Source: Yeguete taking official visit to IU

Indiana will be hosting a 2010 prospect for Saturday’s game after all.

Will Yegeute, a 6-foot-7, 210-pound forward from Florida Air Academy will take an official visit to Bloomington on Saturday, a source close to the situation said.

A three-star recruit, Yeguete is a French native who has drawn attention because of his rebounding ability. Among the teams said to be involved with him are Boston College, Georgia Tech, Oklahoma, Marquette, St. John’s and Sam Houston State.

Moses Abraham, a 6-foot-9, 235-pound forward playing for Progressive Christian Academy in Temple Hills, Md. was supposed to visit on Saturday, but will reportedly miss that because he has the flu.


  1. Normally I just wish 4guards would keep his mouth shut, but this time, I’m going to have to agree. If we want a 6’7″ forward, why not just get one in state, who at least will know the significance and honor of playing for IU? Somehow I doubt Abraham will not be there because he has the flu.

  2. OK, so what do we do. Whether you like the kid or not it looks like he is the best option at some post defense and rebounding. If we aren’t going to be able to land Moses then maybe we bust out the chant for Yeguete, na. He’s not THAT worthy, I really feel Moses was worthy of a chant but Yeguete doesn’t seem to have the clout. On the other hand I haven’t seen anything from Yeguete so I should hold some reservations on how I feel about him. I understand not wanting some dime a dozen type kid that we could get in Indianapolis, but there must be something about this kid cause he doesn’t seem to go away.

    I also have read on Hoosier Nation that Mo Creeks father went to one of Moses games and has been speaking with him and his guardian. I guess he told Moses that he would like him to go to Indiana and play with his son MO. Now we’ve got the parents involved and that’s what it might take to land this kid. Maybe its still wishful thinking, but I haven’t heard the “fat chick” sing quite yet.

    Seriously, do none of you want to see Yeguete end up here? I have read posters say they would rather have Yeguete here than Moses. Like i’ve said, I haven’t seen any footage of Yeguete so I dont see how anyone can discount him at this point!!! Whats everyone else, who has a serious opinion, feel about this????

  3. I like both Moses and Yeguete. Let’s get them both and see what happens. The question is will either one actually sign up with IU? Will and Victor are GOOD! I have seen each one play on TV, Will twice and Victor once. Each one would PLAY 15 min or more on Saturday against NU if we had them now!

  4. My only reservation about recruiting Yeguete is that we already have Elston and Watford filling his position, so it makes me wonder if there’s more to the transfer rumors with one of them than just blind speculation. Other than that, it just seems like CTC is screwed… If he recruits guards, people blast him for not recruiting bigs. If he’s not landing the Favors and Cousins of the world, people blast him for not recruiting the right bigs. I understand (and kind of agree) that he could/should save the scholly for 2011 and 2012, but really… If you believe some of the more beloved posters on this site, CTC may not be the one recruiting the 2011 and 2012 kids. Why not use the scholly now on a guy that can help us on defense and rebounding?

    Good bigs are not a dime a dozen, and if you think Crean should save the scholly for someone better then you better be prepared to accept another season or two of getting pushed around, out muscled, and out rebounded down low.

    All that said, I’d rather have Will as a back up plan in case we get the shaft from MoAb.

  5. Well he is 6’7 but he is really a power forward….kind of small…but if he gets boards…he gets boards. I think Elston gets winded sometimes….maybe I’m wrong but I thought throughout the season he pulled on his jersey insinuating he wanted to be pulled to rest. I don’t know.

  6. Bottom line we NEED more Big Men. Lets get Watford out of the post and put him out on the wing where he belongs. I don’t think Watford likes playing PF and this could be a way to keep him at IU.

  7. I would take Will if he can play like Draymond Green and Delvon Roe. Heck, If he played like Will Gladness, I would take him. Show the kid some love at the game on Saturday.

  8. Andy Routins = 1 Star
    Wesley Johnson = 2 stars

    stars = nothing. Especially when dealing with 4 and 3 star players.

  9. As far as I’m concerned all a kid has to do to “honor” the glory of ole IU is come in and play hard and well, and be a good citizen. Indiana natives don’t have the market cornered on understanding what it means to play here.

    If yeguette is athletic enough to be a factor on the boards in the big 10, then I hope we land him.

  10. It’s easy, we are gona have a lot of turnover so adding new talent to come compete is not a bad thing.

  11. I don’t think this is a situation where we have to choose between Yegeute and MoAb. IMO not everybody is coming back from the current team so I think Crean will sign both if they are willing.

    The number and quality of teams hot on the trail of these two is pretty impressive. They haven’t been around AAU and HS ball for very long, so you can’t use the star rating system as much of a guide in their cases.

    Instead, look at the schools recruiting them. UCLA, BC, GT and Oklahoma are among the schools after WY. The schools after MoAb are all top tier too.

    FWIW the Scout site lists hustle and toughness as WY strengths.

