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Indiana coach Bill Lynch discusses a call with the official during a game against Wisconsin last season. Chris Howell | Herald-Times






The Who’s “Who Are You.”


  1. Since we could never develop Tijan, how about we prove we can actually develop a big man i.e Bawa before we go signing another project. I like the idea of signing Noreen but if we can’t land him we should probably just hang on to the scholly.

  2. JB,
    I am with you on this one. Michel would be a disaster. Noreen is the real deal, but Michel is the work of McClain. He obviously doesn’t understand he is coaching big time basketball.

  3. The only thing the Frenchman would help us with is another schollie being open for the class of 2012.

  4. Im not seeing much promise here, but to be fair, there wasnt much footage anyways. Indiana is too stacked in 2012 to waste a scholie on this kid. Not sure what Crean or the staff see in him at this point. I think we have to land Noreen.

  5. Really the only criteria he meets are of course he is tall and the other is he needs a scholarship for two more years from some school who has one. He would have been better off if he could have gotten a ride to a four school and redshirted his freshman to make his BB skills more viable.

  6. Negedu is rumored to be a done deal (even though he spurned Crean first time around and only considering us because TN is smart and won’t risk it) and Noreen is coming in for a visit this weekend. Michel seems like a definite possibility.
    The scholarship situation is a mess.

  7. How in the hell can there be a scholarship mess w/o any signings. Now on peegs you are telling everybody you think Bawa and Capo should be Creaned.

  8. Negedu is all but a done deal and he is still recruiting, so what does that tell you? That now 7 or 8 (counting Negedu) man class is going to be creaned and I would prefer it to be Bawa and Capo since they are wasted scholarships anyhow.

  9. The scholarship situation does appear confusing, if you don’t the facts. Does anyone know how many written offers are on the table? There is a big difference between a verbal and a written offer.
    Negedu spurned Crean first time around. Refresh my memory, how do we know that?
    Michel seems like a definite possiblity. We know that how? Does Michel have a written offer in hand?
    We don’t know!

  10. You may have a prediction on EN but only because Coach Crean was after him once before. But still no signing yet. As far as somebody transferring, your wish may be for it be BC or Bawa but you have no facts to back you up. Can you never lose the negative style BS? Four minutes after you provided us with your prediction on here, Marchus posted the same prediction in similar words on ITH.

  11. I think the staff is just performing their due diligence. I want Crean to look at all of the possibilities and to make his own judgments. I personally don’t want him evaluating kids by looking at their YouTube videos.

    At the end of the day it seem to me that the kids people get worried about (Williams, Wilkins, Mobley) don’t come here. So I think that in the end we pass on them. But we do so from a place of knowledge, not 4guards-like ideology.

    Negedu chose UT in June of 2008, Crean was hired just two months prior. Although Crean recruited Negedu at the last minute, spurned is not a word any rational follower of basketball recruiting would use to describe the situation. If that were true, he wouldn’t be considering IU this time around.

  12. I don’t know anything about Marchus. I don’t use that website. I wasn’t predicting a Bawa or Capo transfer, I said I hope they are the ones.
    Negedu is considering us now due to his limited options. What coach in their right mind would take this risk? TN has already said no after thoroughly evaluating the situation.

  13. It is very interesting how 4guards is a huge IU fan, but he doesn’t use the ITH site…..Sounds like Marchus might be 4guards…or 4guards might be marchus….maybe Korman and Alex could get together and check the IP addresses..then this case would be solved

    BTW, if the kid wants to play, let him play. He knows what the risks are.

  14. Clearly Tennessee is the end-all, be-all in this situation….Not exactly. No need to re-hash this argument as it has been discussed at length for several days, but just because Tennessee decided one thing doesn’t mean they are right. That is poor reasoning.

    Also, E is not considering us because he has limited options. He has chosen us because of familiarity with the staff and close friends and because we were the second choice the first time around.

    I don’t know about you, but I’m not too proud to turn down a hot girl, just because she liked some other guy first and that guy dumps her. Especially when the girl is alot better looking than the one I am currently with.

  15. You guys crack me up with your conspiracy theories. I have said before I don’t use ITH any longer because I don’t agree with how they run the site. I used it briefly a while ago under the name stevealford. I know nothing of this Marchus character.

