Scout: Abraham has flu, pushes back IU trip

I’ve been trying to confirm this since Adam Zagoria tweeted it yesterday, but I think I’m up to 0-for-4 on calls to Moses Abraham’s guardian/trainer Joe Boncore. Regardless,’s John Decker reports that Boncore said Abraham has the flu and will push back his visit to Indiana. He also says the Hoosiers are one of Abraham’s four finalists, however. Here’s the link.


  1. Moses looks like a very solid player. He may not be the final piece of the puzzle but he’s certainly a step in the right direction. I’d hope IU can get a visit. Call me paranoid but he might have the “20 loss flu”.

  2. Any good big man will get lots of PT. Garrett and Smart should be a clue to TC for a quick fix. On the other hand that’s how Dumes landed here. Clock to ticking TC. /don’t count on 8 years to get this done!!

  3. Jubilee- I was thinking the same because it can’t help us for him to see ugly basketball in person, but then again it also takes the fan base out of the equation… Was really looking forward to some Moses Abraham chants tomorrow and actually, it might still be cool if some started up even though he’s not there.

  4. I really think it could have gone either way. Maybe Moses comes to the game and says, Wow this team is horrible and there is no way in the world I would play for this poe dunk team. On the other hand maybe he says, Wow this is all the team needs, a guy like me that can clean up the paint and open it up for this team. This is the ideal place for me cause I’m the missing piece and I will get playing time right off the bat. Its a win, win situation.

    I dont know what the kid is thinking, but I really think that ultimately he needed to make the trip to even consider Indiana. Maybe I’m wrong, and I know there has been kids that have committed without seeing the campus, but I don’t think Moses is one of those kids. I get this impression that he is looking for a family type atmosphere and how can you feel that if you don’t go and visit. I just hope he strings out his decision a little longer, I really think that is the only chance that we have. Now with this visit by Yeguete things are starting to get real confusing. Here we were a couple of weeks ago waiting for this visit by Moses and now all of a sudden he backs out then out of no where Yeguete decides to step in and check the campus out. Whats goin on around here? Do we even know who we want? Is it the first guy who says, “Yes coach, I’m in” cause if thats the case we are being bent over a barrel. You have to know who you want and go after that kid. What if the kid you really didn’t want steps up and says yea, I’ll come to play for you. What do you do, tell him to hang in there cause we are waiting on someone else’s decision right now?? Im confused, thats no surprise though!!!!

  5. The final four schools (which seem to be varying) are Tennessee, Maryland, Georgetown, and Indiana.

  6. I like both Moses and Yeguete. Let’s get them both and see what happens. The question is will either one actually sign up with IU? Will and Victor are GOOD! I have seen each one play on TV, Will twice and Victor once. Each one would PLAY 15 min or more on Saturday against NU if we had them now!

  7. My wish list includes an inside stopper. A player that had 3 blocks a game. If our inside D had been there this year I think we would have had least 5 more wins. Looks like the madador ( hold the cape out and let them run right to the bucket)
    really did’nt work out. Mobility is the key here. either our Bigs learn how to move their feet or find someone with size that dose. A 6’7″ 18 year old probably will grow. If he understands how to bblock out that alone would help!!

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