Some info from other people on Moses Abraham and Jeff Wilkins

We’re trying to get more of an update on what’s going on with Moses Abraham, who is now on the second day of his visit to Indiana. We don’t have much other than the fact that he’s here for another day and things are apparently going well, though we can’t actually define what well means. To hold you over, here’s a story from Evan Daniels at Most of that appears to be true, except for the thing about Joe Boncore being coach at Progressive Christian Academy. If that is true, it would be an extremely recent development.

Also reported by is a visit by John Wilkins, a forward at Southeastern Community College in Iowa. It had been reported that Wilkins had committed to Iowa State. We’re trying to track this down as well.


  1. I heard from a VERY reliable source that Moses had lunch at Cheeseburger in paradise with Tom and Joanie Crean. Can’t believe that wasn’t mentioned here!!!! ha ha

  2. Maybe if the source would have figured out the preferred cheeseburger choice of Mr. Moses, it would have been newsworthy.

    By the way, where are you eating dinner tonight? I can only assume Tom and Moses will be there.

  3. I have arrived in Btown to lock MoAb in for the IU faithful. I can verify that MoAb did not eat at Bobby’s Pub in the Showers Building for lunch.

  4. Korman,
    Thanks for producing so much quality information without begging for donations. It is greatly appreciated.

  5. Thanks Mike K, it’s been corrected. And 4guards, thanks, but if that is a thinly veiled slap at our friends at Inside The Hall, we should point out that we do sell newspapers and charge for most of our online content. Stuff costs money, and sometimes you have to go straight to the consumer. It’s not ideal, but sometimes that’s what you have to do.

  6. While I can understand ITH’s position, we are lucky to have this great site without subscription fees. Thanks HT!

  7. That is what I thought.

    I was just amazed that he would give insidethehall a low blow like that. Very Sleezy.

    BTW, Korman and DD do a great job, too.

  8. Nothing is for free. This blog is subsidized by HT subscribers and advertisers. ITH has to tap into other, more direct sources. Its all good ol’ American free enterprise.

    4guards doesn’t have posts at ITH. Wonder why?!

  9. GFDave – if we have to rely upon “good ol’ free enterprise”, we are in trouble as it is then just a matter of time before the administration in d.c. puts the kabosh on the whole thing.
    However, perhaps HT and ITH can get a federal bailout. If they apply, they can probaby get it.

  10. I must have missed something. You produce 2 links to Scout, but I have to subscribe to Scout to read them. Why post these links on the HT? Why even mention articles that are printed in either Scout or Rivals? They are a ‘paid’ sports news service. If either breaks some news, try to confirm it and then publish it. It is fine to credit either for the first ‘scoop’. But if you can independently confirm it, it should be your story to write about. As I said I must be missing something.

  11. I may not have the best sources, but it was my understaning that MOAB enjoyed a Tom Crean-n-Crimson burger combo at Opie Taylor’s. Coach Crean recommended he upgrade to the onion rings, but he went with the standard chips. I hope this doesn’t mean he’s going to Georgetown. Perhaps IU should give out a few hundred Ohio U. sweatshirts for people to wear around town to remind him what he’s in for if he becomes a Hoya (shudder).

  12. 4guards,

    I would hardly call it begging for donations. No one is obligated to donate and in 33 months of writing the site, we’ve brought up donations a total of three times. ITH is free to read and will remain as such. Perhaps you feel it’s easy, free and doesn’t take any time to run a blog and if so, you’re wrong.

  13. I don’t recall saying anything about your site. But since you seek out my opinion. Maybe if you allowed all fans view points, more people would come which would raise your hits and you could do more advertising?

  14. Who’s viewpoint isn’t allowed? To my knowledge, the only people that aren’t allowed to comment are either 1. Trolls or 2. Blatantly disrespectful to other readers.

  15. Friends,

    Quite the debate here.

    We may not request donations, but we charge for our newspaper and our primary Web site. We also employ a robust sales staff whose job it is to finance this whole endeavor through advertising.

    As you may have heard, though, that business model has been eroding for quite some time. I can tell because when I lift my head, I see empty cubicles.

    If next week my publisher says we need to start charging for this blog or even ask for donations to stay solvent, we’ll do so. I like the idea of my guys having homes and cars and food on the table. I don’t mean to be overly dramatic — I know we’re blessed and that many have it worse — but we’re just doing what we have to do.

