Finch leaving football program

Jerimy Finch, who was rated the No. 1 safety in the nation in high school by and transferred to Indiana from Florida, is leaving the IU football program according too the following IU release.


BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – Indiana head football coach Bill Lynch announced Friday that safety Jerimy Finch will not return to the team in 2010 and will pursue other options outside the program. Finch, who joined the Hoosiers in 2008, played in 12 career games.

“We thank Jerimy for his contributions to the program and wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors,” Lynch said.

Finch starred at Warren Central High School where he was an all-state pick and starred on state championship teams his junior and senior year. At Indiana, however, he never got his name to the top of the depth chart. He had two fumble recoveries last season, but both of those came through special teams. Even when IU starting safeties Nick Polk and Austin Thomas missed games with injuries, Finch still didn’t get into the starting rotation. Indiana coach Bill Lynch was frequently asked for reasons why the once highly-touted recruit rarely saw the field, but typically deflected those inquiries.

Attempts to reach Finch have so far been unsuccessful.


  1. Well, we can stop asking Bill Lynch Finch playing time questions. Will be curious to know if he is just leaving the football program or IU altogether.


  2. Wondering if this will affect us with incoming signee Andre Kates? Wasn’t he coming to IU because of Finch?

  3. The whole Finch thing is pretty mind boggling. How can a kid with this much talent not see the field with this team?

  4. I really hope Finch will come out and talk.

    The kid had so much potential as an athlete, anyone who watched him play could plainly see that. I would love to hear his take on the IU football program and staff and why HE feels that he didn’t play.

    I wish him all the luck in his future.

  5. Another head spinning chapter to the story of Finch, starting way back in HS.

  6. Sad, really. I was hoping to see big things from him this year on our depleted defense. Best of luck to him.

  7. This guy played as a freshman on a national champ team for Florida, which regularly sends several members of each recruiting class to the NFL and is coached by one of the brightest coaches in the college game. Yet he can’t get on the field at Indiana, which regularly sends none or maybe 1 or 2 members of each class to the NFL and has played in one bowl game since 1993, and is coached by, well, not one of the brightest coaches in the college game.Either his broken leg at Florida really did leave permanent damage, or Lynch can’t evaluate and deploy talent worth a flip. Hmmm…..

  8. Life’s a bitch and then you die. 4pullinguards is trying on his football pads….hehe.

  9. A work ethic, dedication or attitude problem Id say. Peace dude, hope you get your degree.

  10. frustrating. on the field 12 times last year and got what? 4 blocked punts?

    shoulda got him on the field

  11. Finch didnt play much at Indiana because his head was simply not in the game. And he didnt play much at Florida other than in garbage time. And dont forget his path out of the IU program…

    Verbals to UM early

    Switches to IU about a month before signing day

    Tells Hep the night before signing day that he is solid with IU

    Signs with Florida despite not having visited the school

    Quits Florida and transfers to Indiana

    Quits Indiana.

    Pretty flaky conduct.

  12. Finch didnt play much at Indiana because his head was simply not in the game. (I remember him missing a play last year because he couldnt find his helmet). And he didnt play much at Florida other than in garbage time. And dont forget his path out of the IU program…

    Verbals to UM early

    Switches to IU about a month before signing day

    Tells Hep the night before signing day that he is solid with IU

    Signs with Florida despite not having visited the school

    Quits Florida and transfers to Indiana

    Quits Indiana.

    I always thought he was kinda flaky.

  13. Coach Lynch showed a lot of class by not throwing him under the bus. I have no doubt that that would have been the easy way out.

  14. I understand defending your team and your team’s coach, but this is ridiculous. all these excuses and accusations.

    he was the top safety in the country. and had 3 solo tackles and an interception against tennessee as a true freshman at Florida. yet he can’t play at indiana.

    chris adkins
    Austin Thomas
    tyler replogle
    Jeff Thomas
    Nick Polk

    What do these players have in common?
    They arent as good as Jerimy Finch!

  15. So, Danny, I assume you watch practices? Seriously, a ton of highly ranked players don’t perform well in college. Its part of the process. There have been a lot of issues with Finch for a while now. I hope he gets things figured out.

  16. no i dont watch practices. but i watch GAMES. and Finch played special teams, sometimes. and demonstrated that he is by far the best athlete we have. had a bunch of blocked punts in very few plays.

    i also watched our secondary BLOW all season!

  17. If you watched Finch play in HS, he was awesome. If you watched Finch play at IU, he was not good enough to get on the field except on special teams. He was NOT an exceptional athlete any longer. Just what was Lynch supposed to do? I wish Jerimy well.

  18. so he was not good enough to get on the field at iu. but he could get 3 solo tackles and an interception against Tennessee as a True freshman at UF.


    what was lynch supposed to do? give him a chance!

  19. Yes, that sometimes happens after a devastating injury-or didn’t you hear about the injury?

  20. This is the stupidest argument ever. but,

    1) Pretty sure it doesn’t take 3 years for a broken bone in your leg to heal.

    2) Didn’t you hear how he broke his leg? RETURNING AN INTERCEPTION AT FLORIDA.

    3) If it was so devastating, how could he still be so effective on special teams?

  21. The kid played on special teams (when he wasn’t hurt or DNP coaches decision) and recorded exactly zero tackles or assists. He was a ghost. A lazy ass ghost at that.

  22. Oh, and this is for Danny……he didn’t have a blocked punt last year. Much less 4 of them.

  23. Danny could be right. Perhaps Coach Lynch has a plan to stockpile five star athletes on the sideline without giving them a chance. In the meantime, he plans to use lesser talented players during the games. It all makes sense, now.