  16. Oh I knew you would not know anything about Marchus on ITH and I am sure he now will not probably say anything about Capo or Bawa on ITH either. There still is no scholarship mess because there is no new commits and if there is a signing I’ll predict Coach Crean will not let a mess occur.

  17. All you have to do is look at the posting history for Marchus and its obvious that its not 4guards. BTW isn’t no new commits kind of a mess?

  18. April 29, 2010, 5:48 pm
    Indiana University basketball has become the GM of college hoops. Tom Crean is the CEO of one of the most desperate programs in the country. Today, Terry Hutchens, IU beat writer for the Indianapolis Star is reporting that IU is heavily recruiting seven footer Guy Marc Michel. Apparently Crean is trying to hold onto to the “all airport american” status that former Hoosier Tijan Jobe had. IU is attempting to take on another project. Apparently new assistant coach Steve McClain had been recruiting the center while at Colorado.

    Let’s get to the brass tax on this. Recruiting another 7 footer to sit on the end of the bench is an absolute joke. It’s a travesty. First, if you are the kid and you believe you have a future playing hoop, the LAST place you want to go is IU. Crean has zero history with improving big men that play inside and Tijan Jobe is evidence “A” for a juco player wanting to get better to say “no thanks” to Tom Crean.

  19. Scout updated their 2010 rankings….
    Shehey is a 3 star 45th ranked SF
    VO is NR

    Noreen is in the top 100 overall…4 star

  20. Does does nobody here believe that that the 2-3 spots are more or less pinned down with Creek, VJ III, or Watford as a big wing…and that VO’s uncanny athleticism makes him an interesting stituaional spark plug off the bench over the next few years? Perhaps an injection of energy like those we saw from AJ Moye or Wilmont in past years?

  21. Let’s see: Bawa and Michel, two 7′ Centers; Capo and Pritchard, two 6’9 bruisers at PF; Creek and Jones two explosive scorers at SG, plus Roth a deep threat; Watford and Elston, two very athletic, scorers who are big-6’9- wings at SF; PG Hulls, Rivers, Offutt, and Moore; plus Sheehey and Oladipo two very athletic freshmen from big time HS programs. That is a very strong 15 man roster. Subtract out Michel and add in Negedu. That is also a very strong 15 man roster. Coach them up and win 20 next year!

  22. Funny thing took place at the peegs sight at 3:23 today. A poster there called coachreportertalentevaluatorfortuneteller4disreguards nuts for stating Bobby Capobianco would be made to transfer to make scholarship room for 2010. Nuts, just like General McAuliffe in Bastogne during the Battle of the Bulge. HA!

  23. Once again, I never said he would be made to transfer. I said I wish he would. 2 pts 2 rbs in 12 min of play. under 40% fg and 45% free throws.

  24. I think Capobianco’s game will show vast improvement this year. He’s a warrior. You don’t wish away kids never to be intimidated by any task, opponent, or challenge given. Talent is nothing without heart.

  25. 4guards is an idiot. Capo’s numbers are as good or better than Pritchard; Hulls is 3 pts/12 min, 1 reb/12 min; other than compared to Creek, Watford, Elston and Jones, Capo looks GOOD!!

  26. I’m kind of joking, and kind of not when I say this:

    If we’re so worried about the scholarship situation, let’s take Rivers off scholarship and let his dad pay the tuition.

  27. Nice to see Mayberry get some love from the Bears, I think he has a chance to turn into a Hunter Hillenmeyer type… Not the most athletic but a smart player that gives it all every down. Hopefully he can grab a spot on special teams at least and work his way up from there…

  28. “Let’s get to the brass tax on this.”

    It’s “brass tacks”, you idiot. Brass tax. What a moron

  29. Saw an interesting rumor that J. Cal is interested in the Bulls head coaching job. The Bulls are willing to pay him, and they don’t care about his lack of NBA experience. Boy, would that be a blow to the Wildcats.

  30. BeatPurdue,
    You are the idiot. Pritchard averaged more points, rebounds, and shot a much higher field goal percentage than Capo.
    Hulls averaged over 6 points a game.

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