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Sophomore Alex Dickerson is .06 on his batting average away from the Big Ten triple crown. Chris Howell | Herald-Times


  • Alex Dickerson is becoming something of a folk hero after hitting a home run nearly 500 feet away from home plate at the Metrodome, Dustin Dopirak writes.
  • A baserunning hijink turned into a balk and a wild pitch-win for Purdue against Indiana, Dustin writes.





In honor of Kentucky’s GPA, here is Tom Petty’s “Free Fallin’.”


  1. Stunning news this morning. Armon Bassett was out late getting into trouble in a bar, and Kentucky’s freshmen aren’t taking college seriously. What’s next – Tom Crean turns optimistic?

  2. I like the quote in the Etherington article where he says from the people he talks to, it sounds like IU is a place they want to play.
    I am sure he is talking about Davis and Zeller.

  3. John Calipari at his best. I say it wont belong before NCAA starts vacating their winning records for his crooked ways.

  4. We’ve all been been waiting on Davis for a while, and I’ve got my hope set that he’s going to IU. It’ll really sting if he chooses another school. Living in Lafayette–and working for/going to Purdue–I would really enjoy the “big news” Davis [finally] choosing IU, but even more so a great in-state class like Etherington, Davis, and Zeller (and Hammons?) all picking IU over Purdue.

  5. I don’t think Davis is even really considering Purdue. I just can’t believe it.

    IU’s biggest threats are more than likely Michigan State and Ball State. Davis might want to stay close to home and be a star at a smaller school like Ball State. However, he might also really like the allure of playing for a current mega program like Michigan State where Izzo has done nothing but win. I really hope he’s on board with the rebuilding process, but I won’t hold my breath.

    Hopefully Etherington will turn out to be a nice recruiter for us.

  6. Crean ran off players like Bassett, what was ge thinking. We could have won 20 plus games. He just needed another chance.

  7. We can all breathe a little sigh of relief that Crean got beat out for Wilkins by Illinois St.

  8. To paraphrase Captain Renault from Casablanca: I am shocked! Shocked to hear that John Calipari’s UK team has an abysmal GPA. I guess good grades are the only thing World Wide Wes has not figured out how to buy for Calipari yet…

  9. I heard Bassett was simply trying to defend the good name of 4guards. It was more of a bitch slap.

  10. UW pulled a coup by getting Terrence Jones to come to Washington and reject Calipari, but the slimeball called him up right after his commitment and told him how devastated he left the people of Kentucky. Now the kid is wavering. Here’s what my man Steve Kelley of the Seattle Times wrote today:

    “When it comes to recruiting, Calipari plays his own game and writes his own rules. And if by chance he runs afoul of the NCAA and gets his university in trouble, Coach Cal quits and leaves the cleanup to the schools.

    It happened at Massachusetts. It happened at Memphis. Some day it probably will happen at Kentucky.

    “We’ve gotten into this situation where integrity is really lacking, and that’s why I’m glad I’m not coaching,” former Indiana coach Bob Knight said last winter at a fundraiser for the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame. “You see we’ve got a coach at Kentucky who put two schools on probation and he’s still coaching. I don’t understand that.”

  11. You could also use the song to relate to our basketball program ever since Knight was prematurely terminated.
    It is only a matter of time before Calipari crashes and burns. The sad part will be for Kentucky. Calipari will just move on to make millions in the NBA.

  12. By that point Knight couldn’t make it past the 1st round of a tournament. It was only because Davis took over and gave them some fresh energy that the team was able to make it to the Championship Game in 02.

  13. ^ That is a ridiculous statement and based only on the opinion of a Husky fan. Knight would have won a couple more championships. Remember Sean May?

  14. Sorry, Knight stopped putting 100% into his job when he chose to go hunting and golfing over recruiting players in person. This was at least 3 years before he was fired.

  15. 4guards- You are still stuck in the 20th century. Move on. I hope that that ^^^ was an impostor; I seriously will have lost all respect for you if I find out otherwise.

  16. Proclamations of automatic championships for Bob if only he had not been fired ignore his last six years at IU where he had no Big Ten Championships and this record in the NCAA:

    1995: 1st round loss to Missouri
    1996: 1st round loss to Boston College
    1997: 1st round loss to Colorado
    1998: 2nd round loss to UCONN
    1999: 2nd round loss to St Johns (blowout)
    2000: 1st round loss to Pepperdine (blowout)

  17. was that tijan jobe i saw in the paper today that applied for a marriage license? busy guy in the month of may. graduating and getting married. congrats man.

  18. I will do you one better….
    Crean’s last 7 years
    2004 NIT
    2005 NIT
    2006 1st round loss
    2007 1st round loss
    2008 2nd round loss
    2009 11th in Big 10 DNQ
    2010 T-9th in Big 10 DNQ

    People say IU has not been relevant for so long, but yet Crean’s final four was only one year after Mike Davis’ Chamionship game.

