1. Dustin & Chris,

    You guys have talked a bit about Watford needing to play better and get strong on the low block, but at what point does that mean he actually comes out of being a 3, i.e. SF?

    He’s listed right now at 6’9/220lbs, but say he gains 25-30lbs and gets to 6’9/245-250lbs, at that point doesn’t he morph into a legit 4, i.e. PF?

    I guess I’m maybe thinking more in terms of the NBA but if Watford is 6’9/225-230 he fits more as a 3, but if he gets to 6’9/250-260 he’s more of a 4.

    Is this something Watford knows and is OK with? Is he trying to become a 4? I just was curious about your guys’ take on that and if you have any insight into his perspective about the line between 3 & 4 that he seems to be walking.

  2. I loved Dustin’s face at the end. There was no way ZO was getting out a thought in 12 seconds.

  3. HoosierMD,

    That’s an excellent question, and one that I’d love to delve into with Christian Watford.

    I know that when I first saw him play and subsequently spoke to him during the May Classic of 2008, he definitely considered himself a “3.” He wanted to be a slasher with a jump shot. He was also about 6-foot-6 then.

    We’ve wanted to write a profile of Watford for some time, but have not been granted an extended interview with the freshman. Hopefully we’ll have a chance to talk to him at some point following the season about the issues you brought up.

  4. Chris,

    Thanks for taking the time to answer. Thanks too for your insight. I look forward to seeing what he says when you guys get a chance to speak with him.

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