  12. Small forward, 6’7″ just might be terrific if he turns out like Damian Johnson same height for Minnesota. If he is as athletic as Johnson in a couple years, we will not complain. Just hoping that Yegeute comes and brings that potential. There are some other Big Ten small forwards who can board and defend the bigs.

  13. watford and elston are both 3/4’s yet i havent seen either play great defense or rebound exceptionally well. if yeguete can rebound and play with SOME athleticism i’m all for it.

  14. Is Watford leaving IU or is this a rumor? Even at IU he will easily become All Big Ten and make a couple All American teams. I don’t think he needs to transfer to reach major level recognition to become a pro.

  15. there is nothing in B town or on campus about any transfers. A couple of posters here assume sometimes from a picture or body language. Only GOD knows and the kids!

  16. Sorry, but 6’7 guys with the athleticism like Will has are not dime a dozen and I’m not sure there are any available in the state of Indiana for 2010. If so, please enlighten me. How about we just let things play out and see what happens.

  17. We could’ve had Donnie Hale , who is 6’7 as well, but Crean was too busy recruiting all these out of state guys so Purdue took him. Would’ve rather had Fromm than Yeguette as well, but once again no offer so he went to Butler.

  18. Let’s be honest. Crean needs to land one of these 2 recruits or land another big man if someone decommits from another program due to a coaching change.

    Some people are going to bring up the fact that Crean should hold the scholarship till 2011 for that class. The overwelming fact is though, when you can get a player to commmit, take him. It is no guarentee that anoy of the 2011 players will even want to come to IU.

  19. I know we need bigs, but right now we any talented basketball players we can get. Look at our Senior Day lineup-a former Vincennes player, an African guy who hasn’t played hoops long and still doesn’t quite get it, a future dentist, and an unknown guy who’s basically a manager that dresses. Depth problems anyone?

    I’d love them to be from Indiana, but, frankly, if they can play basketball and want to come do so at IU, I don’t care where they’re from.

  20. …and Coach 4disregard directs the recruitment traffic for the fictional team he runs.

  21. Let’s see. . .

    Fromm = 6’8″ 205lbs and 0 stars
    Yeguete = 6’7″ 210lbs and 3 stars

    4guards aren’t you the one always complaining about 3 star guys? Now you want all the IU fans to believe Fromm is a better choice? Make your case, please. I can’t wait to read your words of wisdom.

  22. This guy is long in the arms and has some ups! 6’7″ but I’m going to guess that his wingspan comes in much bigger. Add 2 inches and a year or so experience he might be a steal!

  23. I complain about 3 star out of state guys. My point is Fromm has a much better touch and understanding of the game. Fromm will thrive at Butler while Yeguette would come in and not do much and transfer.

  24. J Pat. Crean has said several times now that there are players on the team that are not tough enough and may find themselves off the roster. Paraphrasing here. But the indication is clear that some kids are going. I just hope that the players he wants to keep stay.

    Donnie Hale is also a 3 star player. At 6’8″ and 195 I’m quite certain he isn’t the answer to our post player needs either.

    Two vids of WY at ITH. Not a lot to look at, but its clear the kid has a good body, moves well, and can get up in the air quick.

  25. …and coach 4disregard is telling us the future with his magical prognosticating abilities.

  26. WING/GUARD JUST WHAT WE NEED HA! Why does anyone think TC can recuit a big ? And if he could how would he coach them up PLEEESSSSEE. Coach Crean I.U. ALUMS ARE WATCHING.This RARA B.S. is getting OLD!FOOLS rushing the court after a victory over MINN. is soft weak looser mentailty. Lets get this turned around NOW!

  27. GFDave, you are going on what Crean says to pump the team up and put life into them. Sure a kid or 2 might transfer but there is NO talk here in B town or around campus of any transfers. Whether it be coaches at the high school with AAU connections or profs I talk to or even friends I have that work in athletics at IU, I repeat that there is NO talk of transfers. That was not the case last year but it is this year. Will one or two decide to leave…yes, most likely as the losing wears on them for sure but I can assure you there is nothing like that on the scoop here in Bloomington. Hope I can put some of that to rest at least for now. Do you really think Crean will run some of these guys off? That is a different story and what I think you implied. I hope not as they came to play for him but we will see.

  28. Thanks *J Pat for discrediting the unsupported rumors. Real life by having no boundaries brings enough surprises without some amatuer glory hound making up lies.

  29. I’ll add my thanks to JPat also. Look in the players eyes on the floor. I see fire. Why would you accept the challenge of rebuilding this thing, endure these beatings, and then LEAVE when things are only going to get better?

    I think more of these guys than that.

    Go Hoosiers! Great win!

  30. Clarion and KevinK, thank you for the response. I hate it when people talk about being connected and hoped all day long I did not come off like that. I always put myself in the shoes of the person many states away like I used to be…wondering what the talk was/is in Bloomington. I don’t think it is fair to Crean or the ball team that anyone would assume/infer from a picture that Watford is leaving and from playing time issues that Elston is leaving. Again, not saying they won’t leave but that is not the talk here. Thanks again for the response!

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