Signals oh so very mixed…

So’s John Decker is reporting that Moses Abraham probably won’t make a decision tonight. I don’t know how Decker managed to swing an interview with Abraham, but kudos to him.

My source in the Abraham camp, though, says they are still trying to get the process over with. If you’re asking me for a guess, I’m betting it won’t happen tonight, but I take all of this to mean that nothing is decided.


  1. What a circus! As a fellow fan this build up is starting to be down right sad! Hope Moses will come but don’t remember even Gordon being this big of a deal!!

  2. I remember Gordon being just as ridiculous as this. When Abraham shows up at Yogi’s and people speculate about why he is wearing a certain color of sock, then we’ve reached that point.

  3. like coach has said we all have to be paient. go Coach Crean and Moses he is a wonderful Coach and will good in Candy strips Go Hoosiers……..

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