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A group of fans beyond the left-field fence watch the IU baseball team play St. Francis earlier this season. The baseball program was promised a new stadium in 2006, but it has not come through. James Brosher | Herald-Times


  • After waiting in line behind the football and basketball projects, Indiana’s baseball and softball teams are ready for their turn, Dustin Dopirak writes.
  • Bloomington North running back D’Angelo Roberts still has IU in his final three, even after seven other Big Ten schools visited him on campus, I wrote.




The Glee kids singing “You Can’t Always Get What You Want.” Why not the Rolling Stones? Couldn’t find a good version on YouTube.


  1. 8. Indiana – As bad as last season was, don’t forget Indiana lost Maurice Creek, its best player, to a season-ending knee injury before the Big Ten opener. With Creek and fellow youngster Christian Watford joining budding star Verdell Jones, the Hoosiers should be much improved in Tom Crean’s third season.

    With such a sour, petulant, and juvenile little cadre of “fans” here on the Scoop (4tards, JB, The Chrises, doug), it sure is nice to see that the writers in the real world have a rational and realistic view of our steadily improving program.

  2. I saw that too, Tom. Should be hilarious reading the spin 4alfords and his gang do to this.

  3. Wait. The Big Ten is inviting Missouri and NEBRASKA to join?

    This sort of flies in the face of the Big Ten being first and foremost an academic coalition, doesn’t it? Notre Dame, I get. Rutgers, I get (though New York isn’t anywhere remotely close to being Midwestern). Nebraska, I don’t get.

    Not only that, but Nebraska basketball is a joke, and Nebraska football, while passionately followed, hasn’t been more than decent in years.

    What gives?

  4. I think what gives is that Missouri locks up St. Louis and Kansas City with good BB and FB programs while Nebraska is a favorite college FB team in the upper plain states with Bo making them more than competitive.

  5. Yea because we were so good before the Creek injury. Lost to Boston University (they offered D Moore a scholarship), George Mason ( a team as young as us), and Loyola.
    Look Creek is a great player, and I look forward to having him back, but we sucked with him as well.

  6. Oh, I know it’s all about the benjamins, but the Big Ten could at least PRETEND that they’re still emphasizing academics in their coalition. I mean, Penn State was invited not only for their football money but because they’re a top-notch educational establishment. Nebraska and Missouri? Not so much.

  7. DD, not picking a quarrel but interestingly Nebraska belongs to the “big deal” American Assoc. of Universities – which is supposed to be the requirement for B10 admittance. Notre Dame does not belong(?). As for the quality of their b-ball and f-ball teams, maybe we IU fans shouldn’t be too judgmental at the moment, ya know what I mean? Nebraska football fans especially might think it a bit odd that IU fans are saying that they’re not good enough to compete with us.

  8. We would have won 3 more games with Creek, without a doubt. We lost those two Iowa games because we posed zero threat from outside; a healthy Creek and Roth would have completely changed the dynamic. You also have to think we wold have held off Illinois once, maybe twice.

    A 13-win season would have doubled our win total, which would have been a drastic improvement. Therefore, regardless of 4tards’ attempt to demerit and denigrate the players and coaches of this recovering program, it is blatantly clear that we were only a few bad breaks away from a much better season last year.

  9. We weren’t even close to Iowa. lost by 15 and 16. The one Illinois game and maybe the Purdue game would be the only 2 I could remotely see, still may have lost those games. We will never know.

  10. kurk —

    A fair point, but who can argue that Notre Dame is one of the top non-Ivy undergrad universities in the country? Not I. I got my master’s at ND. They desperately want to be considered on par with the Ivy League schools, academically, and they make a decent argument in that regard.

    I’m sure Nebraska and Missouri are fine academic universities. But let’s not pretend that they’re being invited to join the Big Ten for their contributions to Big Ten scholarship and not for their football programs.

  11. Missouri is close to being recognized by the AAU.
    Did you catch that spin by 4tongues? He conveniently left out Creek’s breakout game against pUKe because it doesn’t fit his storyline except for it being a loss. He cannot evaluate talent or improvement by a player or a team except by a W or L. Any other criteria is a mystery for him.

  12. Tardy- We lost by 15 and 16 at Iowa… Mo Creek averaged 16.7 before going down. Even using crude calculations, we would have won those two games if Creek hit his averages. I think we would have won by more, however, because Creek’s outside presence would have opened up the paint for a bigger game by Watty.

    Still, I wouldn’t expect you to ever see the glass half-full.

  13. You guys just aren’t realistic. You are like the guys from NW crying about Coble’s injury and how awesome they would have been.
    Creek’s game against UK was awesome. I have said it before and I will say it again. Creek, Elston, Hulls, and Watford are the real deal. Pritchard, Jones, and Roth are good role players and very valued. Bawa, Capo, Michel, Oladipo, Shehey are wasted scholarships.

