. Steve Alford would have won this game by 32 if he were coaching!!!

    Did I mention that everyone is going to transfer next year?

    Ok, now that I got the anti-Crean chorus talking points out, I can congratulate the Hoosiers on a heck of a win. They fought and played really hard. They were really active on defense and we’re getting great movement away from the ball on offense. Hulls and Elston should remember this game all summer as they get ready for next year.

    The last month really sucked, but we’re going to be fine. Go TC and IU!

  3. Stop rubbing it in, dude. I’ve been asking for Elston, Hulls, Watford, Jones and Tijan to be the starting lineup from the moment Creek injured his knee. But would anyone listen? Would Tom Crean? He had to lose 10 in a row and be waved off like a nobody by Jeremiah to see the truth. Indiana kids are not necessarily always the most talented but they sure fight the hardest.

    This is Jordy Hulls team now. About time for some quiet, unassuming, hard-working leadership by example. Good bye, Jeremiah! Your father is phenominal but we don’t use that kind of drugs here any more! No, Sir.

  4. What are your thoughts about the return of Ray Tolbert? He arrived a few min late, sat next to will Y and Kenny Kaminski! He went to the locker room at the half and when they returned-he made a point to meet/greet each player? I presume that he was allowed to say a few words? Any insight- normally Tom Crean will comment about these things-Mo’s mom for example!

    Great atmosphere yesterday, amazing for a team that has struggled for the last five weeks!

  5. Heard Alford’s name mentioned as a possible candidate for the Rutger’s coaching position. Anyone else heard anything?

    Hulls was on fire yesterday.

  6. Why would Alford leave the most prestigious program in the country, playing in the toughest conference in the country (hey, did you see their record against ranked teams?), to go to Rutgers?

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