1. here is a question.

    Does Crean feel the pressure to bring in recruits in 2010 to immediately help this team, even if it hurts their 2011 & 2012 scholarship numbers?

    I think if he feels the job pressure, he has to (from 4 guards mostly). If not, it might be better to hold onto these scholarships (instead of giving to average big men)for the later classses. These classes are loaded and could definetely help IU get to the top of the Big10 / Nation.

    I just wonder if 4guards (and others) could handle another season around .500 season if this were to occur.

  2. Who gives a $h*t what 4guards can handle? Is/are he/she/they the sole provider of athletic funding and/or decision making for the university? Let the collective fan base and the trustees, along with the AD department make those decisions.

    Nothing personal to 4guards or any other Crean detractor. Just trying to provide an honest answer to an honest question.

  3. Crean should bring in a recruit if they could immediately help the team like Moses Abraham. Guys like Yeguette only hurt the scholarship numbers and will be of no use.

  4. Did you hear announcer Verne Lundquist (when he was referencing Ohio U’s Armon Bassett towards the end of the G’town-Ohio U game)call IU the “University of Indiana”? Nice job, CBS!

  5. Re: Vern Lundquist – he has made this mistake numberous times. I think he may be just a little over the hill.

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