  14. You are an idiot if you don’t think that a healthy Creek would have resulted in several more wins and a completely different on-court dynamic. Yes, the team lost early with Creek, but there is such a thing as improvement. Syracuse lost to a Division II team last year, and ended up in the elite 8.

    And I take a huge exception to calling Oladipo and Sheehey “wasted scholarships.”

  15. As previously noted, Nebraska is a member of the American Associatin of Universities. Schools like Louisville, Cincinnati and West Virginia, who might otherwise be considered for membership, are not. That explains why Nebraska was invited, and for me, is satisfactory info that academic standing does carry some weight. But let’s not kid ourselves that this isn’t driven by TV dollars. Why else would Rutgers be invited? It’s not Midwestern in any way; Missouri and Nebraska fit that bill quite nicely.

    I could care less about ND joining after they left the conference at the altar in ’99, but the others I’d be receptive to, though Rutgers would take some getting used to.

  16. Actually, NW with Coble would have been a much improved team. Did you not see how much Coble carried the team when he played? Get a clue.

  17. 4guards,

    Three of the players you listed have not yet played ONE game for Indiana University. One other played under 100 minutes in his freshman season, and is a big man with upside who managed to be rated in the top 150 players in his class. The other was brought on to be a hard working role player (which he is) — nothing more.

    Generally, one must see the outcome of said scholarship on the court and in the classroom before he can declare it “wasted.”

    The majority of us are excited to see how these guys help shape the program moving forward. You should try getting excited in a positive way sometime. It makes following IU…dare I say…FUN!

    It’s kind of weird at first, but having fun is actually really enjoyable. You’ll get used to it as you do it more often.

  18. If everyone stays healthy and with the new players, I can see IU finishing as high as 5th in the Big 10.

  19. It is as usual 4tongues only offers spin, cherry picked facts, negative bias, BS, mud slinging and his lonely unsupported rants.

  20. Not arguing here.

    Notre Dame is a fine university. It is ranked just below NU and just above U Michigan.

    Rutgers is the State University of New Jersey, it is not in New York.

    While being a member of the academic AAU may not be mandatory, Notre Dame and U Conn are the only schools being mentioned that are not members. Missouri,Nebraska, Syracuse and Pittsburgh, are members of the AAU.

    Yes, money is very important in the equation. With the addition of Missouri, Nebraska, and your choice of three from the eastern region, you have good universities and millions a cable viewers added.

    Notre Dame does not open new cable territory, so if money is the sole driving force they will not be invited. It is just possible that the Big Ten presidents don’t want Notre Dame. Membership in the AAU and opening new cable territory aside, Notre Dame is accustomed to being top dog. They won’t be in the new Big Ten and that could present potential problems that the presidents of the current Big Ten are not interested in dealing with.

  21. “This humiliation is not fun for me.”

    Then you should probably stop making posts that are so easily picked apart.

  22. It’s not fun for anyone 4guards, but there’s no point in paying such close attention to it right now if you can’t find some way to enjoy an aspect of IU basketball.

    Obviously, we can’t enjoy winning right now. What we can enjoy is the anticipation and optimism that comes with every offseason. For a lot of us, enjoyment comes in the form of trying to piece together how the lineup will look come October, how certain players will develop and who might be the next player to say “I want to play for Indiana.”

    I can appreciate the root cause of your often redundant and incessant Crean-hating. I know it stems from the fact that you’re so passionate about IU basketball that you’re willing to get on this site every single day and “fight” for your cause, but at some point, don’t you just have to accept that he’s our coach right now and try your hardest to salvage some form of enjoyment until things are more like you want them?

    Either we’ll start winning and you’ll no longer be upset, or we’ll do horribly like you think we will, and Crean will be gone soon enough. Either way, you’ll get something you want, so why not sit back and enjoy the ride?

  23. wow, everyone has their opinions on here of the players. I like Capo as he can actually shoot the ball and could be a beast down low rebounding, decent footwork too. We have really not seen Bawa play enough to judge but he is way ahead of Jobe with athleticism and much younger. Sheehey(sp) looks really good and smooth from the video I see and we know Oladipo is an awesome athlete than can only improve, good defender as well. I just don’t see them as wasted scholarships.

    I might be in the minority but for right now, this minute, I wish the Big 10 would stay just like it is or invite ND only. I know the big expansion is coming and I might as well get used to it.

  24. ROSTER:
    Don’t forget came into the program late and did not have the benefit a full spring/summer conditioning regiment last year. Even the best players in the Big 10 will have down games(no matter opponent)..I don’t find it amazing he was already putting up great numbers in many games. I was a huge fan of the kid when others were drooling over Kyrie Irving.

    Jones has shown improvement on his outside shooting…Throw Creek and Roth into a mix of two already present long distance threats in Jones and Hulls and we have consistent artillery on the floor and coming off the bench. The added athleticism with Oladipo and the size/mobility with Guy can certainly not hurt our chances at opening up the spacing on the floor and getting some offensive glass/second chance opportunities. If Guy can shoot the ball from 10 feet, we’re already leaps and bounds ahead of the misserable short range touch of Pritchard and the completely nonexistent threat we had with Jobe. Watford and Elston, our two highly skilled and developing gazelles that could easily become the best starting combination of forwards in the league over the next couple years, will be much tougher for opponents to defend when we have more presence and better movement in the paint.