  19. All you Crean apologist are desperate to make excuses. I can’t wait till we DNQ again so you all will see how bad he and IU is and how I have been right all along.

  20. The face of recruiting changed a lot at the end of Knight’s tenure..Could it be that Knight wouldn’t partake in the seedy methods used by other programs ripping Indiana talent away from our state? Didn’t Husky Tom basically make that revelation in his first comment while bringing up a team/recruit in Seattle nobody gives a damn about? A totally intoxicated Knight could coach Crean’s ass off. Give him Calipari’s talent and he would have marched through the NCAA tournament winning every game by 30 points. The opening of the Cook Basketball Development Center felt like a funeral with Crean the blabbering mortician. A waste of money that will not bring back the 20th century dead. Why do we invite 40-year-old former Hoosiers to the wake? Don’t act like 4guards is the only person not letting go of the past. Crean has taken every opportunity in the book to rally the Yacht Club dinosaurs by shaking out the dusty banners and wearing our past on his shoulders for his phony “Superman” cape.

    And who gives a damn about respect? Kobe and Tiger still rock our world.

  21. I haven’t been crediting things to Crean that he hasn’t earned. You’re the one handing out mythical championships, not me.

  22. If Mike Davis can take Bob Knights team to the championship, is it not possible that Knight would have actually won the thing?
    Is it not possible to think that Sean May would have helped land us another one?

  23. Terry, it looks like L’accent is back, and has incubated himself in your username.

    Bob Knight winning it all in 2002? Don’t make me die of laughter. Here is what Bobby did at Texas Tech:

    2002 NCAA 1st Round-Lost to #11 SouthernIllinois
    2003 NIT
    2004 NCAA 2nd Round
    2005 NCAA Sweet Sixteen
    2006 Zilch. 7th place in conference.
    2007 NCAA 1st Round
    2008 Zilch.

    His overall record: 138-82. Wow. We must have missed out on at least 5 more championships by not having him around. Too bad we couldn’t have at least gotten his son Pat, who has already blazed out to a 37-42 record in Lubbock.

  24. Can NOT believe the amount of Knight hating from these fools…the same people who can’t stand the Crean hating. Imagine that. Firing Knight is the reason we are in this mess period. Didn’t we have one of the longest runs for consecutive tourney appearances in NCAA history?? Beats watching it on tv any day of the week and yes Knight could have definitely won another championship he had already proven that 3 times which is way more than I can say for any other subsequent IU coach.

  25. It isn’t Knight-hating, Jimbo^^^. It’s called balance, that is, balancing the fanatical worship with the sometimes cold hard facts.

    If a few idiots are going to soil Crean’s tenure at Marquette with the tired old “Dwayne Wade” argument, then they deserve to see the truth about the most recent Knight legacy as well. Lose the rose-colored goggles; wake up and smell the turpentine.

  26. Anything is possible, but you post with certitude that isn’t justified.

    Quite a few observers thought those teams had become quite tired of Bob by the end of the season. The same thing could have happened in 2002 and also with your even bigger hypothetical, the Sean May leads us to title gambit, which requires both a coach and a player to be present who were not.

  27. Look I’m no Crean hater but I do think it remains to be seen exactly what kind of impact he will have on the program. That being said I think its silly to put Crean’s entire career at Marquette against “the most recent Knight legacy”. When Crean wins a championship and I sincerely hope he does…then his name can be used in the same sentence as Knight’s, untill then its a completely useless argument. Bob got us to the tourney every year…here’s hoping Crean gets us there by 2012.

  28. No, it’s not silly at all to put Crean’s record up against Knight’s later performance. After winning his last championship waaaaaaaaay back in 1987, before the internet before the fall of communism, Knight went to ONE Final Four in 13 years. That is not a good rate, my friend.

    To give you someone to compare to, Lute Olson, in 23 years at Arizona, got to at least the Final Four at regular intervals:

    1987 (Final Four)
    1993 (Final Four)
    1996 (National Champions)
    2000 (Runner-up to National Champs)

    Mixed in with the above numbers for Lute were 4 additional Sweet Sixteens and 3 additional Elite 8s.

    Interestingly, before coming to Arizona, Lute’s record was very similar to Crean’s – only one Final Four.

  29. Crean has only been to one final four in 11 years of coaching. Your argument makes no sense.

  30. I wouldn’t expect you to make the connection, JB, so I will put dumb it down to a 5th grade level to see if can catch on.

    First, Lute doe></i) have a championship, and unlike Knight, it was won in the modern era in the age of the internet and and after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

    Second, Lute was a regular customer in the late stages of the tournament, and suffered no Knight-like dry spells. Arizona students who stroll around Tuscon today might have fond memories of sitting on the couch with dad watching Lute lead Mike Bibby and the Cats to a national title.

    IU students, on the other hand, have to rely on dead sea scrolls for evidence of national championships.