    As for the fellas at Inside the Hall…I truly admire the work they do. There’s a passion there, and passion is what makes something special. But acting on passion can be exhausting; it takes time and resources to do what they do. They aren’t trying to get rich — you don’t go into this business if that’s your goal — but do have a desire to turn a dream into a profession. Who could begrudge them that?

    BeatPurdue: this is a blog. The word blog comes from “web log,” which refers to a list of links. News is a conversation now. We’re simply a part of the conversation on IU news. We produce plenty of the news on this beat — the majority, in fact — but can’t possibly get every story first. As Dustin noted, he’s working on confirming. When he does, he’ll have a full story for you. Until then, we’re just showing you what’s out there.

    Hugh and I went to speak to a class today. It was a survey course on sports journalism. Though I think about this subject every day for most of the day, there were things I didn’t realize until I heard words coming out of my mouth today. Mainly: this really is a brave new media world. We don’t exactly know where we’re going, how we’re going to get there or (mainly) how we’re going to finance it. It is a tumultuous time in our business, and plenty of people are feeling quite stressed about it.

    But Hugh had a good point: people want information. They’ve always wanted it and always will. They also figure out quite quickly where to go to find the best information. Whereas in the past the sort of information newspapers and journalists provided was available for fairly cheap (even at $.75 a newspaper is unbelievably under-priced compared to the resources needed to produce it), the future may see a paradigm shift. There was a time — and some of you may remember it — when television didn’t cost a thing. Now people pay hundreds for cable or satellite service.

    As I told the students today – those poor souls — I have no qualms with admitting that I don’t know where this whole thing is going. Much, much, much smarter people have said the same thing. It’s rapid evolution right now.

    And, yes, I worry about the money side. First off, it takes cash to provide the best coverage. The more the better. I wish we could pay better, and I wish we could hire more people. I want the best equipment, too. I want to be able to travel to where the stories are.

    Guess what I’m saying is….with news, now, you’re going to start having to adhere to that old adage: you’ll get what you pay for.

    Otherwise there won’t be as much news . . . or at least news produced by trained professionals.

  16. I personally stopped going to your site under my former name because some of my comments you would post and some of them you wouldn’t. None used poor language, but it seemed like you didn’t post much questioning Crean. I wasn’t there long. I am neither a troll, nor blatantly disrespectful to any readers unless they strike first. It led me to get my news from the Scoop, which personally fits me better anyhow.

  17. I read both this site and Inside The Hall. Both are excellent, although I comment far more often on ITH.

    Just felt compelled to chime on this issue. ITH is a phenomenal site and all guys there do an outstanding job. They monitor the site/comments in a very fair way. Anyone thinking otherwise must have comments deleted for very legit reasons.

    Keep up the great work to the staffs of both sites!

  18. Eh, this blew up a lot more than I thought it was going to. 4guards didn’t ask for this fight, I misread him, and would have apologized if I had seen his response post before the rest of this. In response to BeatPurdue, my apologies. We subscribe to Scout, and since we do, I keep thinking that everyone else does. Obviously, the goal is to independently confirm things, and I have been trying to do that with these stories. But if a story is out for an hour or so and I’m having no luck independently confirming it, I typically post a link so it doesn’t look like we’re just ignoring the news. From now on, I’ll write more detailed summaries to go with the links.

  19. Chris: appreciate your comments. My sister works at a newspaper and I fear for her job. She is a single parent and I don’t know what she would do without that job that she has had for years. Nothing wrong with needing to make a profit. I am a subscriber and also enjoy this free blog. i don’t live in Bloomington so this is how I keep up with the scoop. Great job guys. Keep it up. We appreciate it.

  20. Inside the Hall does at times have an aura of being tilted to the conservative side. That’s just a feeling I get..maybe unfair. I remember going on a LiveChat once and directing a question toward Korman..I asked him if it were true that Downing had been banned from Scoop..Bozic immediately interjected that he would “applaud” such action. I thought that was unnecessary and hitting below the belt. I understand you guys develop close relationships within your profession, but lets come down a bit from the high horse. These blogs are not totally worthless to your livelihood. Some posters(maybe not Downing) offer great insights on many topics concerning IU sports. I’m always amazed how some of the regulars on Scoop have way more knowledge and intricacies the game of basketball than I..I also impressed at how many keep such close tabs on recruiting. When a newspaper is delivered to a doorstep, there is no interaction with your reader..There is no feedback..There is no ability to understand what current topics fuel interest..There is no ability to gather useful information that can help within your profession.

