Bassett staying in draft

Former Indiana guard Armon Bassett will put his name in the NBA draft despite having a year of eligibility left.

So says Ohio’s official athletic site. That press release is quoted below. It does not mention Bassett’s recent run-in with the law; he was accused of punching a bouncer at a bar last week and breaking his nose.

Neither nor DraftExpress list Bassett in their mock drafts. He’ll likely end up trying to latch on a s free agent, it appears.

Athens, Ohio – Ohio junior guard Armon Bassett has elected to keep his name in this year’s NBA Draft.

“After speaking with Armon and his family, we all agreed at this point it was in Armon’s best interest to stay in the NBA Draft,” Head Coach John Groce said. “We are very thankful for all Armon has contributed to the Ohio men’s basketball program and we look forward to following his career from this point forward.”

The Terre Haute, Ind. native played a big role in Ohio’s postseason run that saw the Bobcats capture their fifth Mid-American Conference title and a 14-point drubbing of third-seeded Georgetown in the 2010 NCAA Tournament. He was named MAC Tournament MVP after averaging 29 points during Ohio’s four contests. His 116 points and 49 free throws also set a MAC Tourney record. Bassett became Ohio’s fourth Tournament MVP after Leon Williams (2005), Gary Trent (1994) and John Devereaux (1983) also snared the honor.

“I feel like after the run we had and the exposure we received, I’m ready to take this next step in my professional career,” Bassett stated. “After speaking with Coach Groce and my family, this is the best thing for me. I’ve enjoyed representing Ohio and I will always have great memories of what we were able to accomplish.”

Bassett, who claimed honorable mention All-MAC honors this season, torched Georgetown for 32 points on 9-17 shooting from the field, which included a 5-10 effort from 3-point range. He also made nine of 10 free throws.

Bassett was the fourth-leading scorer in the Mid-American Conference last season at 17.1 points per game. He was also third in free throw percentage (.812), fifth in minutes (34.85), sixth in 3-pointers made (2.18) and assist-to-turnover ratio (1.5) and seventh in assists (3.55).


  1. Is Bassett being charged? Would Groce even take him back? Good luck in Europe. No way this guy gets drafted…what is he thinking?

  2. Some individuals would view a recent run-in with the law as a sign that they’re not yet mature enough to enter the professional world. Basset obviously is not one of those individuals. This seems like a horrible idea.

    Then again, getting arrested for allegedly doing a remarkably stupid thing in public describes an experience shared by about 75 percent of today’s sports stars. Best of luck.

  3. he has little choice but to go pro. groce would have had to give him a significant suspension, kick him off the team, or justify his remaining on the team. he has no chance in the nba. i will greatly enjoy watching his nba dreams fade away.

  4. coachv,

    Good to know you enjoy watching young men fail to reach their dreams. That’s really great of you.

  5. Like so many his dreams were all focused toward competition on the court and they have no idea that what matters most is off the court. Kelvin Sanctions let many young men down whom he could of helped

  6. Is there even a fricking reason why there is an article on an IU focused blog and website?! Does Bassett still play at IU???? NO! No one gives a flying **** about Armon Bassett!

  7. First we have Marshall Plumlee saying he hasn’t heard from Indiana in a while, now we have Yogi Ferrell’s dad saying they haven’t heard that much from the IU camp. What gives? I thought this guy was supposed to be a relentless recruiter? I am not seeing it unless you are from a different county or maybe Maryland.

  8. 4guards,

    Crean called him last night. Check ITH twitter.
    Why chase Plumlee, he hasn’t really been serious about IU from the beggining.

  9. Just read the Wear Twins are transferring from UNC. You can bet the Tarheels will push even harder to land Zeller.

  10. 4g: Plumlee has never had IU in his top 4, so there’s no sense chasing a kid that is going to go to IU anyway. Yogi is a 2012 prospect, so there’s no need for Crean to be in his face RIGHT NOW; Yogi isn’t going to commit somewhere tomorrow. Crean was meeting (apparently) with Ron Patterson yesterday. That kid is a stud. And it looks like he also gave Yogi a phone call the day before, so take a breather.

  11. Police say Albany student and ex-football player Marc Holloway beat his ex-girlfriend because she danced with rapper Flo Rida…just 3 days after that arrest, campus police arrested Holloway again for a string of on campus burglaries.