  24. Danny you are no MD. It is possible to NEVER fully recover from an injury. I do not agree that he was “very effective” on special teams. Yes I did know how he was injured. He was good at FL before the injury. They were not interested in keeping him after the injury. It happens.

  25. “they were not interested in keeping him after the injury”

    find one place that says that’s the reason he transferred.

  26. If Finch had been good enough to play, he would have been playing. Period. It’s beyond my imagination to believe that Lynch is just too dumb to know that he had an NFL caliber safety on his team. I think we should at least give Lynch and his staff credit for being the best judges of who should be on the field – they see a heck of a lot more of these kids than we do.

  27. until they prove they can do anything besides consistently winning 1-2 big ten games a year i’m going to give them zero credit.

    i think this is the same feeling most iu football fans have. another sub par year and lynch should be hanging out with finch far from bloomington.

  28. Finch appeared in 12 total games over 2 years, mostly on Special Teams. When I get time I’ll try to see if I can find out exactly how many plays he was in for.

    For his career with IU he is credited for:

    4 Solo Tackles

    2 Assisted Tackles

    2 Blocked Punts (only blocked punt in 2 years by an IU player!!!!!)

    2 Fumble Recoveries (1 of only 4 players to record multiple fumble recoveries over the past two years)

    Twice he was named the Special Teams player of the week.

    I would really love to hear both the coaches honest take on Finch & Finch’s honest take on the coaching staff.

  29. I think a lot of people are choosing to commend Finch for his big play potential and ignore the fact that he tried to rely too much on his athletic abilities and not enough on sound play.

    Yeah, he had two blocked punts — but there were also at least two plays in which he was caught grossly out of position at safety, and it cost us major yards or a touchdown.

    In high school, he was a superior athlete, and could get by by simply running past, over, around and through everyone. He was that good.

    That sort of playing style rarely translates well to the college game, though, where most starters were stars for their respective high school teams as well.

    I refuse to believe Lynch is secretly trying to sabotage the program by sitting players who should be playing — especially when his contract is almost up. He’s fighting for his career as much as he’s fighting for victories. If there’s a player available to him that’s going to help the team win, he’s not going to ignore that.

    Lynch may not be the best coach ever, but he’s a man of character, and it seems to me that he rewards players who work hard, dedicate themselves to a greater cause and promote an environment of positivity.

    If Finch is leaving, maybe he didn’t fit that mold.

  30. I’m going to agree with Casey.

    The one consistent story I’ve heard ever since Finch came to IU is that he is not football smart. It’s the only story I’ve heard consistently year after year. You can’t rely on pure athleticism at this level. You have to be football smart and actually try to out think your opponents, as well as out talent them. Athletic ability alone can make you excel on special teams, so I can easily see the success there. But, offense and defense is thinking X’s and O’s and where they go every play. I seriously doubt Finch could do that.

    I remember, since I’m a season ticket holder, Finch’s plays on defense and they were not stellar. As a matter of fact his biggest gaffe cost us the Michigan St. game a couple years ago in B-Town. He was responsible for a tight-end mind you, he tried to intercept the ball, got there a day late and a dollar short……guess what? Tight-End rumbled about 70 yards for the score and blew open a close game late (3 or 4 points at the time)! After that play, Finch pretty much never saw the field on defense again. He came in for a few plays the next week or two, but it was pretty obvious he was not all that. Was it one play? Yes. But it was a MAJOR gaffe in a game IU could have easily won. I’ll never forget it because I never buy into player hype, only actions period. Rankings and all that bullsh*t are complete opinions and don’t hold water as players make transitions from one level to the next.

  31. I’m not sure he was ever meant to be a safety at the D1 level really. I will also say that he had more big plays than plays where he was lost in his limited time on the field. He would have been a great OLB this year for sure. I wish him luck in the future!

  32. If Finch plays 2AA college ball at a noted program and gets a second year there by receiving a medical redshirt, he will resuscitate his reputation greatly and possibly get a look at the next level.

  33. Casey,

    I’m not saying that Lynch is trying to sabotage the program with his job on the line. Finch however was/is a better athlete than most of his counterparts.

    You might not put much on Finch blocking 2 punts, however their the last blocked punt before Finch blocked his 1st was in 2006! That in itself makes it a big deal.

    Be it attitude issues (which I have heard more than once) or like Mike W. had said that he wasn’t really “football smart”. Though if you have watched the secondary play, “football smart” is not a term you can use to describe the majority of them.

    I’d just like to hear what he has to say and hear Lynch just be honest as to why he didn’t play a kid who is a natural athlete.

    I understood him playing behind Austin Thomas when Thomas returned as the teams leading tackler from the season before, but to watch him get passed over by player after player during injuries with no reason given as to why is frustrating. Especially when you consider that they are 7-17 in the past two seasons.

  34. Mike P.,

    All valid points. His pure athletic ability was superior to most of the guys with whom he played.

    It’s a troubling and puzzling scenario, to say the least.

    I just think, given the circumstances, there must’ve been some significant issues holding him back. I think his athetically superior ability is actually the biggest argument for the fact that something significant was keeping him off the field.

    Truth is, we’ll probably never know what really happened.

  35. Casey,

    What is troublesome is with his pure athletic skill, what was the reason(s) that the coaching staff couldn’t develop him into a starter or major role player?

    If it was his attitude and “football IQ”, I’d would like to hear someone from the coaching staff or even Finch himself go on record and say so.

    As far as I know, he was never suspended from team activities for disceplanary issues. Not saying it didn’t happen, I just don’t remember it.

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