    Running any business is tough..I used to be part of a small business..Our advertising expenditures ate us alive. Competition was continually attempting to steal our ideas and mimic our unique array of products..Once you have success, every Tom, Dick, and Harry thinks they can do it better..We occasionally cried to our customers about expenses, overhead, etc..Do you think they cared?…It never stopped them from taking our entire day and then going across the country to try and find a cheaper price for the high quality product we had used our lifetime of knowledge to educate them on during the selling process. Where’s my collection bucket for all of your tears?

    I’m quite positive I wouldn’t have the determination to be a journalist..I’m more than positive to never possess the skill..That being said, I don’t think anything is gained by treating your blogs like a junkyard where the only worthy words are the ones you place in your stories. It’s fine to charge a fair price for a good product. But there’s also not a damn thing wrong with appreciating a a good customer, their thought, and their dedication to your store. Everyone loves to feel appreciated in the process.

    Thanks to Scoop for letting me use this landfill where my wasteful thoughts are currently dumped free of charge. And thanks to the rest of the bloggers with far more useful words than I for subsidizing my buckets of garbage.

  21. May I also commend Dopirak for apologizing to 4guards….Dopirak rides his profession upon thoroughbred of integrity instead of blinded conceit on wooden high horse.
    4guards made no mention of Inside the Hall.

  22. Chris and Dustin, thanks, I really appreciate you guys responding to the thread, it makes for good conversation. Tell Mayor Maloney to keep the presses running and the reporters paid or we will have to review his status as a University HS Grad in GOOD STANDING!(but if Molly says he is I can’t cross HER!)

  23. 4guards didn’t have to mention ITH by name obviously everyone knew who and what he meant. I think this site and ITH are both great sites to to to get IU bball information. While I read and sometimes comment on this and ITH I will have to admit one of the things I like about ITH is that there is no 4guards as far as I know or should I say there is no one on there constantly berating Crean over anything and everything and drooling over SA.

  24. IUMike1 is right. 4guards was directing that at ITH. On the day the “State of the Hall” comes out he makes that comment, then talks about his secret hatred about ITH not posting his views.

    I don’t think Dustin should have to apologize for anything, he was in the right on this instance. Also, Mr. Bozich has the right to allow whatever he wants on his blog. I think it is kinda telling that people on ITH would rather not have a message boards.

  25. First, I think this is a really interesting debate and applaud Chris, Dustin and the crew for allowing it. Second, as I said above, I think both ITH and Hoosier Scoop are great sites.

    Chill, you brought up some good points about how conservative, or not conservative, each site is with that they allow in comments. One point of distinction though is that although both sites are blogs, they are still different models.

    The Scoop guys still have to answer to “The Man” and although they provide great content, they also have a responsibility to provide eye-balls and subscribers to their advertisers.

    They may or may not like someone like 4guards, but unless he’s overly vulgar or something, he’s still potential paying customer on the other site or to advertisers, so in this day and age of newspapers they can’t afford to lose him.

    The ITH guys don’t need to worry about things like that, so can be more diligent in monitoring/cleaning up their site.

  26. When I said Inside the Hall has an aura of being conservative, I meant the site as a whole. The bloggers comments and their viewpoints concerning IU basketball are as much a part of the general climate/feeling you get when taking part in discussions on a blog. Though 4guards attacks against Crean are to most unfounded and radical, the opposite end of the spectrum can get nauseatingly Polyannaish. The few times I’ve visited Inside the Hall and dove into readers comments, I have the impression that most their blogging crowd are reluctant to scrutinize our coach/basketball program to any degree. Of course, the exception to the rule is anything anti-Sampson.

    If any site is moderating comments simply based on the extent bloggers viewpoints fall in line with agreement the founders/creators opinions, then I would tend to believe a tremendously watered-down product be the result. I commend Scoop for its tolerance of a wide spectrum of viewpoints though far from popular what some may believe a majority. I’m very careful to not slide down a gullible slope of assumption to believe any blog necessarily consists a sample set representative the entirety of the Indiana Hoosier fan base. I like Scoop because it appears they adhere to a similar philosophy. I think Korman has made a conscious effort in the last few months to expand the circle of tolerance rather than constrict inward.

    Final thought on ITH: I have favorite writers/journalists that also attract me to specific blogs. Zach Osterman was always one of my favorites when he worked on the IDS Basketblog team…Inside the Hall is extremely fortunate to now have him a member their writing staff.