    Four Merrimack College football players are charged with procuring alcohol for minors for giving alcohol to a 17 year old….the girl is still in critical condition after being severely injured after falling down a flight of stairs.

    Finally we have the real reason Georgia QB Zach Mettenberger…he plead guilty today to two misdemeanor counts of sexual battery

    In what might be the saddest story of the year…A University of Virginia men’s lacrosse player George Huguely, has been arrested and charged with the first-degree murder in the death of his girlfriend Yeardley Love, a women’s lacrosse player at the school.

    UPDATED Charles Boozer – Iowa State Basketball: The younger brother of NBA player Carlos Boozer was arrested Saturday afternoon at 4:00 pm on a simple assault charge. He’s accused of slapping a woman in the face, pushing her to the ground and kicking her in the side…he will be leaving the school to “to seek treatment” for “some of the problems” he’s been dealing with

    The fifth Louisiana athlete arrested in week…And lucky number five is University of Louisiana baseball player William Long who was arrested yesterday and charged with 2nd degree battery

    NC State Footballer’s arrested in weed bust…Four players on the NC State football team (DT Justin Sweezy, OL Jake Vermiglio, DT Marcus Kuhn and TE George Bryan) got rolled by the cops this weekend

    A North Dakota State football player, Garrett Johnson, was arrested while chilling at a NDSU baseball game on Tuesday night. Apparently he didn’t know he had a warrant out for his arrest. He should have, he was only arrested and kicked off the football team on April 14th for taking part in theft ring that stole over $150,000 in goods from Best Buy.

    Lafayette Police arrested 4 University of Louisiana football players on warrants for growing what must have been a lot of weed because they are facing 5-30 years in prison and up to $100,000 fine

    Armon Bassett – Ohio Basketball: Arrested and charged with assault after he knocked out and broke the nose of a bouncer. The rumor is they got into an argument after the bouncer had been talking **** about the Cavs all night.


    Let’s review:

    Beating an ex-girlfriend
    Sexual battery
    Assault of a woman
    2nd Degree Battery
    Theft Ring
    Marijuana Greenhouse/Distribution

    Likely just a drop in the bucket. These are arrests of athletes for one week. How long the list of charges for the general student population? Maybe we need to save the courts a lot of time and just put Kelvin Sampson in the electric chair and call it even. Aren’t the most important role models parents?

  12. Believe it or not, but at IU we have never condoned a bevy of entitled rogue athletes left out of control and undisciplined except during Kelvin Sanctions reign. Your point as to parenting is correct, citizenship starts at home proving Sanctions did not have to recruit those types to IU. Just because others did it at other schools he had to be a “me too” and bring the same to IU. Remember Bud Mackey? He too could have been part of the rogue IU athletes if he had not been caught first. No, it is the culture that was created by KS’s recruiting that we all bitch about and the type of players he created it with.

  13. Tom Pritchard, Derek Elston, Matt Roth, Eric Gordon, Jordan Crawford, Btett Finkelmeier, Lance Stemler...and the rest of America's Most Wanted says:

    I guess many of those kids did come from flawed backgrounds. Jamarcus Ellis living out of a car could be on the top of the list. I also remember reading stories about Armon’s troubles at home. Once parents screw up, there is no hope in turning a kid around. Here’s to never opening arms wide for hopes a different road, for it never be worth the betrayal of a trusting heart. May our future recruits mirror all the fine character traits found in a Duke lacrosse team coached by Hoosier Clarion and Todd Leary.

  14. At some point it has to become about personal responsibility. These guys aren’t children they are young men. You can’t blame your parents forever.

  15. I would not know lacrosse from a flamingo mating dance. But you still do not get it. KS was overreaching to overachieve and those rogue players he brought in are the fruit of his responsibility. I blame him for that fact, all though the rogues are a close second with their behavior and most are rotting fruit today. Talk about second chances, look how Bassett has managed his. Still the only real focus he has is on the court, which he thinks means entitlement off the court.

  16. No…. Not done, IU tradition is not about mistreating, undermining, intimidating, disheartaning, discriminating,in terrible ways that you and the rest of the staff that made him not want to be there… Oh I forgot you are apart of the payroll forget about the young mens lives.. mistreat all recruits no matter who it is…. Armon did nothing wrong when he was pushed away! Please quit humiliating a good tradition and go AWAY TC FIRST in line. QUIT,

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