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  • Chris Korman ponders the Emmanuel Negedu situation, and what it means for IU and, perhaps more importantly, Negedu.





Admittedly, this is way over the line and on the nose. Will Hoge’s “Even If It Breaks Your Heart.”


  1. Saw an interesting rumor that J. Cal is interested in the Bulls head coaching job. The Bulls are willing to pay him, and they don’t care about his lack of NBA experience. Boy, would that be a blow to the Wildcats.

  2. Maim,

    Yahoo! reported it yesterday. Calipari immediately Tweeted a denial. Of course, if I had five cents for every denial a coach issued two weeks before taking a job …

  3. Of course he has to deny it regardless of the interest. If he shows interest and people know he is interested it will hurt his future recruiting. Of course, if he doesn’t leave. Does anyone think the Rose may be pulling for him?

  4. Maim,
    Not it matters but Calipari was a head coach for 2 years in the NBA and an assistant for 1 year.

  5. I always figured he learned his methods from Pitino the expanded on them from there.

  6. If Calipari leaves KY, then an NCAA investigation of his reign in KY is already underway. He is good at skipping town before the details come out. It will be good news for Pitino, Crean, and many others.

  7. Millport,
    I think the point of it was that there are certainly other candidates out there with much more experience, but the fact he has very little doesn’t work against him. His coaching experience is lacking compared to other candidates.

  8. what do you bet he skips town due to the academics now and investigation the NCAA will most likely launch in the next year or 2…

  9. Calipari is a walking violation..There is no way he gets all of these 5 star recruits without $$ exchanging hands.He is in the uk fans eyes the second coming of greatness..CROOK

  10. The pUKe fans know how to win and developed a pattern to follow for success through the years with the likes of Rupp, Joe B., Sutton, Pitino( at least in an Italian restaurant) and now Criminalipari. RMK could barely contain his indignation if the name of Rupp came up.

  11. Where there is smoke there is fire. Im sure Calipari is taking heat for the poor grade average of the team! The Kentucky Alum should be real proud of the GPA. You cant hide that! I read when asked about the GPA Calipari stated he was proud of how the kids handled the big picture??????????? I believe this guy is in trouble and it wouldnt suprise me to see him go to Chicago – he has the experience and he probably would do a decent job there! If that happens you’ll see alot of kids jumping ship! 27

  12. He didn’t get Leslie, and he probably won’t get Terrence Jones. Even Brandon Knight signed some sort of weird financial agreement rather than the traditional LOI, in case Cal bolted to the NBA. Maybe the 5 stars are starting to catch on…

  13. UK is attempting to rework Calipari’s contract — to pay him more than the $4 million he’s already making, and to keep him at UK until he retires. That would certainly seem to go against the thought many of you have about him being in hot water for the academic situation or any sort of alleged scandal.

    That being said, WOW. What does this say about an institution? This is just blatant proof that Kentucky prioritizes winning (by any means) over academic performance. What kind of message are they looking to send? Your coach guides his team to an overall GPA of 2.025, and that qualifies him for a pay raise?

    The higher ups at the school can say all they want about how they’re “not happy” with the team’s academic performance and how they’ll “work hard” to improve it, but at the end of the day, the money they’re ready to throw at Calipari speaks much more to what the university values.

    Kentucky is the epitome of what’s wrong with the way NCAA basketball is set up at the moment.

  14. What do you folks think of the article concerning Minnesota’s recruiting, especially concerning Noreen? Evidently Noreen may not be the real deal, for Big 10 level competition.

  15. Nice article on Negedu Chris.

    Tried to find some comparison to Negedu’s situation. I’m sure you’ve researched this too but what is your take on comparing Negedu’s situation to Joe Rhett of South Carolina back in 1990. Rhett had a pacemaker installed after the 1990 season and played for two more years.

    After the pacemaker was installed he was cleared for play. Unfortunately in 1992 he collapsed on the floor in a game against Mississippi State. Rhett was okay, but after doctor’s reevaluted his condition, he was told he couldn’t play again for fear of sudden death.

