Washington Post tells us stuff we didn’t know about Abraham

Steve Yanda’s blog in the Washington Post adds some detail to the Moses Abraham situation. The situation is still the same. The visit is likely coming Tuesday and it’s still between Indiana and Georgetown. But Yanda does tell us that Crean did meet with Joe Boncore on Sunday night, but not Abraham, and then met with Abraham on Tuesday. Also, part of the reason the decision didn’t come on Sunday night was Ejike Ogboaja, the Nigerian native and former Cleveland Cavaliers draft pick who discovered Abraham at a basketball camp, had his flight delayed and didn’t actually arrive in Washington D.C. until Monday afternoon. (So yeah, there was apparently no reason for us to be up that late Sunday night)


  1. I guess that information would have been nice to have before you stayed up most of the night. Great job though. Let’s hope that Hoosier-nation can sell him on coming and playing for the glory of ole IU.

  2. Any news on the Pritchard situation? I have heard rumors that he is leaving. Are these just rumors or should I pay attention to these comments?

  3. This transfer stuff is bs. It is all speculation. Some of the players have said no one is transferring. While things could change, let’s keep this stupid speculation to ourselves. Nothings for sure until someone announces it.

  4. I mean, yeah I have heard things about Watford and Pritchard but really was going to wait until they announced however what I said above comes from a very reliable source that is close to Pritchard.

  5. Has there been any news on Wil Yuguete? Amazing how quickly he’s dropped off the planet since the courtship of MOAB heated up. If we land MOAB, I can’t say that I feel bad for WY. He had his chance to jump at an IU scholarship. Maybe IU pulled their offer, knowing that MOAB is close to choosing IU. Could we use both next year? This means certain bigs would need to trasnfer.

  6. Will Y? Just what we need, another 6’7″ 3 star forward from out of state, with no jump shot.
    We have a severe scholarship crunch, why would any IU fan want this guy?

  7. Some of the overzeolous posters also seem to forget that Moses also needs to be able to qualify. Coming from Africa in November could make that a bit tricky. Bawa was in the states much longer and he wasn’t ruled eligible right up until the first exihibition game if I remember correctly. It seems very silly to get all worked up as some have displayed on this board and others when it could all go up in smoke due to academic issues. If it doesn’t work out don’t blame Crean for your dissapointment….blame yourselves for letting a teenager get you all giddy with excitement.

    On another note hasn’t been a kick to pride watching the former Hoosiers light it up in the tourney. Bassett and Crawford have been impressive. I’m happy for them but it still sucks to watch and think about what could have been.

  8. I hope Pritchard transfers. He has shown ZERO IMPROVEMENT in 2 seasons. Quite frankly, HE SUCKS.

  9. Will Yeguete from what we can tell, is not off IU’s radar. The primary reason there’s so much more on Abraham than Yeguete is it’s easier to get a hold of people close to Abraham. (What I’m really saying here is, Florida Air Academy coach Aubin Goporo, you know me, the guy who has filled your voicemail box. Please call me back.)

  10. What about Brandon Mobley? All the sites say he’s on IU’s list but there havent been updates on him in a while, and i cant find anything that says hes off the list.

  11. And you think the comments on this blog are out of control. Crazy stuff on that blog post at the WaPo site.

  12. Everyone is transferring except Steven Gambles, who will be given another year of eligibility, says a source close to Steven whom I trust greatly.

    No one will transfer, but Crean will resign, according to my unnameable source within the program.

    Eric Gordon’s dunk against Arkansas will be forfeited, and his box score will be reduced to 6 points instead of 8, says an inside source from the NCAA committee on ethics.

    4tards will be taking over when the Coach quits, and he will be hiring his self, Coach Aruss, to work with the big men. His first recruit will be Townes Van Zandt, writer of “Pancho and Lefty.”

  13. We can only hope that Pritchard and several others will transfer. Are they going to a junior college so they can compete at a high level? As far as Bassett and Crawford, I would rather lose with winners than win with losers. Truthfully though, wouldn’t it be great if 3 or 4 of these lops left so we could package about 4 or 5 out of the class of 2012?

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