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The surface at Billy Hayes Track was just overhauled in order to keep IU in position to host Big Ten meets. Chris Howell | Herald-Times






The whole concept of a flash mob interests me. Why do it? Who is organizing it? Where is the music coming from? What happens if one kid does not show? Anyways, there was a flash mob at Ohio State. They danced to the Glee version of “Don’t Stop Believin’.” The mascot showed up, as did the university president. Here it is.


  1. It is a downright shame that Yogi is getting the full court press from many schools but not IU.
    I think I saw Husky Tom in that video!

  2. Did no one there see blasphemous irony of 100 Buckeyes singing about a lovestruck pair of Michiganders? Woody Hayes is punching somebody in the face in his grave right now.

  3. Is anyone buying the comment made by Ferrell’s dad that programs are recruiting Yogi “very exclusively”. Who is doing that? The ITH article mentions Michigan, OSU and Notre Dame. Are we to believe these three programs are exclusively recruiting Yogi and nobody else at his position? I don’t believe that for a second.

  4. Sam, I think a little like RMK did on the subject of parents speaking out about their kids during recruitment. He only listened to the Mothers because the Dads always would exaggerate.

  5. Let’s go get the Wear Twins now that they are shopping the market. We have the 13th scholarship and 1 “oversign”, they are big, good and available. They would also be 2010 recruits after sitting out 1 year. Who could complain with a class of Oladipo, Sheehey, Travis, Wear, David Wear, and Offutt as a walk-on!! Looks like a top 10-20 if not higher class. How is the surfing on Lake Monroe?

  6. Wow…Great find. The Wear Twins would be awesome. Screw the kids from Indiana that want us to beg. And hell with 4guards….let’s play 4forwards!

  7. Ouch…You’re Wearing me out..Then I think we should just try to lure these twins from Florida International…I’ll have a reason for hope. Damn you, Isiah…Damn you!

  8. Korman and Dopirak don’t know the guy…..lol They’re also not familiar with Jeff Showalter…They also forgot Osterman won a Steve Alford bobble-head….Too much Cutty Sark.

    After reading their comments in the morning discussion, they also believe Hoosier pride died in 1987. We weren’t in a Championship game against Maryland seven years ago…Dusty banners are now being cut down and sewn into a Tom Crean superhero cape…Candy-stripes are being sold as clown pants to Barnum and Damon Bailey’s Circus… And until we start winning 20+ games a year again, our basketball heritage might as well be Bobby Knight’s 15-million dollar chair floating from steel cables in the entryway of Cook Hall.

    And the whipped Crean and cherry on top all the bananas that split after Kelvin forever ruined the Hoosiers is 4guards never failing to cheer us all up.

  9. I have too much Hoosier pride. I have a basement with red and white walls full of IU stuff and I streaked in 2002 after IU beat Duke! If anyone needs some extra pride, take some from me. My wife would love it!

  10. Damn JP isn’t streaking exercising a little more than it called for? Was it to much pride that caused that or to much Who Hit John?

  11. Terry Cummings, come join us on ITH and have some FUN! Remember-“there is always tomorrow”, and every “tomorrow” holds a 6’11 guy in need of frantic solicitation or a 5’7 guy sitting on the top of the backboard saying: “Did you see that jump?”!

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