  31. Let’s try this again:

    First, Lute does have a championship, and unlike Knight, it was won in the modern era in the age of the internet and and after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

    Second, Lute was a regular customer in the late stages of the tournament, and suffered no Knight-like dry spells. Arizona students who stroll around Tuscon today might have fond memories of sitting on the couch with dad watching Lute lead Mike Bibby and the Cats to a national title.

    IU students, on the other hand, have to rely on dead sea scrolls for evidence of national championships.

  32. I doubt Bob Knight forgot how to coach. I just think recruits started to recognize Bloomington undergoing a Kentucky transformation and it lost much of its character of earlier days…More and more Indiana talent wanted to become exotic travelers to escape the choice of “the comb over” in backward West Lafayette and the hillbilly invasion to the south. The only other method to lure recruits to Bloomington was to become a rule-bender Calipari or calling-card Sampson.. Knight was about student -athletes and not prima donnas telling him how much playing time they should be entitled to. Knight represented basketball and the athlete in the right way and now we butcher his name in the latter part of his days because the system became exceedingly corrupt. They don’t have him on ESPN for his stellar wardrobe.

    Go back and park your hemorrhoids back in a Seattle Pac-10 hole where making the Sweet Sixteen will be forever a Huskies greatest basketball achievement.

  33. Oh…now I get it….Lute has 1 championship and Knight has 3…wait still confused. Try again Husky.

  34. For my part, all I was saying is that it shouldn’t be so easily assumed that Knight would have won more championships.

    Knight is gone, Crean is here, and I hope and trust that Coach gets the job don

  35. Downing-

    I saw Lute, Boheim, Coach K, Bill Self, and Roy Williams all continue to win without being a Calipari or a Sampson, while Knight continued to lose in the 1st round. And come on, Mel Kiper can get a job on ESPN, so let’s not use that as currency.

    On another note, it’s about time you get yourself some more treatment for schizophrenia, and please, don’t mix it with the Jim Beam this time. If I have to hear one more hemorrhoid joke followed by a sniffling, sentimental “memory of grandpa” or melancholic recollection of growing up in Gary as a way to prove your humanity, I will throw up.

  36. JB- No trying necessary. Just make sure to keep those sea scrolls around to remind yourself of those championships.

    The rest of us will be pouring our good will into the current program.

  37. Please don’t misunderstand Husky. You can read my above post. I’m rooting for Crean and IU. I don’t cheer for IU because of any coach I cheer for the program. I liked Davis, thought he was a stand up guy, just didn’t think a recruiter with no head coach experience should’ve been given the reigns to one of the greatest programs in NCAA history. I didn’t agree with the Sampson hire for obvious reasons but I still cheered for the Hoosiers. I love Creans enthusiasm and truly think he gets it when it comes to our culture. And I think he deserves time but that doesn’t mean I agree with every single thing the man does. GO HOOSIERS!!

  38. Husky,

    I understand your pain. And I’d be first in line to slap Calipari, but for someone who really enjoyed having Eric Gordon at IU for a year (correct me if I’m mistaken), now you’re getting a taste for what it was like to be an Illinois fan a few years ago.

    Gordon was pulled away from that program much the way Jones is being tugged by Calipari. Don’t you think?

  39. Really? We’re still arguing that Saint Bob was prematurely fired? Look, no coach at IU has lasted more than 12 years without winning a National Championship. McCracken got canned after going that long without one, and so did Bob. If he had been allowed to stay, we would still have the same 5 titles – there was nothing about that program that suggested differently. If you think otherwise, you’re not an IU fan, you’re a Bobby Groupie. Let’s MOVE ON.

  40. I agree and I was a big fan of RMK but, good night, how long do you get to ride on your laurels? Not only were his teams not doing it on the court but I often wondered if Bobby was just seeing how far he could push his luck before they fired him.

  41. I revere RMK. But as he has referenced to a couple of times his last six years at IU were less than warm and cozy. So I have to believe an unhappy and unsatisfied Knight made it uncomfortable for everyone closest to his actions, i.e. mostly focused on the administration, news media and the trickle down to staff and team. As far as coaching, take a good look at TT’s record over the years before his arrival. He did a helluva job for them without big name recruits. Listen to him talk on ESPN about how valuable facets of the game like the shot fake is to scoring in creating a good shot selection. He articulates his incredible knowledge with the simplest choices in language so as to allow the most impact in comprehension. No one (and I go back to before his OSU playing days) has or should have any inability to understand his very focused communication skills; although people with the ostrich habit might.

  42. Look , his last 6 years were not up to his standards, but he went to the tournament every one of those years. 2 of those years he won a tournament game. 3 of those 6 years he finished in the top 3 of the big 10.
    Why would you bash him for these off years, but praise Crean whose last 7 years include missing the NCAA tournament 4 of those years, and losing in the first round 2 of those, and only 1 tournament win total in 7 years?
    Can you say Crean Apologist?

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