    You can’t look at recruiting in-state talent without considering the health of other programs in and around our boundaries we are competing against. Even if IU was not starting over from scratch, it’s a rather unprecedented time to have Butler, Purdue, and Notre Dame collectively having success in their conferences and anticipated runs in the tournament. And let’s not forget how strong the schools just across our borders have been. Louisville, Kentucky, Ohio State, and Michigan State are continually thorns to grab top recruits.
    I think we’re very fortunate to have the roster Crean has built within the interplay of so many quality programs within a 300 mile radius.

  25. JPat, I think Capo is a real asset for the next three years. Of all the 09 freshman I believe he traveled the farthest on the learning curve over the season. I think he can give the BB team the type of play that Kevin Bush will give the FB team. They both seem to be the type of players that strive to over come.

  26. Millport,

    The spin I heard on Rutgers and ND this morning was that Rutgers, though it’s in NJ, has many alumni in NYC, thus making them appealing as a way to generate subscriptions to the BTN in the NYC area. Not completely sure I buy that. ND, also, is seen as a way to increase exposure in northeast markets with their national fan base. Still, I don’t really care if they join.

    If the Big Ten was to go for the Big Kahuna and go to 16 teams, I’d like to see Missouri, Nebraska, Pitt, Syracuse and Rutgers. Of course this is all wild speculation at this point, but hey, isn’t that what blog comments are for??

  27. Emmanuel Negedu visited University of New Mexico yesterday.

    Ironic, for so many reasons.

  28. I always said Negedu should be allowed to play if cleared but administrators seem to think they know more than doctors. If New Mexico snags him and we had to settle for Michelle it could make Vegas just that much more interesting.

  29. It appears 4guards and Husky Tom had a bit of a rendezvous at the San Jose Vagabond Inn before the Washington vs. New Mexico game…Unlike the game, this was a dogfight ’til the end..Different end. I give you the future ruler of all Hoosier blogs…I give you…The Big Lobosky.

  30. Calihoosier, I care !! Thanks for the info. Glad the Hoosiers are getting it done in the classroom. Alot better then the GPA at the “One and Done” school south of here.

  31. With Creek and Roth we would have been a bit more improved last year. But imagine how improved we would have been if we had kept Jordan Crawford, too!

  32. Scoop in 2015:

    Sorry, buddy, I can’t look now because I’m busy analyzing the next season but tell you what, one thing is already clear to me, I smell 16-18 wins next season…

  33. 4Guards says: “I have said it before and I will say it again. Creek, Elston, Hulls, and Watford are the real deal.” Crean got those players to attend IU and/or honor their commitment. So far as we know, none of them are leaving the program. That’s quite a good nucleus when you consider how much playing time they got last year, how much they improved and how many other teams graduated starters against whom these 4 played. We can expect increased production from all 4.

    “Pritchard, Jones, and Roth are good role players and very valued.” Again, Crean got all these kids to commit or honor their commitment. Pretty good base to build on for “role plaers.” Especially when they have 2 and 3 years left to play. I think the jury is out on Pritchard, so I may disagree to the negative side here. Maybe he just had a sophomore slump. He needs to start playing Dance Dance Revolution all day like that kid from Iowa did a few years ago…. Jury is still out on Roth for me. But if he can play 10-15 minutes a game and keep his confindence up in his shot, he’ll contribute. Maybe do more than that in the right set. I think Jones is going to be a dominant player, more than a role player. Especially if he gets stronger. The dramatic improvement in his ability to get his shot off was due largely to increased strength. If hs continues to get stronger and doesn;t have handle the ball as much, his productivity will significantly increase (at least as respect to efficiency).

    I’m looking forward to seeing all these guys next fall. Oh yeah, we also have a few other guys on the team who might have breakout years….

    And the team has a 3.2 GPA.

    Seems like Crean has done allright to date. 4Guards and others are claiming Crean has already failed based on their expectations of what will happen in the next two years.

    What would you consider a success for IU in terms of record for the next two years?

  34. L’accent has stooped to impersonating me. Hard fall off the wagon there, buddy boy. Yogi’s must have had a pretty good drink special last night, since you are still feeling the buzz. Welcome back, Old Yeller.

  35. It is evident to everyone that no matter what 4tongues expresses an opinion about, it becomes irrelevant because he has no credibility.

  36. This coming from a guy who said Crean built the Marquette program. Talk about credibility issues.

  37. Because he did rebuild the Marquette program proves the fact you are blind. Hence your terrible credibility image. The future prospects for your reputation getting any better will get bleaker with each coming season. As the Hoosiers improve your reputation will only suffer. You are in a no win contest. Enjoy your loneliness with your no support bias.

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