1. My speculation is that if there is a decision tonight, it will be Gtown. If the decision doesn’t come, IU has a better chance. Hope to get his guy!

  2. Best of luck to you Moses. I hope you choose IU, but if you go elsewhere, I hope you get a great education and have a successful basketball career.

  3. I like Moses. He knows that IU REALLY WANTS him and NEEDS him and will PLAY him. But the poor kid is so rushed he has not even been to Bloomington! He is giving us a sincere chance- down to Georgetown and IU- but he lives near Georgetown and has visited there. Can you imagine the pressure and uncertainty if he picks a school that he has never seen, a school with a proud basketball tradition that is now DOWN, where he can lead IU to the promised land, like Isiah, and his namesake, Moses. Whatever you decide Moses, I like you!

  4. Guys and Gals,

    I’d say “chill out.” Don’t turn your own anxieties into the story.

    The kid’ll decide when he decides. The good news is that he is thinking about it and IU is still in the running. Let that be enough for now. It’ll all happen in good time.

    Beyond that, your worrying and harping on it could be harmful to the University and the young man, who is clearly getting enough pressure for a very young person from another country to boot.

    Also, remember that odds are that this is not the next Calbert Cheaney, Quinn Buckner, Scott May, Isiah Thomas or Eric Gordon. He is probably a quality young man with some potential, but…

    Remember how excited you were when others have committed and remember what percentage of them were game changers, what percentage ended up merely good ballplayers and what percentage flamed out for one reason or another. Do the words “Bracey Wright” ring any bells? Marshall Strickland? How about Marco Killingsworth? Marty Simmons? Patrick Ewing Jr. A.J. Ratliff. Joey Shaw, Lance Stemler, etc, I could go on and on and on with the names of guys who seemed likely to be huge contributors and who never lived up to the initial hype.

    Get a life, guys!

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