  27. BGleas,

    I, too, have enjoyed the discussion.

    Let me tweak your dissection of the different models, though.

    There are certainly people in this building who are very concerned with building an audience so as to generate more revenue.

    But for me, that’s a side effect. I want to grow our audience because I want more people to read what we write. I simply want us to be THE place to go to get information on IU sports, and increased traffic provides proof that we’re making strides.

    Using that new traffic to make money is somebody else’s job. I approach it purely as a journalist.

    Which is also why we have a bit of a different standard for monitoring comments.

    To me, there should be an open discussion here. Like Alex, I abhor name calling and petty bickering back and forth. But with the specific case we all know we’re talking about — hi, 4guards — I think it’s simply a case of a person having a strong belief and stating it repeatedly. Is it annoying? Well, sure. But the guy is entitled to his opinion.

    We have people who also get on here and repeatedly bash Lynch. Or support him. Or repeatedly praise Crean. I’m not about to ban them for repetition.

    The difference in the model, I think, is intent (because Alex relies on ads, too). Look, I consider Alex a very close friend and think he’s quite brilliant. He also has an incredible understanding of journalism (notice his last name and the guys he hires to write for his site.) But he’s a fan. He admits as much. He’s absolutely the right kind of fan to run a terrific blog; his loyalty is to the ideal of what IU can be, and he’s very protective of that and expects the people who momentarily inherit the program to live up to it.

    We’re journalists. We sat in college classes and listened to old men drone on and on about impartiality and truth telling and the importance of uncovering what others are trying to hide.

    Certainly we’re still fans, at least of sports in general. You don’t spend your life in arenas and stadiums unless you have a fondness for sports. But we got in this for the journalism.

    In this new media world, part of our journalistic duty has become to foster discussion. And quite frankly I don’t care who engages in it; all view points are welcome. On the main HTO page we have people who constantly rail against Obama, Democrats, the health care plan and, well, us (mostly us). We let them. It might not make for the most pleasing discourse, but trying to manicure who’s allowed to say what puts us on one of those slippery slopes.

    D’oh. I set out not to ramble and failed. But those are my thoughts.

  28. I really enjoy it when Korman writes at length..A real treat of his journalistic abilities. One can certainly tell he never forgot how to ride the bicycle.

  29. Hey Chris,

    Thanks for the response. I was definitely using some generalizations in my comment and didn’t mean to imply that guys are anything other than journalists, with the goal to provide the best content you can. You do a great job at it as well!

    I understand there’s a difference in how/why you want high traffic compared to how/why your sales department wants it, but you both definitely want the traffic. I think my point was that alienating a commenter who could be a paying customer hurts that goal, unless they’re extremely vulgar or forcing other potential paying customers out.

    IMO it’s probably not the driving force for how you deal with commenters, but does the current landscape of the newspaper business alter a bit how commenters are tolerated compared to a pure blog like ITH?

    I could be wrong, but again as someone in PR/Marketing that has worked closely in sports pr this is a fascinating discussion.

  30. Chris is back to ignoring me. I feel a chill in the air.

    The most fabulous small town paper is the Chesterton Tribune. Don’t go to their website..They have the ugliest website in the history of small town papers with websites. Order a copy of their paper and take a look.
    I don’t adhere to the belief that all newspapers will die. The bigger houses will likely take the hardest hit.

    The ever-increasing numbers of an aging population that live in all the small scattered towns across this land still love their home town newspapers. And don’t give me environmental impact hogwash. Electronics and automobiles are digested by American consumers like the bowls of Froot Loops the yuppie generation grew up on. There’s a much heavier cost burden to recycle this worthless byproduct of our glutenous desire to have the latest text messaging gadget, huge TV, or giant metal toy on wheels. A small town paper with less than ten pages concise news and sports can probalbly live on less recycled paper in a year than what one thoughtless computer junkie prints off their inkjets in multipurpose white. I doubt anyone has ever crushed the reality of the numbers, but I would guess computers account for more paper waste in year 2010 than all paper required to make every grocery bag and broadsheet produced when IU won their first national championship under Bobby Knight. And let’s not even get into the ink conspiracy!..I don’t even use my printer that much and I’m dropping more dollars on those damn ink cartridges than I would pay for the combined yearly subscriptions of New York Times, Herald Times, and Chesterton Tribune. If your an environmentalist, you would fight tooth and nail to save the newspaper and book industry.

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