    I’m sure medical technology has advanced these past 18 years but the fact still remains this is someone’s heart. My take is that it would not be in Crean’s best interest to let Negedu suit up for the Hoosiers. The heart condition in my mind is just too much of a fatal flaw. Figuratively and literally.


  16. If something tragic happens to him after already being told no by TN, IU may never recover.

  17. I love the fact that DSR is looking at OSU, Pitt, Gtown, and UK. And by “love” I mean “hate.” Hopefully he just likes the attention, and then will choose IU anyway. At least his mom seemed to like Crean…

  18. 4guards: so Tubby is blindly turning down a 4-star recruit, even though–as the article states–his program has six available scholarships and has a woeful recruiting class? I’d still take him at IU, but it does make me curious; is your desire to land Noreen shaken at all–even a little bit?

  19. I had not made up my mind on the Negedu situation yet before I read Korman’s article. Now, I still can’t make it up, but if the kid can ‘know’ Marissa Miller and meet her without his heart stopping, then I think it can handle anything that’s thrown at him.

    Seriously, we need to give him a scholly even if we won’t clear him to play if it means that Marissa Miller shows up at a game. She can be IU’s Ashley Judd. The younger hotter version. Although, I do admit that my love for MM has wained a little after her gushing about Derrick Rose during the Bulls first round games with Cleveland.

    On a more serious note, could we possibly get NCAA’s reaction on this? I feel like IU’s risk and heat would be considerably less if we had the NCAA’s backing and/or a letter/statement that says it is the athletes choice and the university only has the obligation to act in his best interest and to ‘reasonably’ protect him. That way if, god forbid, something did happen to him, we could say the risk was always there but was assumed minimal by 3-4 top physicians, and he chose to play with it and the NCAA cleared the decision.

  20. No my desire to take Noreen has not been shaken. The kid is a stud.
    Are you actually doubting the almighty Tom Crean? He thinks he is good enough to offer him a scholarship.

  21. If it were Steve Alford making a scholarship offer to Noreen, I would *never* doubt. 😉

    Ha, part of me does wonder why Tubby isn’t jumping all over this kid b/c of Tubby’s lackluster class and the fact that Noreen is in his backyard, but I also recognize that Tubby runs a different system than CTC; Tubby may not want a 6’10” skinny kid because they want true post players (maybe?). Still, you have to admit that it’s a bit odd. And I never said Noreen doesn’t deserve a scholarship offer (from anybody), all I said is that I think it’s odd that Tubby’s not very interested.

    We’ll have to wait until after this weekend to see what Crean really thinks of the kid–and what Noreen really thinks of us. I still say he’ll go to Northwestern. I’d also love to see video of Noreen (not much on ye olde YouTube), so that maybe I could see how he stacks up to a kid like Zeller.

  22. Hey Casey where did you see where Kentucky is trying to keep Calipari ie –redo his contract and give him more money? I would like to read the article! That suprises me and Im like you —-WOW what does that say about the Academics at Kentucky? BBall is over GPA and everything else! WOW

  23. I found the article Casey- Calipari, Kentucky working on new contract– on Yahoo sports NCAA!

  24. Hammer,

    I originally found it on ESPN.com. I’m sure the one you found on Yahoo! is essentially the same.

    As desparate as we seem at times to restore legitimacy to our program, UK is equally as desparate to retain anyone that brings victories to the basketball program — regardless of the cost.

    The man already makes $4 million a year and has absolutely no regard for recruiting 4-year players or helping student-athletes excel in college and receive degrees.

    UK also has one of the lowest graduation rates in the country. I have a hard time believing the NCAA is proud of the way this program is run, but I’m guessing they’re willing to tolerate it because of the star-studded lineups Calipari produces. It’s a good product.

  25. “What does this say about an institution?”

    Well, I witnessed an awkward moment at a birthday party a few years ago. The honoree, a UK alum but not an athlete, was given an amusing birthday card. Everyone pushed him to read it aloud. After an uncomfortable minute, or so, of trying to sound out the words it became obvious that this particular Kentucky graduate could not read.

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